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Now I was scared. And as we watched it, it moved down the wall and went behind the bed and underneath it. It stayed underneath my bed and cast a weird glowing light. It then proceeded to go to down by our feet. Which were not covered with any blankets.

There was a cold feeling in our feet like someone had opened a window. We quickly stood up and grabbed a blanket. We ran out the front door and started walking up the road to go get my dad. And as luck would have it, we met him a couple blocks up. We told him the story and he went up into my room and told us we were both nuts and told us to go to bed. So we stayed up all night and watched T.

Fri, 28 Apr It was the night of April 26, It was at least I was sitting in my livingroom witht the door about 5 inches opened. I was getting pretty bored so I decided to turn the TV on. When the show I watched got to boring for me, I decided to read a book. As I read something told me to look up. When I did, to my suprise, I saw a child around the age of 6 or 7 run by the doorway.

I woke my mother up and told her what happened. From what I remember it looked like a little girl running into the bathroom with shoulder length hair.

The 2 most distinctive parts I remember was the color of the shirt half white and half red and it was a fuzzy kind of see through.

While speaking to my mother, she told she seen a little boy stare at her while she ate. As we spoke my sister who was half awake and half asleep and mother stood in the place where I saw the child run. They said they were freezing. I was a little shocked by that because not only was the heat on but when I stood in the spot I felt fine. Just a month before we started smelling cigarette smoke meanwhile no one was smoking. Could it be that a family of children died in my apartment and are trying to tell me something?

How come it only appeared to me and my mom? And does the color of the shirt symbolize anything? If anyone can help me with these questions feel free to send me an e-mail. When I was thirteen or fourteen years old, my older sister and I were in my bedroom trying to sleep she was watching the series Kolchak the Night Stalker and was freaked anyway, about 2: All we heard was running footsteps and giggling. When I opened the door, noone was there so we went in and asked my mother about it and she said to go back to sleep that it was only Shelly, our six year old cousin.

In the morning when we got up, our mother was in the kitchen and we asked where Shell was. She looked at us funny and said Shells not here what are you talking about? When I told her that we woke her up because of the running and giggling and she told us it was her my mom looked kind of strange and said she had no idea what we were talking about.

Two weeks later I saw my grandfather and told him about it. He looked kind of sad and said it was Shelly, however it was our Aunt Shelly who died in the house when she was four years old. Apparently she was running in the upstaires hallway and fell down the steps and broke her neck.

The weird thing about this is, we never knew that we had an aunt named Shelly, my father never spoke about her, and everyone just kind of kept a secret about the way she died and the fact that she ever was!

Tue, 9 May Near my house in Cambridge Ontario there is an old building called Preston Springs. It at one point was a hotel, and most recently was an old folks home, that being about 20 years ago. Late one night as I was walking past it from a friends house I looked up into the high windows of the building only to see an unmistakeable face looking down on me. Notably shaken I closed my eyes and looked back to see the face gone, I decided I had just let my imagination play tricks on me and blew the idea off.

People who live in the houses around the old hotel have also said to see ghastly figures walking along the stairwells only to disappear once they reach the doorways.

With a few friends I decided to explore the old place myself to see if it was just a bunch of pranks and people with overactive imaginations.

We got in through a window near the roof, which, yes is trespassing but I just had to see for myself. I felt a strange sense of dread when I first entered the building, but I had my friends with me making it more copeable. In the main lobby there is a smashed piano, and as dumb as it sounds I swore I heard sound coming from it, as if it were being played.

The entire atmosphere of the hotel is a haunting one, chilling. Through the halls doors can be heard shutting, sometimes even slamming loudly.

The windows can often be one mintue closed, and the next be found open. Wed, 21 Jul I never really gave much thought to such things as ghosts or the paranormal but what happened to me a couple years back gave me a whole new look on such things. I was attending classes at Mt. San Antonio college in Walnut, California. It was January , my last semester there, and I was taking night classes.

At that time most night classes were usaully taught on the western side of campus but I found myself one night having to go to the computer lab in the four story building at that eastern side.

My friend had told me that the lab was open so we decided to catch up on some homework. The thing about this building is that it is built into a hill so if you enter it on the west side of it you end up on the second floor while the entrance on the south side is one level down. We entered on the west side of the building heading for stairs on the other side after stopping at the Coke machine in the center of the building.

She thought it was kind of creepy that no one was around. At this time I asked her if she was sure that the lab was open, She said yeah. So going down the stairway it all of a sudden felt like when you walk into the supermarket on a summer day.

But it was wintertime time so we just figured that the heater was out. When the doors closed behind us it really got cold, so NOW we figured that the air conditioner was on by mistake. As we continued walking down the corridor which is about yards long and stretches from one side of the building to the other, we got to the computer lab and it was closed.

After cussing for a few seconds my freind grabbed my arm and said shush. Footsteps walking at a fast clip towards us, but no one was there! Well I almost freaked! The steps passed us and you could actually hear rustling of clothes and breathing. I had never been so terrified before in my life. My friend and I just looked at each other not saying a word. Right then we heard the steps coming back our direction!! Well we ran, and boy did we run! We ran all the way to the library. We never really talked about it to anybody else, only to each other.

I hated to go to that building and I never went near it at night the rest of the time I was there. But that one night made me a believer. About seven years ago, I was living in a house that was around years old, with my two sons, a three year old and a four month old. The house was lovely, and had a real homely feel to it, but I often felt that I was being watched. I had been out to my parents home one night, and was quite late home around My youngest son still had his cot in my room next to my bed, but I put him next to me in my bed as h e was due a bottle.

I was quite startled however when both the baby and my three year old looked up to the ceiling at the same time, and thier eyes both followed in the same place across from one side of the room to the other.

I could not see anything and wondered what on earth they were looking at. Even though I was a little freaked out at this, there was no bad feeling or anythi n g in the room. Needless to say, the bedroom light stayed on all that night! Thu, 28 Jan I am so fascinated by ghosts but unfortunately or fortunately- I am not sure no one in my family has ever had any strange occurances except my father. He must be more sensitive to the unknown than us and has many scary occurences to tell but the most recent one he has told us about is kinda freaky:.

My dad had to have surgery on his shoulder about 2 years ago. After he was out of the surgery room and back in his regular room he remembers waking up and coming out of the anesthesia. He said he immediately noticed strange, indicipherable shadows swishing throughout the room. He just brushed it off as it being the effects of the anesthesia.

However, as he was peacefully dozing off to sleep again he felt something briskly push on his temple and cause his head to move to the side. He snapped out of it wondering who touched him. He tried going back to sleep but he continued to feel invisible hands touching his head, his hair and his face throughout the night. He did not sleep well at all that night. The next morning when he got up, he had completely recovered from the anesthesia and he got dressed and ready to go home.

Then he felt something pressing down on his thigh right above his knee and when he looked down, he saw what looked like the imprints of two fingers pressing down on the fabric of his slacks right where he was being touched! Sat, 30 Jan My family and I moved from South America seeking a better life. I was excited to be living in our own home, but that flame of exhilaration was soon put out when I first set foot in that house.

As with any home, it contains many memories; happy ones, sad ones, but mostly ones that my family or myself cannot begin to explain without staggering difficulty. One such memorable experience which I will share occurred in the dead of winter of That night, my sister discovered that our hamster, Bonnie, had escaped her cage, but we were too tired to look for her so we went to bed praying that we would soon find her before our cat did.

The next morning, our mother awoke us in a state of panic and urged us to follow her downstairs. We went in hopes that she had found our hamster, but we were met by the atrocious sight of blood. There was blood everywhere. So much ardent blood covered the floors of! We first thought it was the cat s malicious action to the hamster, but quickly dismissed those convictions because of the tremendous quantity of blood.

It could not have been an injured animal because the only marks in it were ours and the cat s paw prints. Also, it was the middle of winter and all windows, doors, were sealed shut to lock out the cold. We were able to find the hamster later that day, safe and unharmed, however, the source of all the blood will remain a mystery.

As will the evil that later infested us in that house. My husband and the son of the family that live there felt a presence one night. When they were teenagers, they were sleeping downstairs in the basement. They were just on the verge of falling asleep, when my husband felt someone standing at the foot of the bed, then felt a rush of air towards him.

They both ran upstairs and had a few cups of coffee and cigarettes. Also, the father who lives in this house, who is retired from the armed forces, has seen a few different ghosts. One is of a little girl standing in a white nightgown. His wife has also seen her several times.

The father also was woken up one night from a deep sleep to see two doberman pinschers above his bed, snarling and growling at him. In this same house, the attic door was often found open in the morning, after having been tightly closed the night before. Eventually, they had to put a padlock on it to keep it closed. Sun, 31 Jan My story begins way back before I was even born. My mom Julia was about 8 years old. She lived in Marked Tree, Arkansas.

My mom lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor. One night she woke-up and felt something hairy lying beside her in her bed. She scram and my grandmother Marie came rushing in, But the thing had already fled. When they turned on the light they noticed a long slit in the window screen.

It was almost 8: She was coming from the dining room into the foyer. When she saw that the balloon which was almost out of air was floating up the stairs, as if some one were carrying it. She decided to follow it. I see a moving day, summertime, or early fall.

Moving van, boxes, dusty overstuffed furniture, braided rugs, a fieldstone fireplace, a clapboard one and a half story house. White, no shutters, a large porch covering the front of the house. Wide board steps leading up to the porch and the front door with an oval window in it.

The window is frosted glass. There is at least one pot of flowers on the porch steps. It is sunny and the house is surrounded by tall trees. There is a long dirt drive of red clay soil and peastone. The drive ends in a cul-de-sac at the front porch of the house. There is no carport or garage in view. No shrubs, or gardens. Step up to the porch and open the front door. There is a small coat closet immediately on the right.

The woodwork in the house is stained dark walnut and is still shiny in the light from years o! You open the closet door and there is a bare bulb illuminating an empty closet lined with wanescoat paneling. No hanger rod, no hangers, or boxes. It is the closet door itself and the tiny area of space just in front of the closed closet door.

As if the door stands watching you. Behind it the closet itself is not threatening. Just the door itself and the space in front of it which feels off. It is almost like standing next to a person you cannot see, but whose breathe and stare you feel. It is uncomfortable to stand in that entryway space for very long. In the livingroom, there is a fireplace on the left, lit.

The painting came with the house. There are standing lamps with gold parchment lamp shades, and one is an old Tiffany. Jewel tones, and the warmth of the firelight, give holiday glows to objects in the room. This house is haunted. And I am sure that I will mov! I have received mail regarding this house from an online visitor to a previous site that carried my story.

It is almost as if the house has a guard at the door, watching all who enter. Not sure what to make of it. This is my story for what it is worth. I would be interested in what the community thinks about dreams of this sort.

Sat, 6 Feb I have had many rattling paranormal experainces over the years. This is just an example of the kinds of things I put up with. On February 1st, I was leaving the bathroom after relieving myself. No sooner than had I flipped off the light, when it fipped back on again violently. Befuddled, I reached back and flipped off the light, thats when I saw somthing out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see an abstract entity standing in the bathtub staring at me.

This was about the time when my rational thought went bye-bye. It stood about two feet tall and had piercing yellow eyes. I just flipped back off the light agian and walked out, the concept of what I had just seen had not sunk in yet until I went to lay down. Thats when it all sank in. Does anybody know how to get rid of these things?

Sun, 7 Feb My best friend, Bess, and I really wanted to see a ghost. Anyway, one day a bunch of us were sitting on the playground of our old elementary school, where we would hang out afterschool, telling ghost stories. The stories started getting too silly for Bess and I, so we took a walk. The day was appropriately overcast and dreary. We glanced up at a second story classroom window and both noticed that in one of the panes of glass were a series of fingerprints smeared upon it.

For some unknown reason, this got our attention. As we stared at the window, we noticed that the fingerprints seemed to form the image of a face. We thought this was strange and kept our gaze focused on the glass. I thought at first that my screaming had just spooked Bess, and that our overactive imaginations had caused me to just think I saw something—that was until Bess and I began relaying to each other what we had just seen. We were rarely disappointed. She always appeared in a turn-of-the-century hairstyle and clothing, but, sometimes she was older with gray hair, and sometimes her hair was red or brown, and her clothing was always different.

Bess and I always traded off descriptions of the woman, and we always saw the same thing. Everyone we tried to tell the story to thought we were just joking. We tried to look up the history of the school in the library, since the original schoolhouse on the site had been demolished by an earthquake and we thought maybe someone!

My friend has never lied to me and had no reason to invent this story when he told it to me. My friend, Vince, has been a realtor for a number of years now.

One day a few years ago, he made an appointment with a client to show him a house in Centerville, Utah, a town where I also happen to live. It is a beautiful, two-story, stone home with an upstairs window overlooking the front doorway, among other features. Vince took his client into the home, which he was told by the owner would be vacant at the time of the showing. They explored the ground floor and then the upstairs as well, finding no one inside. They began to go back down the stairs toward the ground floor, with the client in the lead.

Suddenly, my friend felt someone shove his back so violently that he pitched forward and only saved himself from a dangerous fall down the stairs by grabbing onto the railing. Upon recovering, Vince explained to the questioning client that someone had just tried to push him down the stairs.

They both hurried back up the stairs to find the culprit, but they found no one. After wondering what had just happened to him, but suspecting no supernatural cause, Vince and his client left the house to discuss a possible sale. In the course of standing in the front yard talking, my friend looked at the front of the house and saw a sight that shocked him tremendously. He immediately ran back inside and up the stairs and searched the entire level again. But, as you know by now, there was no old woman, no living person, in that house.

My name is Beata Rasitsan and I am in grade four. Every day, a couple of friends and I sneak in the school and walk around. One day, we snuck into the the girls change room, and from there we walked up on the stage. The curtains were open. We went there because these two girls said that they heard and saw stuff on the stage One of my friends was beside me but then she changed sides.

I thought that she was still beside me, but when I turned around, all I could see was a not clear white thing starting to fade. Another day, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, I started hearing things, so I washed them faster. When I was done, I went to the door as quick as possible. But when I ran to the door, it started opening slowly. Not so long ago, me and a friend of mine, went back to the stage.

We crept up the stairs slowly, trying not to make to much noise. I heard something, so I said to my friend hurry someones coming. We heard footseps right behind us. But when we turned around, knowone was there.

We starded heading towards the door. We turned around to take one last peak, but when we turned around we saw something run around the stage. Tue, 9 Feb Here is something strange that used to happen to me….

Long about , Me and my then husband and 4 year old son moved into an apartment in the suburbs of Portland, Ore.. Things seemed kinda weird right away.. I would often stay awake until dawn, when the feeling would go away and I could then sleep! One afternoon, my ex- husband and I were sitting on the couch and just happened to be looking towards the bathroom door, when to our shock, we saw the doorknob turn all by itself and the door open.. I saw nothing, but I did address the spirit and asked it to at least have the courtesy to close the door after itself..

Never did it though!! The feeling of being watched and that whatever it was, was just waiting for me to go to sleep never went away either.. Sunday, February 17, 1: Once when I was a child I was trying to get rid of my huge fear of the dark. The first night I turned my lights off and tried sleeping in the pitch blackness of my room.

I was petrified,and unable to sleep. So I just lie there. Suddenly my sheet just all of a sudden pulled itsself off of me and slumped into a pile on the opposite side of the room. That scared me very badly. I quickly retreived my cover,because as most know a cover or blanket is a safe thing for a child. I turned a lamp on for the rest of the night and had trouble sleeping.

The next night, after my mom comforted me, I decided to try again. The lamp went off. About 10 minutes later, A voice started to call my name. I was incredibly spooked,but I went about the matter logicly and decided it must have been a family member. I only lived with my mom, and she was fast asleep when this event occured. Im still spooked about the dark.

Ghost in my car Date: Thursday, February 14, 7: This experience happened about a year ago, sometime in the late summer of I was driving in my sportscar on the freeway, going southwest, about 15 kms outside Oslo. It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was still shining. I got some kind of an alert, a sixth sense registered something and I turned and looked to my right.

I was alone in the car. But as I looked over towards the passenger seat, to my shock there was an old man sitting there. He was wearing a hat and a suit, his skin was grayish and his face expressionless. I all lasted for max a second or so.

I got the distinct feeling that I had a ghost in my car. It was a very strange experience. I sometimes get similar experiences, but they are more like there is a presence.. Sunday, February 24, 9: One day I was visiting my best friends house.

This was right after her brother had died. We held hands and prayed first of all, and then we concentrated on her brother for about half an hour. Then we started getting amused with her cat…..

We asked quest ions that we knew the answers to, and the cat would always answer the questions right. Then we got back to concentrating on the contacting part. After about 30 minutes, i was having a craving for some chips. As i did, i felt a tug on my shirt, an unmistakeable tug. I quickly turned around and my friend was sitting on the far side of the bed, eyes closed. She swore to god that she didnt pull my shirt, and we looked to the door where it happened.

Then we saw a very faint vision of her brother, standing beside a girl, with long blonde hair, she was covered in dirt. Monday, February 25, 6: We knew that at least 2 of the priests died while in that home. The five of us were supposed to take care of the house as well as live there. I heard footsteps in the room directly above me. I was surprised because the guy who lived there told us he would be gone for 2 weeks. But I thought maybe he changed his plans. The footsteps went from the sink to the dresser to the bed, back to the sink, etc.

After listening for about 15 minutes, I went to bed myself. One week later that roommate returned from vacation. I asked him if he had come back to spend a night in the house; he said no. I asked him if anyone else had the key to his room, to clean it or whatever; he said no. So I think what I heard that night was the ghost of one of the priests who had died in that house. Some of the other guys who lived in the house had similar experiences, but none of us saw anything strange.

However, some of our guests and employees did see ghostly figures on several occasions, as well as hear strange noises, as I did that night. Saturday, June 01, 1: I have not submitted this story to any other site nor have I published it for profit. I work in an office that used to be an old high school. It was converted to a school district office about 20 years ago.

I am a shift-worker and often work nights. One night, at around 2: I stopped what I was doing to think about the happenings of that day. It had been a very horrible day because I had lost someone very close to me.

I was sitting, and I put my head in my hands. Not a minute later I heard a whisper in my ear and felt something touch my right shoulder. Every goose-bump and hair was at attention. I have never had anything happen to me like this before or since then, but it will stay with me forever. Lizzy And I have another story to tell. My best friends sister told me that this happened to one of her best friends.

Her friend was kinda living in the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg and it was night-time so she was already in her bed.

She heard a door slam but thought nothing of it and went to sleep. At midnight she woke up suddenly and looked over at her bedroom door. Standing at the door watching her was a lady wearing a fluffy purple dress and a purple hat on top of her long hair. Anyway, she was terrified and got up flattening herself to the wall farthest from the door. Then the lady disappeared.

As it happens the night the Fort Garry Hotel first opened there was a big fancy ball. As my friend said her neck snapped and she was horribly mangled. Okay, well please e-mail me your comments cuz I would love to hear them! Friday, April 19, Hello, I am just an average person trying to live a life. Yet, for six months now, there is something really strange happening. I have been dating this man for the past eight months. He is pretty quiet of his younger years.

I was planning to stay the night, I did just that. So, I layed down to sleep, around three a. I thought nothing of it. Again and again, same question. Nothing further, I fell asleep. Two days later, I was telling my Mother, I was sorry for calling her at 3: My Boyfriend over heard, he looked white, I was asked to tell him. He said it sounds like his Mother. We are living in his Mothers house and sleeping in the same room she was once in.

Another night, I was starting to fall asleep, it felt like someone tapped me on the head, right temple. Although it sounded like a bull whip! I am not sure if I fear for myself as much as I feel she is just trying to contact me. I am open minded. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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January 12, at 6: January 12, at 9: January 12, at 1: January 20, at 9: January 20, at February 21, at 1: Beekeepers Vietnam Like Like. February 25, at February 28, at 7: Nice beginning page, links, and general info. March 9, at 1: March 13, at 6: March 20, at March 30, at 5: March 30, at June 6, at June 7, at 9: Thanks for those links and especially the LC flying bee, which looks like this: August 6, at 3: August 6, at 7: August 6, at 1: So much information, can you recommend a starting point?

August 17, at 8: Hello Ron, I would like to ask you to share our links in your directory. August 20, at August 28, at 6: Your support is much appreciated.

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October 7, at 1: October 7, at 9: October 27, at 3: They offer different types of rafting trips. It was memorable experience. Living in Cagayan de Oro City sounds so exciting and eventful. It feels like everywhere you look a scenery will catch and please your eyes.

It truly is treat to live in a house at CDO. Here are the Top 10 things to do in Cagayan de Oro that will surely be your travel guide when going on a festival and enjoying your stay in my city-Cagayan de Oro.

For 4 hours, you'll be traveling a view of the Plaza Divisoria the center of trade and commerce in Cagayan de Oro which most of the businesses are found and where the Freemasonry Centennial Marker is located. Then, you'll be going to the Gaston Park and the St.

There, you'll be amazed of the centennial old gothic inspired cathedral which houses the seat of the Archdiocese of Region After that, you'll be walking on a 20 steps going to the only leaning tower of Cagayan de Oro known as the City Museum. The Museum is actually leaning on the right same as that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. What to expect in the Museum? The history of Cagayan de Oro and the people who carefully furnish the city.

After knowing the history of Cagayan de Oro, you'll be going to a pasalubong center. You'll be traversing to the longest street of the City known as the J. Borja Street for you to go to the next destination- The Cogon Market! What's the catch about this market is that it houses one of the best Hot Chocolate in the Region called the "Sikwate" or "Tsokolate". You'll also be surprised because you'll be seeing a guy making a hanging rice known for us as "Puso".

Check this link below for the full article about the launching: There are actually courses offer in whitewater rafting depending on the company you choose. You'll be enjoying your adventure while learning how to paddle up your adrenaline! From beginner course which is only P If you wanna avail this special adventure called the night whitewater rafting, the best way to experience it is when the moon is on its full bloom- The Full Moon.

Don't be afraid of the werewolves and or vampire stories because we're not rich with that folklore rather be blessed because when the moon is on its fullness, the reflection of the river is on its vivid clearance. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve a slot now! TOP 3- Shop at Night! Every friday and saturday nights, the city's Divisoria is filled with people gathered around to shop and drop, enjoy the moment, meet other people or even dine in.

This is best known as the Night Cafe' and Night Market which starts at 6pm until 3am, being the latest. What you can see in the Night Cafe' and Market? You can see all kinds of people here. From students to professionals and businessmen, from budget-conscious to rich individuals, from locals to tourists, even the foreigners. Everyone is indeed invited to visit this area for free!

Yes, there are lot of items that you can buy for cheaper ones and you can even ask to make it lower. This term is what we called: Ask the vendors and they will surely give you a lower price. There are also bands playing during the night cafe' starting from 8pm the earliest to 12mn the latest. A wide-selection of foods are just waiting there for you to try and tastes.

Well, i guess it is because of this one fruit recipe called the "Tabon-tabon" that is distinctly unique about our Sinuglaw. For the newbies, Sinuglaw is actually a combination of two food recipe namely "Sinugba"- grilled pork meat that has been sliced or cut into chunks.

Don't forget to add the tabon-tabon for a delicious Sinuglaw! Most of our hotels, restaurants and even small-scaled food businesses offer this recipe. So, there's no reason for you not to try this food. Cagayan de Oro offers new sets of adventure for daredevils out there. One of which are the Canyoneering and River Trekking! Don't worry because there are certified river and trek guides that will accommodate you through out your actual experience.

Canyoneering photos courtesy by: Mapawa Nature Park We are proud that the first-longest multiple-course zipline in the Philippines is in located in Cagayan de Oro , no other than the Jatico Extreme Adrenaline Adventure. What makes this the longest is that, it is a combined-zipline with 5 multiple courses which will give you a total of almost a 1, kilometer actual ziplining for only P per pax.

Now, that is amazing! Jatico Adventure is proud to say that the f irst big swing in the Philippines is also located in the area. Now, that is a must-try experience! How about real guns? The package rates are actually there. All you gotta do is click the link above. TOP 9- Shopping Sprees. We are proud that the city offers a wide-arrays of malls which shoppers, buyers, newcomers can choose from. Yes, we have our own SM! And soon will be two!

From Uptown to Downtown SM! Yes, we will be having the soonest are own Ayala Mall known as the Centrio Mall! Yes, the well-famed Gaisano Mall is also seen here with 6 branches! TOP Meet the Locals. Don't forget to say: Ali namo sa CdeO" which means, Cagayan de Oro, a beautiful place: Come and visit us now! I'll be glad to assist you on your stay in my city: Cagayan de Oro City. Cagayan de Oro , Tips. Budjie August 14, at 1: Count Clement II August 14, at 1: Kristine Dela Cruz December 10, at 7: Anonymous August 16, at Count Clement II August 17, at Anonymous August 31, at Count Clement II August 31, at 2: Anonymous October 16, at Andi Anderson November 20, at Anonymous December 25, at 1: Victoria January 28, at 2: Count Clement II February 1, at 1: Anonymous February 2, at 4: Count Clement II February 13, at 5: Anonymous February 13, at 7: John Ortega April 29, at 8: Count Clement II May 6, at 9: Anonymous May 11, at 6: Count Clement II May 14, at 8: Anonymous May 17, at 3: Count Clement II May 20, at 2: Anonymous May 23, at 4: The Independent Woman May 23, at 2:

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Conspiracy Theories, Transponders, Rogue Pilots and Media Madness. UPDATE: August 2, SO THIS is what it comes down to. Earlier this week, the multi-nation team investigating the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight announced that the hunt for the missing Boeing , which had been concentrated in the southeastern . 8chan /zoo/ - Zoophilia - Zoos charged in the news. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on