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Use this with our own free US-based proxy server: The service is always fast and stable. What is the popularity of proxy sites? Yeah you can also use VPN, but as you know most of them are not free. The fundamental benefit of using KProxy is that one can easily switch between 10 different servers in case you find that your IP address is blocked. Start your day risk-free trial now! Get Updated Proxy Sites!

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This website focuses on another popular use of proxies and that is anonymous browsing. A special type of proxy servers that are specially configured to disguise user's real identity are known as Anonymous and Elite Proxies and they are very useful in cases of content censorship and geographic service restrictions as explained below. Using Proxy to Unblock Websites - if your internet service provider is blocking some website, then using a proxy will "unblock it".

It will work because you won't be making a direct connection to the website but instead instructing some proxy server to fetch the website for you and forward it back you. As far as your internet provider is conserned, you have never even visited that site - only the connection between you and the proxy server is visible.

Using Proxy to Bypass Country Restrictions - some websites are restricting their services to a particular list of countries. One good example is YouTube that blocks certain videos to visitors outside the United States. This restriction can be bypassed by using a proxy located in one of the countries that are allowed to use it. You don't need change any settings in your browser or setup any programs! They also offer a VPN services which is a good and more convenient alternative to web anonymizer.

Anonymouse - a very good free anonymizer. By using this CGI proxy you can anonymously surf web pages, send anonymous e-mails and look at news.

URL for proxy chaining: You can access blocked sites while keeping your IP secret. URL for making proxy chaining: Guardster - good anonymizer. Controls cookies, scripts, ADs, images and referrers.

WebWarper - This is a popular free web anonymizer. This CGI proxy can pack web pages "on the fly". Instant access, no download, no registration, and no fee required. RU - russian anonymizer: The-cloak - This is a free CGI proxy. URL for chaining proxy: It uses bit SSL-encoding. URL for creating anonymizers chain: Using new and advanced technology to help you bypass your school firewalls and filters.

Allowing you to view what you want, when you want! Fast, reliable and secure! The homepage of this anonymizer is here: ShadowBrowser - anonymously surf the internet and protect your Internet history at the same time.

No software to download and supports SSL websites. Surfola - cool CGI proxy with many features. URL for chain proxy: You can use this anonymizer to send anonymous e-mails by using this anonymizer with anonymous proxy URL for proxy chaining: URL for cgi proxy chaining: Anonymizer supports URL encoding.

Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't with Internet Explorer. Computerboy88 - cool cgi proxy. Not need registration and AD banners.

WabLair - good CGI proxy. This web proxy can delete scripts, AD banners and cookies. Blazeboard - CGI proxy like above. Choose the best CGI proxy for you and use it. NetHush - privateproxy , safeproxy - good free anonymizer, doesn't need registration.

It has several mirrors. V3 - This is a good and fast CGI proxy. This anonymizer has not AD banners. GZip proxy has a good speed and also can pack web pages "on the fly".

SubDimenstion - This anonymizer uses frames. The field for URL is in the frame. Safeproxy - free web anonymizer that can delete cookies, etc. Good and fast anonymizer. Rewebber - This popular CGI proxy needs registration free.

Proxy site is a website with a address bar. Just input the URL of blocked site into that bar and click the "Surf" button. Proxy site will fetch the web page for you showing on its own page. But proxy site isn't compatible with many sites such as hulu and pinterest. My IP Hide is a better choice because it supports all the websites and is faster. Proxy site owner can submit your site here to list it on proxy-site.

You can submit your web proxy. We approve sites automatically.


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In mackledaddy.tk we have listed free proxy sites where you can open the blocked websites in your college or office. These listed sites hide your IP address and location when browsing the web. What is a Proxy Site? The term proxy site most commonly refers to an open proxy, which is a web site that allows a user to surf the internet mackledaddy.tk a proxy site, or web proxy, users can unblock web sites that might be banned through their internet connection at work, school or elsewhere. A user seeking to hide their ip and get to blocked web sites can navigate to a proxy . Welcome to mackledaddy.tk! We are your #1 source for the latest free proxies. You will find sites on our proxy list that are mere minutes old!