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It appears that you may be having a problem with the digitizer on your device. Unfortunately, that sounds like hardware damage to your LCD screen. Great for this video. My ipad Ai 2 is not working. The login screen is there. We need to get your iPad sufficiently charged to complete a boot cycle.

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A word of warning: They can be especially useful in clearing out leftover files from previous iOS installations, junk left after applying over-the-air updates and caches which iOS stubbornly refuses to delete due to unforeseen system errors or corrupted files.

This is normal behavior caused by the cleaning process so simply tap Done to dismiss the message. Google Chrome fans, for example, can tap the hamburger icon and select Privacy. This is a more efficient method that will prompt iOS be more aggressive about flushing the caches.

Some users have reported that resetting all device preferences and settings has successfully cleaned up a lot of cached files without needing to restore form an iTunes or iCloud backup. This will not delete your apps nor your content. In that case, you should consider setting up your device from scratch. This may sound like an overly extreme proposal, but resetting your device to its factory settings will delete everything and reinstall iOS.

Best ways to store photos in the cloud. Songs, audio podcasts, audiobooks, voice memos, music memos and ringtones Video: Movies, music videos and TV shows Photos: Flush app caches manually Some apps include a user-facing option to delete their own caches.

Delete offline content in apps Some apps that manage online content allow you to mark items for offline use. Battery Doctor is available free in the App Store. Force-restart your device This is a more efficient method that will prompt iOS be more aggressive about flushing the caches. Reset all settings Some users have reported that resetting all device preferences and settings has successfully cleaned up a lot of cached files without needing to restore form an iTunes or iCloud backup.

Reset to factory settings This may sound like an overly extreme proposal, but resetting your device to its factory settings will delete everything and reinstall iOS. If you are no longer under warranty, contact Apple and find out what options are available for you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have recently found our old original iPad and am trying to turn it on however the screen just stays completely black!! I have charged it for 5 hours, have tried to connect it to itunes, have attempted the burping trick and nothing works!!

I am hoping there is some other magical way to reawake our device as it has some important photos and notes on it that we had forgotten about over the years!! So, my iPad has been wonky for a while now… it turns on, but the screen is frozen.

Any ideas on how to fix this, or is it a lost cause? This has been a slow process that began when I shattered my screen and got it fixed. The keyboard was paralyzed in multiple places and it was slowly becoming worse when it all of a sudden just froze over altogether. A notable error in iOS Apple worked on a fix which came out with iOS If the Home button on your iPad is totally broken and it keeps getting stuck in a loop with the Apple logo flashing on and off, how can you reset it?

I had the misfortune of dropping my iPad Mini 2 16GB onto a hard surface and broke the screen, and now the outer bevel of the screen has broken off to. Sorry about your iPad problems! The best solution is to disconnect your iPad from any power source and wait for your iPad to run out of battery.

Once that completes, connect via iTunes and try to update or restore it. Thank you very much. My relatively new iPad 2 simply died while I was using it. As I need an iPad for participation in Board meetings, I was mentally preparing myself to purchase a replacement. I am most grateful. Sorry to hear about your problems with your iPad.

Outside of going to Apple, you could go to another, independent service provider and ask them to inspect your iPad. If so, follow the on-screen instructions. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your iPad Mini 3. Have you performed a forced restart on your device by pressing and holding both the Power and Home button—and maintain this hold until you see the Apple Logo on-screen.

Then, try and charge your iPad—make sure you connect to a wall outlet—not a USB port on a computer or other device. And if possible, use the original charger that came with your iPad. Let your iPad charge overnight or at least 10 hours when connected to the wall outlet. If your iPad continues not to charge, try another charger and cable. Also, make sure your charging port is clean and clear of any debris or other possible obstructions.

Performing this erases any data stored on your device so if you do not regularly or never create backups, you may want to skip this step and seek the advice of a service professional. While still holding the power button, press down the home button for 15 seconds. Wait for the Apple Logo to appear on-screen and then release the power button while still holding down the home button. Please read this article for more detailed instructions on DFU Mode. Burping my iPad did the trick—who would have thought?

But yeah, it worked like a charm. I am having a different problem. Even my iPad is charged, it wont turn on. I use the home screen to turn it on. One time, when i was studying my history, i went out and when i came back, i tried to turn my iPad on…. I charged it… Wont open.. Should i get it fixed? And how much does getting an iPad fixed cost?

My i have an iPad New i. Sorry about your iPad troubles! Are you charging it via the original charger, connected to a wall outlet? Then let it sit for at least 12 hours undisturbed.

If it shows the Apple logo, press the power button to turn it off. You want to charge it up with the device fully off. Plug your iPad into wall socket for charging. Wait until the apple logo appears. Repeat these steps each time you see the logo appear on the screen for about minutes that translates into anywhere between times until the home screen shows up no more boot loops.

Once your Home Screen appears, press the power button and slide to power off. Now, leave the iPad on the charger for at least 12 hours or more, without using it or powering it on. If it turns on by itself, press the power button again to power and slide off.

Then plug in the lightning cable to both computer and device, while holding down the Home button. My sons iPad Air has a battery issue, I guess. I have gotten a different cable and a different adapter. It just has a battery symbol with a tiny part of red in it. It will go black, them when I let go, it come back with the battery symbol with a red bar. Ian it th battery, or something else? What can I do? Tammy, This appears to be a battery issue. You should probably take it to the Apple store or get in touch with Apple support.

One last suggestion is to try connecting the iPad to a computer running iTunes and doing a clean restore with a fresh install of iOS. This has happened to me too several times over the last year. I would typically hold the power and home buttons without anything happening. Then I just left it sit for a few minutes and when I came back it would be just like normal. Today it was just a little different. It said I needed to restore. So while researching info from another device, it came back to life.

Thank you this really helped me out because my ipad wont wake but its on so i did what you told me to. Thank you this really helped me out because my ipad wont wake but its on so i did what you told me so thank you very much. My ipad is Completely dead, i cant turn it on, it wont even charge wall and pc and i did what i can just to revive my ipad, now it is just a piece of junk, i left it in my room for a year and half because we had to move to a temporary home and i forgot my ipad.

My ipad is Completely dead, i cant turn it on, it wont even charge wall and pc and i did what i can just to revive my ipad, now it is just a piece of junk, i left it in my room for a year and half because we had to move to a temporary home and i left my ipad. It sounds like you need to recalibrate your battery. That means leaving it on and unplugged until it automatically shuts itself down. Before you do anything, back up your data via iCloud, iTunes, or whatever you use to back up.

Then, drain your battery entirely. Make sure you have auto-play ON in your video streaming app, so it plays continuously. After it shuts down, try starting it up. Once it reaches this point, wait another hours and then plug it into the wall outlet for charging. If it turns on, turn it off by pressing the power button and sliding off. If you ever see it on, turn it off again. After all that charging, leave the iPad plugged in and power up. Keep holding these two buttons until you see the Apple Logo on screen, then release.

Once restarted, unplug the iPad. Your battery should be recalibrated. If not, try this process one more time. Contact Apple regarding their battery replacement service. My ipad is as dead as a dead. Whenever i press the home or power button it gives a blank black screen. I dont know of it is low bat because theres no logo or sign that it needs to be charged. The comment by BT is greatly appreciated because it is the only method that fixed my fully drained iPad that would not power up or take a charge and displaying the red battery icon.

I tried everything I could find in posts on the Apple community and all over the internet and struck out on them all. The classic fix is to hold in the power and home buttons. No option of that sort worked, but I was determined to get my iPad functioning again and refused to pay Apple support to troubleshoot and fix it.

I finally ran across several forum posts that were well written and logical about the lithium battery being discharged to the point that the battery will no longer function properly. I will Not attempt to go into the science behind lithium batteries and why the fix of heating the battery up puts a mild charge back into the battery, etc.

If your iPad or other iX device battery has been completely drained and is displaying the red battery icon with a few red strips, and all other troubleshooting measures have failed, you may want to try heating the device. I had little hope in this fix, but it indeed gave the battery enough juice to start taking a charge. I am convinced that no other troubleshooting method would have resulted in my iPad battery being jump-started into taking a charge and powering the device on because I tried them all.

There are probably a million ways to heat the iPad to attempt this fix with what seems to be the most popular being a hair dryer and standing there for an eternity until the back of the device is hot to the touch.

If I told you that I put the iPad on a wooden cutting board and placed in the oven at for 20 minutes I am sure many would not believe it or get holier than thou that I violated some commandment of placing the iPad in an oven, but that very well might have worked….

Totally black screen, no buttons did anything ….. I have done all of this but has still not worked. Are Kindels and Blueberries better with battery life quality than Apple products. For reading, kindles are great and very efficient with their batteries, especially if you mainly use the device for reading books.

Screen just stays black. I have to hold the home screen button and power button to restart it for it to work again. Brought it to the Apple Genius Bar and was told that they have to send it off site to diagnose and fix.

That sounds a little ridiculous. Should I do it or just have to get another new iPad Pro? The device i use is a ipad air 2 i left in the car and it had got heated , the ipad has got heated before and i have got that message saying your ipad needs to cool down however today it didnt didnt show anything of that sort the screen was black and i immediately kept it in front of the ac to cool down ,but yet its not starting i also tried pressing the home and lock button and the screen still remains to be black , when i plugged it to the charger also the screen was still black and isnt responding to anything.

Do not plug it in, allow it to cool overnight, completely unplugged. Then in the morning, try charging it for a couple of hours using the wall charger not connected to a computer.

After at least two hours, try and power it up and see if things are working again. Thank you for your article on reviving a dead i-pad. I will remember this site and recommend to others. If your screen is totally black, some readers have success by applying a moderate amount of pressure to the back of their iPads.

We think this helps with issues like loose hardware connections, particularly the LCD Display Connector. Look for similar tips on this article. I too have that exact same iPad model. The best thing to do at this point is to connect your iPad to a computer using iTunes. Use the charging cable that came with your iPad. See if iTunes recognizes your iPad and starts charging it.

Or visit an Apple Store and try and charge it there. Here are some a dditional tips on dealing with battery issues on iPads! I plugged it into the charger and the battery was completely discharged. What would cause this? Is my iPad failing? Plug your iPad in using the charger and cable that came with your iPad made by Apple. Plug the charger into a wall outlet, not a power strip or anything else. Then charge your iPad again for at least 8 hours. You charge progress indicator is not displayed when the iPad is turned off.

After that 8 hours, keep the charging cable connected, and press the power button to start up your iPad. When the iPad boots up, reset the iPad again by holding down the power and home buttons until you see the Apple logo. For some additional tips, take a peek at this article. My ipad 2 wont turn on.

If i press the power button the screen goes black then lights up a little then goes black again, what do i do??? It sounds like your iPad 2 needs a full charge. Plug it into the wall using the Apple charger and cable your iPad came packaged with. Let it charge up for a good 8 hours or so. Since Siri is working, try and ask her a couple of things:. If Siri increased screen brightness to the maximum and turned off VoiceOver BUT there was no effect, chances are your LCD connector is disconnected and out of its usual place.

Contact Apple Support for further support. Please ignore my previous comment or better still delete it: All I needed was a 10w charger. Some people may be experiencing the same problem.

It must feel very frustrating to be unable to charge your iPad mini. Since you mention that the cable you are using came with your iPad mini, it should be certified—provided you purchased this new and not pre-owned. So our first thoughts are to see if your iPad mini charges when using another charger. Do you have a friend or relative that has an older iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone so you can check if your device charges?

They also sell adapters from pin to lightning. A lot of products out there also have the older pin connectors, including alarm clocks, car adapters, and other things so ask around—even if folks have newer iDevices, they may have older accessories that use the pin connectors.

Try charging on another charger for at least 30 minutes. Apple Stores will definitely allow and Apple retailers, like Best Buy, often allow you to check and charge. Another thought is to check is the power port is dirty or filled with dust etc. We have a recent article on how to clean lightning ports —the same principals hold true with the older pin connectors.

So give your iPad 2 port a good cleaning—this might just be the issue. Tried doing the 2 button reset but nothing happens. No apple logo, nothing. What do I do now? Ipad is in good shape and i have a good working charger but when i charge it it never shows the apple sign what shall i do. My iPad Air 2 just died. Last night it needed charged. I put it on the charger all night nothing. Changed chargers and plugs all day still nothing. What is the problem?!! Lithium batteries have protection against over-discharging, they do this by breaking the circuit if the voltage drops too low to prevent further drain.

Unfortunately, once this has triggered, you can no longer put charge back into the battery because the battery is disconnected internally, so no matter how long you leave the phone on charge, it remains disconnected and flat. You only need to get the voltage in the battery to raise a percent or two to reconnect the protection circuit so that it will charge again and you can do that by warming up the battery.

Heat it for a good mins so that the hear soaks right through the battery and it feels hot to the touch, this will raise the internal voltage enough to reconnect the protection circuit. Immediately reconnect the battery into the phone and put it on charge. Hope it helps you. This is what I found on the net and it worked for me and several others that posted their results.

Worth a try people. I was so relieved when my iPad came back to life after pressing the On button and Home together! Thanks for your help! I am so sad about it.. I have an ipad mini which sat on the shelf for a while not being used. I plugged it in to charge and noticed it was drawing over 2 Amps in current according to my test equipment. Tried a new battery, the ipad will turn on, but will not charge. Is it possible that the charge circuit has failed due to it drawing to much power to charge a dead battery?

Is this apple trying to make us buy a new one? Any ideas please, it is doing my head in. Thank goodness my iPad works now. Thx 4 any assistance. Argle, nothing is happening. Tried pressing 2 buttons, then 3 buttons…. Have left it charging for 5 hours before doing this. Tried warming it, still nothing. Hmm… could it be the battery inside is dead and needs to be replaced… do Apple batteries get replaced? If anyone knows what to do can you please help me out by telling me I really need this iPad for school.

Thank you so much! I reset it pushing the start-up and the circle button at the same time for 10 seconds and it started up again. Did the power button and home button at same time Apple comes up then home screen comes up then goes black again any ideas? Thank you for information. My I pad is 3 year old but one fine day it got blank when I was working on it. Now based on inputs and experience by various users I tried to restart by Pressing the power and home button for 10 secs and it worked on the black screen.

It got back the apple logo. My first generation ipad just went black. I tried the reboot with home and sleep button.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My ipad wont turn on and wont charge Ive press the home button and the power one for 30 seconds and it still dont start back on i dont know what to do. Like literally one of the first invented. It is an iPad 1 so anyone got any suggestions? Short of buying a new one obviously cause its not in the budget. It would be appreciated thanks. But holding the Power and Home buttons seemed to do the trick.

Thanks so much for the help. Thank you so much, I thought my Ipad lost its life after 2 years of being together through ups and downs. I really got worried, i may sound exagg but this is my valuable possession. Thank you thank you for your generous help. Phew… The final option worked though I held both buttons for about 30 seconds.

My iPad just suddenly shut down after I opened a link. I plugged it in to charge, and nothing came up. I want to do the hard reset, except that my home button does not work. MY IPAD 2 is not working i am getting dead screen but voice controller is working,,,, what should i do,,, can anyone suggest me,,,. Now all I can see if black screen and apple. Even when plugged into mac. I recently went on a trip, and my ipad was working normally before I went through security.

About 15 minutes after going through security I tried to turn my iPad on. It flashed my homescreen for about a second, then flashed an all white screen and shut off. I tried restarting my device, charging it, and I even did a factory reset, and all it will do is flash the homescreen. Any advice on what might be wrong or how to fix it? Can only get black screen showing Apple Logo followed by Itunes logo.

Plugged into Itunes several times and received 3 different codes! It will not restart having followed all of the advices given,but it offers me the chance to reset and lose all of my photos etc. Any advice from anyone? My iPad 1st Generation is not turning on despite me trying all of the advice by everyone. Any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks for the tip….. My i Pad air is automatically shutdowned when it placed sleep or sometime it is on used.

Then it cannot boot after appearance of apple logo. Then I shutdown it and stay for many hours. Next it can boot and run normally. Thank you so much for your advice.

My ipad was giving me a black screen and was unresponsive. I tried holding the home and power buttons and it worked! Itunes does not recognize my iPad. I have tried many times useing the home button and power button at the same time.

Can anyone help me. Help, i have black screen but get chimes when plugged into laptop and charging port? I was replacing my iPad mini screen when doing this the tape that holds the lcd screen in at the bottom striped a part of lcd bare and the lcd accidentally touched the bottom speaker on that bare part of the screen, there was a small bit of smoke that followed.

After putting everything back together with my new screen the iPad would not switch on again but it does chime and itunes also sees the iPad would I just need a new lcd? Any help would be great.. My ipad doesnt turn on. I got it charged yeaterday around 2: Later that night i cant open my ipad. Even though i press the home and switch button it does not open even with laptop and the volume keys..

I wrapped it in a towel and left it on a hot radiator for an hour…then did the 2 button holding thing…and it came back alive…worth a try folks. So I charged it. But this time,it shows nothing. It means not charging.

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