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Justin is patiently waiting for the day that Google replicates the Galaxy Nexus with modern day specifications. Content Guidelines Please focus on community-oriented content, such as news and discussions, instead of individual-oriented content, such as questions and help. Nothing else on this thread worked. Or shift for many. Photos and videos you delete are also removed from: All the above info does is clear them temporary till google and the phone sync.

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How to permanently delete pictures and videos from Google Photos

Always try and follow the reddiquette. Are you a Googler and want verified flair? Fill out this form and then send a modmail note: How do I delete all Google Photos? I uploaded around photos to Google Photos using the web app. However having reviewed the service I'm not comfortable with having all the photos on Google Photos and would like to delete all of them. At the moment I can only select one file at a time. Even if I select the first file and then scroll to the end of the page I can only select at the most 46 pictures at once.

This will take ages to delete that way. Go into Google Drive, go to options and turn on the Google photos folder, go into the Google photos folder and delete everything. It might take a while to work, or they might need clearing from the bin in Google Drive, but it worked for me.

It is where you can currently alter photo dates if they upload incorrectly, or change album covers. Basically all the Edit options we want from Google Photos, but don't currently have. Go to Picasa Web and delete them from there. If you're already logged into your Gmail account on Chrome, Picasa should load up your photos straight up. Locate the ones you want gone and delete. And that should remove them off all google servers and devices. It wasn't the ToS. It was the way Google seem to have made it so difficult to delete the files.

With all other services e. So your reason for wanting to delete them is simply because you don't like how Google makes it hard to delete them? It all in Google Drive. You just need to go to drive.

Basically, it is not a new or separate service. Google Photos Ask on Twitter. Before you delete photos and videos Know where photos do and don't get removed. Photos and videos you delete are also removed from: Learn more about deleted photos in movies. Google Drive, for photos and videos that are synced with Google Drive.

Learn how Google Drive works with Google Photos. Any shared albums you may have added them to. Photos and videos you delete are not automatically removed from: Learn more about backing up your photos and videos.

Give permissions to delete photos from your SD card Step 1: Check if you have Android 5. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app. Sign in to your Google Account.

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If the image you want to remove is covered in our Removal Policies, ask Google to remove the image from Google search results. Learn more about removing "revenge porn" from Google search results. If you believe the image should be removed from Google's search results for legal reasons, visit the legal removals page. To delete permanently from your device, on the photo, tap More Delete from device. If a photo or video you deleted comes back, it might be on a removable memory card. To delete it, use your device’s Gallery app. Why are my Myspace photos and information in Google search? Google will crawl a website to index image and page URL’s updating those results to their search engine. Myspace has a high Google search rank so there’s a possibility that your profile will show up in Google search if it’s public.