Are you prepared for the thorny issues surrounding student surveillance?

Neighborhood security cameras sacrifice privacy to solve crimes
Colleges and hospitals are adding to their surveillance systems, said Chad Parris, vice president of consulting services with Security Risk Management Consultants. In the case of Glik v. Stephens also cautions against seeing cameras as a quick fix. Stephens is the executive director of the National School Safety Center, an independent nonprofit that focuses on school crime prevention and safe-school planning. A lot of school administrators are looking into installing security cameras in their districts.

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Privacy vs. Security

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The Four Problems With Public Video SurveillanceVideo cameras, or closed-circuit television (CCTV), are becoming a more and more widespread feature of American life. Fears of terrorism and the availability of ever-cheaper cameras have accelerated the trend even more. The use of sophisticated systems by police and other public security . Express your concerns with theft, or safety, or whatever the motivation happens to be and give employees the opportunity to ask questions. This kind of openness will go a long way to alleviate the suspicions that security cameras can raise. Aug 22,  · If you install smart security cameras in your home or office you need to be aware of certain legal issues so that you do not violate statutory restrictions or infringe on anyone’s privacy.