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Through Timeline, users can access recordings over a set amount of days, in our case Initially, the camera has to be setup using a wired configuration directly into the network, but this is no longer necessary once Wi-Fi is enabled. Seagate Releases 14TB Drives. Then allow DSM login under https default port only, in addition you could use port forwarding in your router to change to a high port number. The public key files have the extension.

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If you are only adding 1 or 2 cams it would be cheaper to pay licensing cost for Synology. Jan 13, Messages: I was using a synology DSj with a few vivotek and foscam cameras at a smaller warehouse.

After about 6 cameras it started using a lot of CPU. We added another 10 cameras which caused me to look at other options. At first, I had to tweak the camera settings to keep it from maxing out the PC processor. Right now it is only storing about two weeks video, but I am going to be adding 5TB external drive to it to keep over six months video.

Jan 4, Messages: I have a DSj and have never really used the cameras, but when I last looked at it it was limited to a lower resolution than i needed. DokkenVersusChicken , May 13, Jan 17, Messages: You can off course hack the synology to get like 30 licenses.

No idea if this is allowed to be shared here.. It worked on one single version, now years old where a hex edit of a system file resulted in cameras configurable. Either synology pathed this possibility, it still works, or has been moved to other mechanism for the licenses.

I decided for the openVPN protocol, as it will work under Windows and iOS and allows for a flexible configuration of ports, protocol and authentications. For openVPN I use self-signed certificates. Rename the original files ca.

Then change the authentication procedure for openVPN and make the use of a client certificate and password mandatory. Use vi editor in the BusyBox build-in shell to modify the openvpn. Therefore, if you really need to allow SSH access remotely, you should always be extremely careful and verify the correct connection. The public key files have the extension. When you call the SSH terminal program and the server key is not cashed, you will be prompted with the fingerprint of the server key to trust the server.

First generate an RSA key pair public and private with the program puttygen. So you need to create the directory. PasswordAuthentication yes to PasswordAuthentication no. Though SSL does not protect from unauthorized access, it helps to avoid eavesdropping of your data when using the web interface. Most critical is the web access to the disk station manager with admin rights.

For administration via web interface disable the standard admin account and use a different user name first. Then allow DSM login under https default port only, in addition you could use port forwarding in your router to change to a high port number. The most important measure is to use a really strong password. DSM allow to introduce a second layer of authentication. You can enable 2-step verification for the admin user. A good step-by-step description can be found 2-step-authentication. All measure shown above will be useless, if the private keys are not kept secret.

In cases where magnetic locks were installed, users would be able to lock and unlock doors after verifying who was at the entrance through an IP camera or ID badge. And administrators can view logs of who was coming and going. The latest version comes with a newly redesigned UI. The new design is like most things Synology related, easy to use and intuitive.

Opening up the Surveillance Station app, users will see the main screen, pictured above in the introduction. Along the left hand side runs the various apps for Surveillance Station, this is the default setup and can be changed as the user desires. Live View is as it sounds, a live view of what the cameras are currently aimed at. Here users can double click on one particular camera for a larger look at what is happening as well as take snapshots, do an instant playback, drag and zoom over one spot, make a manual recording or setup live analytics.

Through Timeline, users can access recordings over a set amount of days, in our case Timeline shows recordings that were taken that hit a certain criteria, for instance movement. Users can double click on a particular camera and download the recording, take a snapshot, zoom in, or enhance the recording. IP Camera shows users what cameras are active, allows the addition of more cameras, and allows administrators to configure the cameras.

The Recording app shows users all of the archived recordings. If an event happened on a particular day and needs reviewing this is where they would go. Simply select the date and the recordings are listed by the time they happened.

While going through a recording, users can use the time slicing to watch four clips at once two minutes apart. The recording does have to be long enough to break into four slices in order to utilize this particular tool.

Snapshots can be taken at various steps in different apps within Surveillance Station, in this case it was taken within timeline. The VSHD allows us to easily pop in to live view if we hear something and want to check it out without leaving the location, such as going upstairs for a deliver that was for other tenants in the building.

Though the surveillance is usually taken care of by the lab director, Kevin, I was able to easily navigate it without any prior training. Within a few minutes I was able to access all of the cameras for live view, take and edit snapshots, and zoom in. Using Timeline I was about to go through previous recordings, again take snapshots and edit both the snapshots and the recordings.

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Synology Surveillance Station is a NVR (network video recorder) system to safeguard security through IP camera monitoring. Surveillance Station offers in-depth integration with IP camera venders, providing reliable CMS (centralized management system) solution or individual property security. Synology Surveillance Station Review. Synology has several great, free apps for DiskStation and RackStation owners. What’s most talked about is that Synology devices offer ease of use, the ability to share and sync files across multiple platforms, and their reliability to protect your data. Surveillance Station IP camera Support List. Over IP cameras from renowned brands have been integrated and supported on the Surveillance Station. These supported cameras and video servers are listed in the menu below, and they can be filtered out by the criterias you need.