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All those with the illness We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. Not including this movie would be a sin. BUT you have to watch it in the theater. Relive the red carpet now! Find your next favorite and similar movies in two steps: Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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20 Travel Horror Movies that Make You Want to Stay Home

A family vacationing in an RV gets stranded in the New Mexico desert. One of the better horror remakes, Hills , like Wolf Creek shows how frightening an unsparing dessert landscape can be, leaving the human prey in plain sight. Like Wolf Creek , Deliverance is a disturbing tale of savagery in nature and survival of the fittest, but it has loftier commentary regarding the disconnect from modern living to rural life.

Here are some other films that explore the horrors of rural life in much broader context than simply hunter vs. Featuring stellar performances from Woodard and Lee , and one of the most haunting finales in cinema, The Wicker Man transcends horror, blending elements of folklore, spiritualism with a musical! Another film dealing with a mystical take on nature, this bizarre entry takes place during the English Civil War.

Featuring a haunting score, and psychedelic edits that come with a health warning for those suffering seizures, A Field In England is one of the most unique and disorienting films in recent memory. Known as the Australian Deliverance , Wake In Fright is a chilling exploration into moral degradation. Tell me in the comments. I love checking out all the best concerts and film events in my hometown of Austin, TX.

He bundles Kristy's body into the back of his car, along with the body of the dead motorist, and torches the wrecked car before driving off. Ben awakens to find himself nailed to a mock crucifix in a mine shaft, with two aggressive, caged Rottweilers in front of him. He manages to extract himself from the crucifix and enters the camp in early daylight. Ben escapes into the outback, but becomes dehydrated, and eventually passes out beside a dirt road.

He is discovered by a Swedish couple who take him to Kalbarri , where he is airlifted to a hospital. A series of title cards states that despite several major police searches, no trace of Liz or Kristy has ever been found. Early investigations into the case were disorganised, hampered by confusion over the location of the crimes, a lack of physical evidence and the alleged unreliability of the only witness.

After four months in police custody, Ben was later cleared of all suspicion. He currently lives in South Australia. The film ends with the silhouette of Mick walking into the sunset with his rifle in hand. The film contains several oblique references to these crimes, including the setting of Taylor's mining camp, which is called "Navithalim Mining Co.

John Jarratt was cast in the role of Mick Taylor after having a meeting with McLean; Jarratt would later recall being significantly impressed by the screenplay, and McLean knew "within ten minutes" of their meeting that he was the right actor for the role.

The sequences in which the three main characters ascend the edge of crater were shot on a nondescript hillside in South Australia, [20] while beachfront scenes in the first fifteen minutes of the film were shot in Adelaide, standing in for Broome. Several strange occurrences happened during the production.

One particular location that was used during the shooting of the travellers' drive to Wolf Creek had not seen rainfall in over six years; however, once the crew arrived and shooting proceeded, it rained for three continuous days, forcing the writer, director and actors to incorporate the highly unexpected rainfall into the shooting script.

The rock quarry where Mick's mining site is located was the site of a real-life murder, which stirred up controversy from the local residents who mistook the film as being based on that crime.

Since the film had a relatively low budget, many of the action scenes involved the real actors; for example, after running through the outback barefoot when her character escapes, star Kestie Morassi ended up with hundreds of thorns and nettles in her feet.

The original cut of Wolf Creek ran minutes; however, 5 minutes of the film were excised in post-production. The other additional footage took place when Liz returns to the mining site after leaving Kristy behind; rather than immediately entering the car garage, as she does in the theatrical cut, she finds a revolver and fills it with cartridges, and then explores an abandoned mine shaft in order to search for Ben.

She subsequently drops her pistol into the shaft, and climbs down inside to find dozens of decomposing bodies. This explains why, in the theatrical cut, the revolver disappears after she enters the car garage. According to McLean, this scene was cut from the film after test screenings because it was "simply too much", along with all of the other gruesome events that had taken place prior. Wolf Creek was marketed in both Australia and international markets as being "based on a true story", though it is in actuality a composite inspired by several true crimes including the aforementioned killings by Milat and Murdoch.

In Australia, the film opened on cinemas on 3 November , excluding the Northern Territory , out of respect for the pending trial for the murder of Peter Falconio , an event which had served as a partial inspiration for the screenplay.

He winks at his references but never takes his eye off his own story or his brilliant modulations of suspense and character tension". Critical reviews in the United States varied: Several critics, such as the Chicago Sun-Times ' s Roger Ebert , lambasted the film's depiction of violence, and with some even walking out of screenings.

To establish the commercial credentials of its director by showing his skill at depicting the brutal tracking, torture and mutilation of screaming young women I wanted to walk out of the theatre and McLean has apparently watched his share of Val Lewton , the legendary B-movie producer McLean's commitment to contemporary genre expectations turns out to be unwavering and what follows these imaginative night tremors is just the usual butchery". Michael Atkinson of The Village Voice wrote of the film: Wolf Creek is unimaginative, light on the grue and heavy on the faux-serious desperation.

It's actually something of a Spanish Inquisition—level trial by overacting—the three leads are low-budget dull, but as the anti— Crocodile Dundee , Jarratt is a leering, jeering, winking, colloquialism-belching horror". Allen Johnson of the San Francisco Chronicle , however, praised the film's "naturalistic" style, writing: There are no obnoxious teenagers in Wolf Creek , nor are there ghosts, possessed children, haunted web sites or supernaturally produced videotapes. There isn't even an Asian horror film upon which to base the screenplay.

Instead, there is desolation, real terror and one hell of a villain in rural Australia in Greg McLean's energetically gritty bit of low-budget showmanship". The critical consensus states: Wolf Creek has been cited as one of several films released in the mids that initiated a "substantial boom" of Australian horror films. In A Companion to the Horror Film , film scholar Harry Benshoff cites Wolf Creek as a "distinguished" example of the " torture porn " subgenera, noting its "detailed character development After the success of the first film, McLean postponed plans to immediately work on a sequel in favor of directing Rogue.

Particularly his older stuff. As for gore…I am not a fan either. Man, the Hostel movies just made me feel dirty…like I needed a shower in Holy Water directly afterward. That was quite a witty and also very true statement. I cannot say that I even liked the fact I watched both. Love them so much. You pretty much have them nailed in terms of travel movies.

I am not even sure why I ever made it thru hostel I like suspense and if there is gore I want it to not be realistic…like monsters and such.

None of them where particularly horrifying. Not really scary, but an awesome movie. I definitely like old school horror better actually, without all the gore and simply sick twisted people. I am a great fan of scary movies and love to watch them again and again… especially the good ones.

Never had a chance to see The Human Centipede, Tourist trap or the perfect gateway…. They are on my list now.. You are a braver man than me, most of those kinda give me the willies. They are quite scary, though. I am an intrepid traveler although I have stayed put for a while now and after watching your videos am quite happy and secure here in Sydney!! When I first started travelling I had some of my own travel horror story experiences but you soon learn to live in the present and sense when things are not OK and when not.

Well, Wolf Creek happens in the Australian Outback. Wolf Creek is full of bulldust. I can tolerate reading more than watching. I really appreciate the Hitchcock style scary films. I actually agree with you. I do not mind reading gore in books, but some of the overly graphic movies hostel, saw, turistas…a lot on this list actually really disturb me. Disturb not scare…a slight but important difference.

I saw all of them! BUT you have to watch it in the theater. October looks like a great slew of new horror flicks coming out:

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Like Wolf Creek, Deliverance is a disturbing tale of savagery in nature and survival of the fittest, but it has loftier commentary regarding the disconnect from modern living to rural life. You’ll never hear banjos the same way again. If you like Wolf Creek I recommend Turistas, Eden Lake, Joy Ride, High Tension, Wishmaster. If you like "Wolf Creek" you are looking for scary, suspenseful and suspense movies about / with slasher, gory, serial killer, australian, brutality, torture and violence themes of Horror and Thriller genre shot in Australia.