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Ranking the World's Best Digital Libraries
South Asian American Digital Archive. To that end, we offer links to localized collections first, categorized by state. This latter site consists of selected digital collections of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries spanning more than years of rich, vibrant history, including documents, photographs, newspapers, reports, pamphlets, posters, maps, and an author database ranging in date from the late s to present. And he does seem genuine in his conviction that this is primarily a philanthropic exercise. The site currently holds fifteen galleries on topics that range from street scenes to historical fashion to famous Ohioans. Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Vermont in the Civil War:

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The Nation's Largest Libraries: A Listing By Volumes Held

It could be said that they are a phantom hideout so that books never disappear in the fog. And although the book as an object remains unbeatable, when reading on a screen, a phone or a tablet we are simply repeating one of the most beautiful human activities: Thanks to the proliferation of the digitization of archives we now have hundreds of thousands of online libraries, and some of them are simply wonderful.

The majority are invaluable sources of reference, but there are some, such as those listed below, that contain books, maps, films and audio-books that would be difficult to find in physical form. In no particular order, we recommend the following eight:. A source for manuscripts, rare books, films, maps and more in multilingual format.

A collection of one million books. More than 33, e-books to read and download. An immense collection of books for consultation, including fiction, essay and poetry. E-books, magazines, academic essays, software, music and radio.

More than , books for consultation, download or on-line purchase. The largest digital library for downloading e-books and audio-books for free. More than one million e-books of classic literature to download. The art of sensitizing the art-space finds a majestic vehicle in the combination of music….

Undertaking any long creative work is similar to the physical preparation for running a marathon. The eccentric architect developed an educational program based on qualities as artistic as they are…. An installation invites contemplation of both reflection and mirage, its message reinvented as the years….

Thought Hopper , by Dutch artist Vera van Wolferen, is a virtual and interactive universe…. For three months in , Vladimir Nabokov researched the relationship between his dreams and his…. Beyond the question of extraterrestrial life, is the question of other forms of musical sensitivity. A most mysterious collection of 19th-century objects was discovered and turned into a museum in…. Philip Henry Gosse invented miniature marine gardens, and he published a book on them titled….

They are loosely organized into collections that span a range of subjects including art, ecology, literature, history, music, natural resources, science, social sciences, the State of Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin. Digital resources include text-based materials such as books, journal series, and manuscript collections; photographic images; slides; maps; prints; posters; audio; and video. This information-rich site also contains genealogical materials, information about historic buildings, and historical images.

Wyoming University of Wyoming Digital Initiative: Browse through general collections and wildlife, geography, and living sections. Wyoming research had been made easy through this site, as it offers online collections of historical documents, historical trails, and genealogical materials.

Some collections are merely described or inventoried and not offered online. Multi-State Resources The following resources are projects that range from the efforts between two states to larger collections that focus on the development of the entire U. This site features a digital collection of approximately objects and transcribed document pages from Memorial Hall Museum and Library.

The focus is a view from New England on the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries. This site contains more than 18, pages of eyewitness accounts of North American exploration, from the sagas of Vikings in Canada in AD to the diaries of mountain men in the Rockies years later. The list found through this link contains universities and institutions located in the New England area, and each link leads to digitization projects that are currently underway. This site brings together selected highlights of the ethnic collections from leading repositories in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Combined Arms Research Library: The researcher can discover texts that reach from obsolete military manuals to WWII operational documents.

Digital Archive of American Architecture: This archive is maintained by the Fine Arts Department at Boston College, and examples and accompanying text range from the seventeenth century to current urban projects. Digital Library of Appalachia: The DLA provides online access to archival and historical materials related to the culture of the southern and central Appalachian region.

Documenting the American South: DocSouth is a digital publishing initiative that provides Internet access to texts, images, and audio files related to southern history, literature, and culture. Currently DocSouth includes ten thematic collections of books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs.

Early Americas Digital Archive: EADA is a collection of electronic texts originally written in or about the Americas from to approximately Fish and Wildlife Digital Library System: Use the search engine or browse list of hyperlinked keywords to find recent images of Alaska, the northeast U. This is a collaborative effort with the University of Michigan. Currently, the project extends beyond this collaboration to bring audio, video, text, and image files to the general public on subjects such as the African e-Journals Project, American Voices, and more.

Mountain West Digital Library: This site contains an aggregation of digital collections from universities, colleges, public libraries, museums, and historical societies in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. The Mountain West defines the region of contributors, but the content extends far beyond the Mountain West and into different fields. This government organization provides a growing collection of thousands of images, documents, drawings and maps about the cultural and natural resources maintained by the National Park Service across the U.

The digitization process is ongoing at this site, but they invite you to peruse the newspaper issues that they have put on line including the Civil War and the Turn of the Century They also include a section on antique books that they are in process of digitizing.

This project provides access to more than hours of Supreme Court audio. All audio in the Court recorded since is included here. Before , the audio collection is selective. Rocky Mountain Online Archive: These materials include correspondence, diaries, or photographs, and digital reproductions of primary sources are available in some cases. United States Digital Map Archive: This project and its all-volunteer staff are dedicated to free, online access for the general public.

The maps usually are large, and they offer images for every state and often for many counties within these states. Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Archive: The late nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs were gathered from the collections of Davenport Public Library, Augustana College, and Musser Public Library in Muscatine.

The University of South Carolina provides resources for the general public, including broadsides from the Colonial Era to the present, the travel journal and album of collected papers of William Tennent III, — , and more. Valley of the Shadow: Western Waters Digital Library: WWDL contains government reports, classic water literature, legal transcripts, water project records, personal papers, photographic collections, and video materials about the Columbia, Colorado, Platte, and Rio Grande river basins.

This site is a collaborative regional project created by twelve university libraries in eight western states. Washington State University offers textual, image, and photographic collections online and to the general public. Some materials are merely described rather than offered online, such the audio collections although you can find abstracts on some of these materials.

Larger Collections These selections are gathered mainly from U. Maps Alexandria Digital Library: ADL is a distributed digital library with collections of georeferenced materials such as maps, aerial photographs and remote sensing satellite data. The site is supported by University of California, Santa Barbara. The Ryhiner Map Collection: This collection consists of more than 16, maps, charts, plans and views from the 16th to the 18th century, covering the whole globe.

Together with the 20, manuscript maps of the State Archives, the Canton of Berne owns not only a local, but a worldwide geographical memory. Medical National Library of Medicine: The Library collects materials and provides information and research services in all areas of biomedicine and health care.

Sciences American Museum of Natural History: The digital library project on this site was launched in to develop an integrated database of library resources and natural history collections. The Ethnomathematics Digital Library EDL is a resource network and interactive learning community for ethnomathematics, with emphasis on the indigenous mathematics of the Pacific region.

Ewell Sale Stewart Library: This site is part of the Academy of Natural Sciences, located in Philadelphia. The different collections in this K library include digital media and digitized museum materials related to interactive exhibits and scientific phenomena, including images, educational activities in PDF and html formats, QuickTime movies, streaming media, and audio files. National Science Digital Library: Access to most of the resources discovered through NSDL is free; however, some content providers may require a login, or a nominal fee or subscription to retrieve their specific resources.

National Sea Grant Library: Topics include oceanography, marine education, aquaculture, fisheries, aquatic nuisance species, coastal hazards, seafood safety, limnology, coastal zone management, marine recreation, and law. Other Arts and Humanities Data Service: AHDS is a UK national service aiding the discovery, creation and preservation of digital resources in and for research, teaching and learning in the arts and humanities. Currently, they cover five subject areas: The Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE builds digital collections and services while providing information and support to digital library developers worldwide.

This collection includes various images and texts from repositories such as the Newberry Library, Illinois Wesleyan University, the University of Saint Francis, and more.

Center for Digital Initiatives: The materials are all open access. Claremont Colleges Digital Library: Collections of images, video and text that range from fine arts to social sciences.

Columbia University Digital Collections: Visit digital collections, exhibits, and partnership projects from this link. Digital Activities and Collections: The University of Chicago Library creates a variety of online finding aids and retrospectively digitized collections and also supports related initiatives on campus by providing systems administration and programming support to faculty-driven projects and collections.

Some resources point to other sources such as the Library of Congress. Collections include images, audio, and video files. Many of these resources are available to the general public, although some may carry copyright restrictions.

Northwestern University Library, Illinois, provides various tools for the online researcher, including audio speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King and more.

Digital Library of Information Science and Technology: George Mason Digitized Collections: The digital collections on the Brigham Young University site include art collections, dissertations, text, and multimedia. You can also conduct searches at the Scholarly Periodicals Center. The research projects, essays, and documentation presented here are the products of a unique collaboration between humanities and computer science research faculty, computer professionals, student assistants and project managers, and library faculty and staff.

DLP is dedicated to the production, maintenance, delivery, and preservation of a wide range of high-quality networked information resources for scholars and students at Indiana University and elsewhere.

Some collections are contained within the site, and others link to other online libraries and repositories. IA, founded by Brewster Kahle in , is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining an on-line library and archive of Web and multimedia resources.

Located at the Presidio in San Francisco, California, this site is a member of the American Library Association and is officially recognized by the State of California as a library. IA is mirrored at Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt to ensure the stability and endurance of the archives. Michigan State University Libraries: Categories in the digital collections range from Africana to veterinary medicine.

Research in Computing for Humanities: SCC — Digital Projects: The SCC Scholarly Communications Center promotes the communication of scholarly material by developing digital projects across a broad range of academic topics, in collaboration with librarians, teaching and research faculty, and the State of New Jersey.

From annual reports to trade literature, the Smithsonian offers readers, students, and teachers the materials they might need to supplement specific projects. This digital collection offers access to the resources of the 47 national libraries of Europe. The resources include books, magazines, journals, audio recordings and other materials. TDL provides a general means of interacting with digital content created at Tufts University or created for use in teaching and research by Tufts faculty, staff and students.

However, most of the projects — such as the oral interviews that have audio files and transcriptions of the files — are open access. The University of Buffalo NY includes primarily collections of still images, but anticipates future inclusion of a variety of digital media formats, including audio, video, kinetic images, animation, virtual reality, interactive sequences and multi-media constructs.

At present, they carry projects that range from American literature to psychology. The repository holds a wide assortment of materials from arts, humanities, and social sciences to world projects such as the Africana Collection.

Some resources are limited to university use only. This library offers broad public access to their digital collections, which include images, project papers, and photographs. University of Minnesota Digital Collections Unit: The Visual History Archive alone contains nearly 52, video testimonies, and this is just one project among many available at this digital library.

University of Oregon Libraries Digital Collections: This collection includes art images, a historical photography collection, a print collection and more. University of Tennessee Digital Collections: Other projects include early images of Egypt and electronic theses and dissertations.

University of Washington Digital Collections: This site features materials from the University of Washington Libraries, University of Washington Faculty and Departments, and organizations that have participated in partner projects with the UW. The huge amount of material offered ranges from art and architecture to international and ethnic collections. The Washington Research Library Consortium WRLC provides staff and systems to manage digitizing projects, scan materials, and enter descriptive information developed in conjunction with library staff.

A short list of the resources available online from Yale University Libraries is available here. Access to some collections is restricted to on-campus use only. Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts: The project is assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to The full text of each volume of poetry is being converted into digital form. Brought to readers from Columbia University, this site reproduces classic literature in hypertext and maintains a strong emphasis on the quality and integrity of the text.

University of Chicago Press, with financial support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, developed this resource that serves more than 50 university presses and contains digital files for more than 12, books. The Corpus of Electronic Texts brings the wealth of Irish literary and historical culture to the Internet, for the use and benefit of everyone worldwide. It has a searchable online textbase consisting of contemporary and historical documents from many areas, including literature and the other arts.

Digital Library of the Commons: DLC is a gateway to the international literature on the commons. This site contains an author-submission portal; an archive of full-text articles, papers, and dissertations; the Comprehensive Bibliography of the Commons; a Keyword Thesaurus, and links to relevant reference sources on the study of the commons. The Digital Repository at the University of Maryland provides links to various faculty-contributed research and publications, UM theses and dissertations from December forward, and collections of technical reports.

The site is slightly confusing, but when you search for a document, you need to scroll down the page to gain access to the file. These files are all open access. This digital collection, sponsored by the University of Virginia, is an on-line archive of standards-based texts and images in the humanities, The collection is offered in fifteen different languages. Most of this collection is open access. This database continues to grow, with more than a hundred thousand titles added by publishers and authors and some 10, works in the public domain now indexed and included in search results.

Either a serial volume is bound, or it comprises the serial issues that would be bound together if the library bound all serials. ARL has been modifying the interpretation of the standard definitions to address questions posed by library staff at various member institutions that complete the survey and with feedback from the ARL Statistics and Assessment Committee PDF; page Include duplicates and bound volumes of periodicals. For purposes of this questionnaire, unclassified bound serials arranged in alphabetical order are considered classified.

Exclude microforms, maps, nonprint materials, and uncataloged items. Include e-book units, as long as these e-books are owned or leased and have been cataloged by your library. Include individual titles of e-book sets that are treated as individual reference sources.

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World Digital Library - Source for manuscripts, rare books, music, films, maps, prints and more in multilingual format. ERIC - World's largest library of digital education literature. Bibliovault - Digital files for more than 12, books. Internet Public Library - Books, magazines, newspapers, reference materials and more. 1. World Digital Library. A source for manuscripts, rare books, films, maps and more in multilingual format. 2. Universal Digital Library. A collection of one million books. 3. Project Gutenberg. More than 33, e-books to read and download. 4. Bartleby. An immense collection of books for consultation, including fiction, essay and poetry. 5. ibiblio. E . The World Digital Library provides free access to manuscripts, rare books, maps, photographs, and other important cultural documents from all countries and cultures, in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.