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Daniel Scheinert, Dan Kwan It should be ridiculous, this. If you're in the mood for some Stephen King movies, however, you may as well start with the first novel and one of the best adaptations. This is so helpful Back in the late '90s, we weren't as immune to Internet hype as we are now and it would have been much easier to suspend one's disbelief for this: Note that items marked are free to stream for Prime members.

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The 50 Best Movies on Amazon Prime (September 2018)

List is a huge fail without The Expanse. Funny, bad-ass, compelling, hopeful, epic, mind-bending awesomeness. Two seasons streaming, more on the way. You can unsubscribe at any time. Fleabag and the Tick should be on here. Beige Lunatics, King of String Style.

Goliath season 2 was garbage. Paul from the Gump. Early in the film, writer-director Robert Mockler introduces us to the online world of our main character, Kiya Addison Timlin, terrifying , via a disturbing barrage of hyperreal, gif-like images—close-ups of sugary cereal and milk chewed sloppily, of a viscous tongue mid-slurp, of Kiya doing weird kinesthetics in a dirty motel room while the camera capsizes and arises around her, this Manic Pixie Dream Girl who embodies each of those words as literally as possible.

Kiya lures a motel manager, Marshall Larry Fessenden, better than excellent , to her room—another room, another motel, somewhere on this stupid planet—with the possibility of sex. Of course, some icky gastrointestinal calamity occurs, but Marshall never flinches, so Kiya kidnaps him and takes him with her.

Gorgeous and gross in equal measure, Like Me is a visual feast. Carnival of Souls Year: The story follows a woman Candace Hilligoss on the run from her past who is haunted by visions of a pale-faced man, beautifully shot and played by director Herk Harvey. As she seemingly begins to fade in and out of existence, the nature of her reality itself is questioned. Carnival of Souls is vintage psychological horror on a miniscule budget, and has since been cited as an influence in the fever dream visions of directors such as David Lynch.

Rod Serling would no doubt have been a fan. Swiss Army Man Year: Daniel Scheinert, Dan Kwan It should be ridiculous, this. A buddy comedy built atop the premise of a man Paul Dano lugging around, and bonding with, a flatulent talking corpse Daniel Radcliffe —but cinema is a medium in which miracles are possible, and one such miracle occurs in Swiss Army Man.

A film with such a seemingly unpalatable concept becomes, against all odds, a near-profound existential meditation. Swiss Army Man is a work that feels positively lawless. Witness with amazement what bizarrely heartfelt splendors its creators will come up with next.

What We Do in the Shadows Year: The New Zealand-made horror-comedy is deeply self-aware, reveling in its silly practicalities: Hers has the makings of a familiar one, of a misfit who wants more than anything to compete—but unlike most stories of inspirational audacity, The Fits is as much about discomfort as the catharsis that comes with achievement.

In it, Toni Royalty Hightower is an year-old who has more experience with stereotypically male pursuits like lifting weights and punching speed bags than the usual interests of a pre-teen girl. With that, the film manages to reinvent the sports story as something both brainy and physically pure. Instead, Saulnier simply presents us this nutty scenario without feeling the need to lard it up with anything as cumbersome as topical commentary or moral ambiguity.

He proceeds to wring as much tension and suspense from its pulpy retro plot as possible, adding a few entertaining grace notes along the way, which can best be seen in its performances.

In the ensemble-based Green Room , Saulnier revels in the contrasts of personalities and styles: Meanwhile, Saulnier supports these characters and plot turns with filmmaking that is remarkable for its economy and patience.

Sean Porter gets a lot of mileage out of the cramped quarters and grimy lighting of the bar, lending its wide 2.

In those ways, the lean, mean Green Room stands as one of the best B-movie genre exercises in many years. City of Ghosts Year: The threats are known and the stakes understood, at least conceptually. And yet, by offering dedicated, deeply intimate portraits of the people caught up in these crises, Heineman complicates them beyond all repair, placing himself in undoubtedly death-defying situations to offer a perspective whose only bias is instinctual.

So it is with City of Ghosts , in which he follows members of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, a group committed to using citizen-based journalism to expose the otherwise covered-up atrocities committed by ISIS and the Assad regime in Syria. In hiding, in Turkey and Germany and at an event for journalists in the U.

Heineman could have easily bore witness to the atrocities himself, watching these men as they watch, over and over, videos of their loved ones executed by ISIS, a piquant punishment for their crimes of resistance. There is much to be said about the responsibility of seeing in our world today, after all. Instead, while City of Ghosts shares plenty of horrifying images, the director more often that not shields the audience from the graphic details, choosing to focus his up-close camera work on the faces of these men as they take on the responsibility of bearing witness, steeling themselves for a potential lifetime of horror in which everything they know and love will be taken from them.

By the time Heineman joins these men as they receive the International Press Freedom Award for their work, the clapping, beaming journalists in the audience practically indict themselves, unable to see how these Syrian men want to be doing anything but what they feel they must, reinforcing the notion that what seems to count as international reportage anymore is the exact kind of lack of nuance that Heineman so beautifully, empathetically wants to call out.

From writer-director Jeff Baena, The Little Hours follows a man on the run who takes refuge in a convent and sets the nuns a tizzy. Much like its spiritual precursor The Fifth Element , the film, helmed by Dane DeHaan Valerian and Cara Delevingne Laureline , swoops into colorful, otherworldly vistas and introduces us to impossible characters like a shape-shifting Rihanna.

But if you can let go of plot and structure and hold on to its rushes of planet-jumping, alien menace, and elaborate set pieces, Valerian is mindless fun. This film might seem campy next to modern-day superhero movies, but no remake can replicate the oppressive darkness of The Crow.

But, as Draven assures his young pal Sarah: Released in , Francis Ford Coppola was in the middle of an epic run when The Conversation arrived. Part II was just months away from coming out, after the release of the first installment two years earlier. He would follow these titles up with Apocalypse Now in , completing a decades-worth of masterpieces the likes of which he nor few other Hollywood directors would never come close to replicating.

Yet for as much success as Coppola had during this time period, it often feels like The Conversation gets left out of, well, the conversation. Because of copyright issues that put the film in the public domain, Night of the Living Dead has long been one of the easiest classic horror films to get your hands on.

Reviled upon its release, it would go on to be a cult classic, before receiving a critical re-appreciation and even being selected by the Library of Congress to be a part of the National Film Registry.

The musical equivalent of cotton candy, The Pajama Game is among the best of the many romantic comedies Doris Day made in the s. The Wizard of Oz holds such a prominent place in American pop culture, to even write about the adaptation of L.

The beloved story—of how Dorothy Gale and her dog, Toto, meet the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion, and how together they seek the help of a wizard to face down a wicked witch and get back to Kansas—is as magical as it is timeless.

Charlize Theron stars as Mavis, an author, who returns home after her divorce and sets out to win back her married ex. Mavis is a tough, compelling character, and Theron gives one of her best performances.

The hyper-prolific brothers Jay and Mark Duplass delivered one of their best films with this dramedy. Robert Pattinson is electrifying as Connie, a slick-talking schemer who always has a plan and penchant for making problems worse. After a bank robbery gone wrong lands his brother in Rikers, Connie spends all night trying to hustle up the money to post bond.

Up-and-coming writer-directors Josh and Benny Safdie keep the action tight and the pace snappy, never allowing Connie or the audience to take a breath. As Connie hits new lows, Pattinson does some of his best work to date.

Siegel, who wrote The Wrestler , made his directorial debut with this story about a lonely guy and his toxic fandom. That guy is played by Patton Oswalt, who excels as a dramatic actor. Martin Scorsese gets to play around in the B-movie sandbox with this twisty thriller. Marshals sent to the titular island to investigate the escape of a murderer.

Every bit of new information creates more confusion for the Marshals and audience. Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck play a couple whose happy life is upended when the husband dies. He returns in ghost form, a sheet with black eyes, to stay in the house for eternity while his wife moves on. A Ghost Story is a distinct vision anchored by bold creative choices.

The film earned a great deal of acclaim, with Beckinsale and Tom Bennett singled out amongst a strong cast. Knight of Cups received an unusually negative reaction despite having its notable champions. Regardless, Malick movies are essential viewing for cinephiles and are worth reckoning with, whether you like them or not. What is important is the experience and being provoked and engaged. Photo via Roger Ebert. Did I mention that the club is run by neo-Nazis? Well, it is, and the Nazis are led by Patrick Stewart.

The movie is violent and incredibly tense, and the filmmaking and storytelling is as lean, muscular, and vicious as an attack dog. First-time filmmaker Trey Edward Shults focuses his story on the grandmother, Krisha Krisha Fairchild , a woman whose substance-abuse issues keeps the whole family on edge.

The power of the movie comes primarily from Fairchild, who plays Krisha with a ferocity that is hard to look away from. He makes aggressive, confrontational films that practically dare you to turn them off. The movie is a treatise on the male gaze, the perceived vapidity of models, and the dog-eat-dog nature of the industry—or at least the version of the industry depicted here. Beyond the bright colors, intentionally stilted line readings, and incredible set decoration lies a movie that engages with thorny ideas about gender roles and relationship dynamics.

Written and directed by Anna Biller who also handled producing, scoring, editing and art design duties , The Love Witch is about a woman using spells and magic to make men fall in love with her, with deadly consequences. This zombie movie has a clever twist. The main character, Melanie Sennia Nanua , is a middle school-aged student who is a second-generation zombie. That means her and her classmates have zombie instincts but also the ability to think and function like a normal human.

Or the worst, depending on your approach to life. After a bit of calamity, Melanie ends up on the run with her teacher Gemma Arterton , overlord doctor Glenn Close , and some military guys. Vince Vaughn has never been better on screen. He plays a man who gets himself mixed up with the wrong people and finds himself in prison. In order to keep his wife safe, he must brawl there it is his way through to the jailhouse kingpin. Anyone familiar with S.

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Sep 05,  · Anyone looking for similar mayhem should check out director Jeremy Saulnier's previous movie, the low-budget, darkly comic hillbilly noir, Blue Ruin, also streaming on Amazon. The Handmaiden () Some movies splash across the screen, others turn scenes into bold brushstrokes. Coming soon to Prime Video. The following notable and/or well-reviewed movies and TV shows (including free titles for Prime members as well as titles available for purchase) are scheduled to be added to Prime Video within the coming weeks. Amazon Prime members have instant access to this list of winning films, as well as tons of top TV shows for kids of all ages. From animated adventures and laugh-out-loud comedies to beloved classics and inspiring dramas, there are plenty of top-rated titles for everyone in your family.