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Talk with an expert today to see how UHP can help make your fire fighting operations safer and more efficient. Our mobile units allow you to get water to the fire faster, protecting both life and property in a more time efficient manner. Fires today are burning 8x faster than they did 20 years ago making a rapid fire attack more important than ever before. Go where the fire is, get there first, be more efficient and reduce waste. UHP fire suppression utilizes at least a fifth of the water, leaving significantly less damage. People are raving about our products, see what they say.

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Leave a Reply now loading. Adhesive Application Specialists – since our focus has been on the application of adhesives to our Customer’s product. Hot melt, cold glue or sealant, standard stock equipment combined with customized components, our goal is to provide the right products to achieve your dispensing demands. Home | HMA Fire | Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Fire Suppression Josh Larson T+ WHAT IS UHP? The principle of our ultra high pressure (UHP) systems is proven effective.