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BitComet v1.33

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This option lets you specify the types of sites to show. That said, it still manages to get the job done. Tribler website Vuze v4. MediaGet website qBittorrent v3. BitLord website BitTornado v0. The overall design of the client is, like FrostWire, aimed towards music users, with an integrated media player. Likewise with rTorrent, not available for windows.

BitLord v2.1.1

At first blush, there seems to be a vast array of free alternatives to uTorrent, but in reality many of them are riddled with malware and rife with security issues. That's why we've done the hard work for you and compiled a definitive list of the best, fastest, and most secure options available, complete with their respective pros and cons.

For anyone looking for an alternative to uTorrent that looks similar but lacks the bloat, qBittorrent has a lot to offer. This lightweight client manages to pack quite a punch without devouring system resources.

Like all good clients, it supports both torrent files and magnet links, and the installer is pleasingly free from unwanted extra software or toolbars. Despite its close resemblance to uTorrent, qBittorrent doesn't feature any ads either, leaving you free to get on with managing torrents without distractions.

There are some nice touches like the ability to shut down or hibernate your computer once downloads are complete, the ability to create torrents, and an integrated RSS reader to help you keep up with your favourite sites. There's also a torrent search engine available if you don't mind installing Python , and all the essential controls prioritising, pausing etc can be accessed through either the main toolbar or via tabs on the multi-pane interface. Its shallow learning curve, clean installer, lack of ads, and array of features make qBittorrent the best free alternative to uTorrent.

Tixati 's interface might look garish once you start downloading files, with graphs rendered in alarming shades of red, green and blue, but there are customization options to tone it down. As well as all of the standard torrenting features such as throttling, encryption and bandwidth management, there is also a social aspect to Tixati.

Channels decentralized and anonymous can be used to chat with seeds and peers, which could prove handy if you're struggling to grab the last few megabytes of a file and want to ask for more seeds or faster uploads. You can discover similar sites based on what tags they have and how important they are for your search.

Click on the tags to edit them, and use the sliders to adjust their importance. The tags shown right now are the top 5 tags of the URL you just searched for. Hit "moreofit" to see results. BitTyrant is a new, protocol compatible BitTorrent client that is optimized for BitTyrant is designed to make efficient use of your BitLord is a P2P file-sharing freeware program compatible with Bittorrent.

Allows users to download a file from multiple different people, rather than a central location. Download music, movies, games, software and much more. The Pirate Bay is the world's largest bittorrent tracker.

We've upgraded the search a bit and we're going to redo the tracker stats! We're tracking torrents on trackers. On one of our test torrents BitComet could not find or connect to any peers, so your mileage may vary in everyday usage. On the plus side, the optional eMule integration could help resuscitate some torrents, assuming you can find a working eMule server that is. On the downside it was one of the heaviest clients on our test system.

BitComet also serves advertising links. Some features such as VIP mode and anonymous downloading are pay services, which is not always made clear. Another client that has been around for many years. Older BitLord clients were based on an old version v0. Installation includes a Conduit toolbar, and the client opens to a browser window containing more adverts through the integrated Chrome12 browser.

As a modified Deluge, it offers very little in the way of worthwhile additions to the basic Deluge client.

In addition to all the adverts it also managed to ignore the global settings and left a Conduit installer behind when removed. A clear case of where the modifications are all for the worse.

Despite the age of the client this version was released in October , and predates TorrentFreak! However, it has no DHT facility, so magnet links are not usable. BitTornado is best for power users who release torrents periodically and can make good use of the super-seed function. It covers all the basics and has a clean interface, the simplicity of which is only underscored after seeing how BitLord butchered it.

However, its simple competence coupled with overall lightness on the system means that this is a recommended client for the regular user. While there are no toolbars included, RealPlayer is offered during install. Music is definitely the focus of the client, with featured artists downloads being offered since along with iTunes integration. Additionally, in tests it was the only client to detect a local peer on the same network, and use it.

On the downside, initial settings are a little high, and the layout is a little cluttered. If your torrenting revolves around music and iTunes integration is a bonus, then FrostWire is a good option.

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But that was long ago, before BitTorrent, Inc. bought uTorrent and crammed it full of crapware and scammy advertisements. Remember when uTorrent was great? The upstart BitTorrent client was super lightweight and trounced other popular BitTorrent clients. After numerous reader requests for an overview of other BitTorrent clients, here is a rundown of ten possible alternatives. Following the announcement last week that uTorrent will become ad-supported (and despite the subsequent change of heart on forced ads), some BitTorrent users have been reconsidering their options. 11 Popular Sites Like Utorrent We've rummaged through the web and spotted several first-class bittorrent and software sites like Utorrent. Stop on by and check out sites that match Utorrent.