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As a aid to sharing, Callnote for Windows includes call details in your recordings like name and other detail for easy filing. I have been very happy with the service provided by Skype until Microsoft took it over and now I am continually channelled to a microsoft account to make changes to my Skype. In a nutshell, the onus falls on the user to understand their needs and weigh the options in making the decision for a paid or free version of Skype recorder for Windows. Just like the pay gap, a company can remedy this by shining a light with HR reports, issuing corrective grants, establishing a better interview and offer process, and making this a topic for periodic review by an audit committee. To be able to call someone on my list who has more than one number involved too many clicks the number does not show when you call.

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Read More , Appear. When a recipient clicks the link, the room will open in their browser this works on mobile, too. You can choose to either have a voice or video call, and you can also share your screen. Like a lovechild between WhatsApp and Skype, ooVoo is a free cross platform Android , iOS , Windows , Web app that allows free calls to other ooVoo users, and paid calls to landlines and mobiles. If you start a Web-Based ooVoo chat, up to 12 people can join for free, without signing up or downloading anything.

All you have to do is send them a unique link. All calls can be recorded, and screens can be shared. Also, includes games, public chats, and calls to mobiles and landlines.

If you make a lot of international calls No Roaming Fees: Read More , Viber is a massively popular ad-free option, available on most platforms including the desktop on Mac and Linux, too. Viber offers free text chat, voice and video calls to anyone else who uses the app which currently has over m users. Each call can hold up to 40 people. As well as voice and video calls, you can also send documents and text, image, and video messages via the app.

All messages are encrypted. To differentiate Viber from other options, it also has a decent selection of games so you can challenge your friends to a duel. There are also a range of public chats you can join to keep in contact with your favorite brands and topics.

In, an extremely easy way to host a group video chat. Once a call is live, you can easily turn your webcam or microphone on and off, and chat via text. Free user-to-user calls, and some of the cheapest international calls on the market. Working through your Wi-Fi or data connection, Voca gives you extremely easy access to very affordable international calls to over countries.

For the security conscious, all calls and messages are encrypted. Free voice or video calls to any other WhatsApp users on mobile. Now that we're over the shock of that news, are you worried about your data privacy? At first, the app was mainly just for messaging your friends.

These calls are made via your data plan, not over your network so you may be charged for using data, but not your included minutes. These range from the super simple, to the feature-rich, with plenty in between. If so, what frustrated you so much about Skype to make you start searching for alternatives? Your email address will not be published. I tried version 8 and hated it immediately.

All of the conveniences of Classic are gone. So I uninstalled and went back to Classic. Skype recently forced all users into getting a microsoft account, which upon creation I immediately got a failed to log in notification. The trouble shooting rigamarole involves resetting the password with an e-mailed or phoned in validation code to reset the password.

When I attempt to log in with the new password, I get the dreded failed to log in notification again. Apparently microsoft just arbitrarily suspended my newly created account.

Sorry to say, I must find some other alternative to skype. Once you link a Skype account to your Microsoft account, you are forever, it seems, stuck with that. I happened to link a backup Skype account and now can no longer get to the one I have been using for years.

Well, since so many of you have already given my reasons MS just ruined SKYPE , that is to say, made it more invasive, less user friendly, more of a memory hog and stripped 90 percent of the useful controls and applications from it, I just don't use SKYPE anymore.

Now, I am just looking for free and stable alternatives. I mourn the loss of OOVOO, but that loss follows the trend of the world losing good things to be replaced by bad things. I've been using skype for about 3 or 4 years to conduct lessons remotely in Australia.

The govt ruined the internet here and the connections aren't great, but skype seems to be particularly bad and often I've had to cancel lessons because it's unworkable. But that's not the reason I am getting rid of it. Recently I accidentally upgraded skype. Boy was that a HUGE mistake!! It wiped out all my contacts, history, and everything I needed to connect with students. If they call me, I can see only my video, and not theirs, and I need to see them!

But the worst thing was the log in. Skype completely stuffed that up. It wouldn't accept my username or my password. I had to change both of them. That meant that not only could I not find my students, they could no longer find me!

Even my boss, at the company I work for, couldn't find me! It was and still is an ongoing disaster. I have tried to contact support but given up. It appears there is no skype support at all. The option to contact them comes up but every time you click it it takes you to "the community" and there is simply no way to speak to anyone that actually knows how to fix this.

After changing my account name and password, no i am getting prompts from microsoft every two hours asking me to change my password again. Oh, and DO NOT get me started on the mess they made of the global upgrade to Win10 that they seem in total deny about.

Bluescreen of death anyone? Yep, like a poster said before - Mircosoft - if it ain't broke, break it!! The new version 8 for desktop is horrible. I am not able to have separate chat windows where I can participate in several chats at once. The custom hotkeys is something I relied upon heavily and that is missing in version 8. There are almost no options to customize the new version to make it work for each individual. I went back to Skype classic after my first phone call in version 8.

While talking to a person I needed to pull up a previous chat from another person and then an active chat with another which I was unable to do because of no sepearate chat but worse was as soon as I got to the window where the chats were my call window was lost and I couldn't hang up the call. I had to ask the client to end the call because I could not figure out how to get the call window back with hang up icon. I used to have a custom hotkey combination for answering and hanging up.

If version 8 is forced on desktop I will have to cancel my subscription. In answer to the question at the end of your article, it was Skype forcing version 8 on everyone.

As of Sept 1, , Microsoft will shut down all previous versions of Skype. The newest version has fewer options than earlier versions, plus, when I did give in and update, my group and my friends disappeared - I am supposing it is because I had to sign in with a microsoft account instead of my Skype account. I am jumping ship and starting a new group and I am looking for alternatives I like.

I'm familiar with Slack, and may go with it, but am looking at other alternatives so I can see what is out there, and what I really want. Microsoft has ruined Skype. The latest version has no chat history function where you can choose not to save chats, or to save them for a limited period, or delete all saved chats. I tried to get an answer on the Skype site.

It seems chats are saved for two years in the cloud horrors! And probably that only deletes them on your device. The whole Skype format has been changed so it's no longer user-friendly. MS plainly doesn't work by the motto 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I uninstalled the upgrade and downloaded the classic version. But it has a warning saying it will be discontinued soon.

If that happens, I will stop using Skype and try Google Hangouts. I have been using Skype for over 12 years as a business tool. I take calls, provide support, transfer files, carry out online training. The new interface is pants. I come into the office each day to find it has closed and prompting for a login username and password.

The notifications are useless. The number of times I have missed calls. And the fact it no longer log incoming landline call numbers is inexcusable. When I did contact MS, they pointed me to the "classic" version.

This looks like a rush to provide a fall back from the unworkable "new" version. Some elements are better - log of incoming calls, but "classic" is still riddled with "issues". Basically, in the past I was so happy to pay for a subscription, on line external number and a couple of other options, but as said previously, MS got hold of a perfectly viable, simple and outstanding software solution and totally trashed it.

Is this their business model? I am here also to look for an alternative. Even to the point I searched out the original developers to see if they were looking to develop "another" Skype from the ground up. Microsoft, Please, Please, Please - take us back to the day before you signed the deal to buy Skype!

I quit using Skype shortly after they were acquired by Microsoft. It worked fine up until then and I used it along with others for small business video conference calls. After the acquisition, it became incredibly fragile. It wouldn't allow continuation of calls if someone else left and tried to come back. For inexplicable reasons it would not allow one or more participants to even login. Incredible waste of time. We simply had to bag it. And, as the article points out, there are many, many other alternatives that work much better.

I just tried to use it again this afternoon to discuss a matter with a client in LA who wanted to use it. Amazing how bad the changes have made Skype. It is, as with all things Microsoft completely counterintuitive and the opposite of user friendly. I'm going to get the client to switch to either WebEx, maybe BlueJeans, or, heaven-forbid, Google hangouts. No matter what I'm done wasting time on Skype.

Big Point of Agreement: Microsoft clearly has zero interest in support. Attempts to find answers to questions result in a do-loop of amazingly worthless and irrelevant comments and half-baked instructions that don't work. Impossible to chat with someone. Impossible to get answers from MSFT. Skype was pretty good before Microsoft took it over. Now they really ruined it.

Can't lock my settings. I've spent way too much time troubleshooting skype and I'm ready to dump it. So is my CEO and everybody else in the company. Since you ask, several factors have caused me to leave Skype. They were not really a problem until I clung on for ten months in hope that issues would be resolved - but the problems are mounting with each update.

Not ONE of then has been resolved. In reverse chronological order, here they are:. This started after the last obligatory Android update. Try as I might, I can find no solution to the problem. Microsoft provides no tech support. They filter me to "community support" where I spend forty minutes reading the unanswered questions of other highly irate now ex-Skype users but won't let me ask a question there - apparently, they require an email address to "log in" I'm already logged in to Skype.

Since mine is already in Microsoft's database, they won't accept it , and suggest I join Outlook to get a new one. Just to get her attention, I wind up calling her mobile number and thrashing through my Skype credit, which defeats the object of us both being on VoIP. Although this might not have been the end of the world for me, it meant that family and friends have stopped using the service on principal - which means I have fewer people to call or message via Skype.

As with the majority of my other Skype contacts, it will be easiest just to slip away and end the pain. Notifications of missed calls is difficult to notice. I missed several messages and calls for this reason. I'm now actively looking for a replacement. Too bad Microsoft bought a flourishing company and trashed their great software. There is NO way to change font size or color, emoticons are much harder to use, etc.

Once again MS 'improves' something to the point you can't use it anymore Skype's user interface seems like something designed by a brand new startup for an alpha release, not a version 8 product from a company like Microsoft. How does a design team working on a phone application not understand how manic folks are about personalizing ringtones? It's not intuitive how to answer a call, or start a call, or switch calls - There's this huge details pane I can't close.

I just want a list of contacts and calls that I can set to stay on top, but that absolutely logical option is nowhere to be found - Good old-fashioned menus with words have been sacrificed for "pretty" mystery meat icons.

There's a bell, and a person in a box, and a phone, and the ellipses icon that the desktop world copied from the phone world without realizing the reason it's used in phone world is that phones don't have mice. No way to show me just voicemails or missed calls. I've been using and writing software for over twenty years. I'm not an idiot. Microsoft used to be a powerhouse of user testing and user interface design. Now it's fallen prey to the "if you don't understand it, the problem is you" school of design.

Thanks for any assistance on escaping this madeningly useless pile of junk that has replaced a once awesome masterpiece of software. On 31 March I tried launching Skype 4. After some searching on the Web, I learned that Microsoft had forced clients earlier than 5. Since I had been using Skype mostly on an Android phone since mid, I hadn't noticed Microsoft's heavy-handed move. Fortunately, I discovered a hack to allow the old Skype 4. While I'd love to move away from Skype, it's the most widely-used VoIP software and I can't force others to do the same.

The solution may be to buy an Android tablet or a dedicated small-form-factor desktop machine that runs Android, specifically to be able to use Skype telephony and video conferencing at home. Microsoft appears to be working hard to alienate its users. Sky cuts out in the middle of the meeting , some people can't even hear the others in the group. Sometimes the sound is like we are talking underwater. We can't just hang up and restart. You cannot see who is calling you before you answer the Skype call.

It seems like the chat is being monitored and then they interfere. When you just talking about history, it is no threat to anybody. Have been a Skype user for more than a decade. Tried to download version 7.

MS has ruined a perfectly good system, for what???? I've been a customer since they started and now I'm leaving! They took the voicemail messages away, no personalized greeting, can't easily connect a new caller, can't easily conference call, constantly the phone doesn't even ring goes directly to voicemail setting is on 30 seconds the whole new design sucks you can't tell a call you made from one you missed all the calls say missed which is just stupid! Voice messages disappear or you can't access messages left at all I despise Skype now and no customer service responds when you ask for help.

I have been a paying customer since and just found about they took away custom voice mail greetings. I am just forced to leave Skype after it was blocked here in the Land of the Red Dragon, so I have to find an equivalent software. Thanks for the info!

I checked and decided to you use appear. Has anyone figured out how to add in landlines and cell phones to an appear. It would be beyond perfection. New Skype for desktop: When my contacts started to migrate--which took a couple of days, incidentally--the first thing at the top of my new contacts list was a collection of "people you may know," which turned out to be the contacts of the people all three of them on my Skype contact list!

Invade your users' privacy much? I had to individually select and block several dozen of my aunts, uncles, cousins, wife's co-workers, and son's gaming buddies.

User controls are sparse and not intuitive. This is not a new deficiency for Skype, but the accumulated technical advice in the Skype Community pages has not caught up with the new version, so any "help" you find is not applicable to what you're looking at on your monitor screen. Deleting or editing a contact is a mystifying, multi-click chore. After a few days of this, I "backwards-updated" to v7 when it appeared as an optional update with Windows Updates, and presto, all was right with the world Thanks a lot for "fixing" something that wasn't broken.

Can anyone suggest a low-cost paid or free VOIP service which will allow me to own a dedicated phone number plus a voice mailbox with personal voice greeting? I am a US citizen but I spend a lot of time overseas for my job, and I want to maintain a US number preferably using my own Oregon area code. The new Skype is less user-friendly than the old Skype, plus we lost our personal greeting in our voice mailbox. Grateful for any recommendations. Since Skype moved to Microsoft they are just trying to found ways how to get more money from the user.

It is about time for changing to other thing. The old Skype was bad, but functional. The new Skype is horrible Conferencing is unpredictable and you usually need to turn cameras off.

I tried to hold a conference call today of course I could not add in a cell phone or landline like I used to be able to. I really LOVE the functionality of appear.

Makes meetings run super smoothly. If only I can figure out how to add in landlines and cell phones to an appear. The band width need is too much and as a result really poor quality connections plus it breaks up like your in a bad reception area. The adverts are just way over the top and all the adverts will be using up huge band width so I really want something that services me and is not a advertising revenue generating platform!!

I have been a fan of Skype since it first came out. Then MS took over and its been downhill ever since. Every upgrade, basically a downgrade, thanks to the genii at MS. They have no idea what they're doing. Too busy trying to figure out how to milk users of money. What frustrated me about Skype is the brand new Microsoft Skype!! The old Skype was superb. The new on is No means of entering new contacts without some extrordinairy procedure. I have had it with Skype. To be able to call someone on my list who has more than one number involved too many clicks the number does not show when you call.

And I could not even edit. I have my passwords written down so I know what they are! Chances are that you will have 'called' your required contact a least a dozen times, no response is it ringing?? Their previous version was user friendly, easy to use. Skype's prior white background and understandable tabs and dropdown menus was replaced with a black background and the need for telepathic abilities beyond a techi's imagination.

They must not be familiar with S. All of a sudden, as a result of the latest change, Skype asked me to verify my age and blocked my account until I provided a credit card for proof. I thought I was being hacked as Skype already had my credit card on file for auto refill. Too much time spent with customer support with no results. I still have to use Skype because they are the only ones that let me purchase a US phone number so people can call me on a land line to a local number but I still get the call by internet to Peru.

Looking for something better because now people calling me are only getting Voice message or being disconnected. The latest update of Skype was the last drop for me. Messed up user status, hidden or outright deleted controls, no possibility to minimize the app window to show only contacts and much more. Similar to recent changes in MS Office, redesign is unnecessary, self-serving, confusing to long-time users, and the technical quality of underlying functionality is not improved.

MS has done their producs in, so I'm done with MS. Since Microsoft go involved, Skype has gone down the pipes. I deleted Skype from all my devices. I like several of the alternative solutions presented in this article. Skype is a thing of the past now for me. Spot on, exactly what I have seen. Skype was originally a superb useful program, and since Microsoft took over they made it more and more useless and buggy for many many reasons.

As others say if it aint broke don't fix it. Well Microsoft ignored that one in delux style. They have ruined pretty much every single feature over time. Myself and friends have used it pretty much everyday for around years and it's gone from weakness to weakness Great comms program , this is pretty fundamental. Even Windows could configure and use the microphone fine. Again finding a mic that the OS uses is pretty fundamental. MY friend has this now he can make one or two calls then Skype says can't find the mic - it takes a reboot to get it back quite annoying if you call more than once or twice a day.

They offer "classic" skype you need to go to the download page and use a different browser then Edge to see the alternatives - there's a few ; to get around this new version that many people strongly dislike. Basically the original skype was honed to a good product, then Microsoft have come along and systematically ruined all the good points. MS seems to have no clue, why try to improve something that was pretty much perfect for the use it was designed for originally.

Same as Windows 10 the Creators update that brought back many old bugs for me and friends. In fact Windows 10 shows you exactly how they think and work these days, all the good useful settings and options are hidden, you get a pretty and useless bland interface until you click on "advanced" or something only then do you get sent to the old Windows settings all hidden underneath.

They can't use the new interface, they have to access the old one. Windows 7 was a great OS, even finally used 3D GPU effects , then with Windows 8 they blew all that away and gave us bland two colour dialogues? Then tried to fix it with Windows 10 which is partly a front end over Windows 7 underlying features and controls. I am sure there are dozens of other new reasons why Skype is now more useless then it ever was, but I have already wasted hours fixing it, trying new versions.

Time for something new. Long time Skype user. But recently on my iPhone there appeared an intrusive and very annoying thing called Cortana. It can't be removed from the Skype app, so I deleted the app from my iPhone. We have used Skype for many years and found it a great service provider for skype to skype users and also to normal land line numbers, sorry to say something has gone wrong and overcompicated what was a very easy system.

I agree totally with Gareth. Skype has been my phone app for many years, but MS has really messed it up. Now it is hardly even usable. And, MS provides NO support, it seems, to try to resolve problems. Microsoft Windows along with Skype are just spyware in my opinion. Got to be better Operating Systems and Skype alternatives out there. When are goverments going to clamp down on these rogue Internet companies who have no respect what-so-ever for user's privacy? No matter what they say, somewhere in the sign up or first sign-in, Skype insists on your mobile number or you can't set up or use your account.

I am in search for another application with the same features than Skype, but one who works. If anyone knows something that works, to video call for free, I use quiet often to talk with my family in Europe Thanks. Until someone comes with idea of not needing additional device to login or sending e-mail with link how do you do this for old person who is not tech savvy to understand what's going on?

All those alternatives approach is modern but limiting access by some people older age group. I understand security two factor, two devices , but that is not solving some other issues and actually it adds at least one more. Do they really expect someone who used traditional phone wuth dial to understand why they need phone to login using computer or communicate via e-mail in order to start chat?

You login and dial in one app - why can't we make it simple again? Well then work harder - not everything is national security. Skype stopped working on my old vista laptop, so, annoyed, I bought another - brand new, top of the range. It doesn't work on that running windows 10 so there is really no hope. In their latest update, skype removed the option to automically answer all calls from contact list only. It's either allow everyone now, or no one. That renders it utterly useless for me. I knew Microsoft would eventually ruin it when they bought it, but it did take longer than I thought.

Nothing but issues when Microsoft took over. Every time i sign in there is an issue with my shitty Microsoft account that i don't want in the first place. I have no problem with Skype. It works well enough, and my granddaughter knows how to work it. I just want to delete an email account on Outlook. Microsoft won't let me do that unless I get rid of Skype, whereupon they will keep my prepayments. The "Talk with an expert" function on their site does not work bad sign , so that is what I am going to have to do.

Used to use all the time Let's face it, Microsoft are self-serving and completely incompetent. We now use alternatives to MS products on principle wherever possible. The latest version of Skype doesn't allow for phone numbers to be added.. I am desperate to find some way of communicating with my family abroad Skype have now made it impossible Yes me too, Skype has be ruined , my Mum is 85 and could us Skype before this awful update, i have no clue how to use it any more so my dear mum who is of miles away is, very confused!

Microsoft you are bastards! I will find alternative or forget abt messaging and stick to the phone Microsoft keeps trying to make me download their products or use their systems. Will not allow me to reset password using my email address. Disgusted, frustrated and unwilling to use a product that tries to force compliance to a specific corporate.

Skype is crap and no quality calls with any VPN. We do not using at all Microsoft as well. Microsoft loves Linux Google it. I have skype credit on my home computer and when I looked on my android tablet it said I had zero. I have emailed skype numerous times and they don't reply so now getting really annoyed.

I think skype is good don't get me wrong but when they don't reply to emails that really annoys me, so now I am looking for something as good as skype. Can anyone make any suggestions. I truly agree since Microsoft have taken over skype they have ruined it. I would like to know how to get back the money I have with them.

I have a paid phone number. Since Skype is owned by MS, you cannot get live customer service, the virtual chat is dismal, there is a loop from the support page and there are millions of blogs on community with limited filter tools. Sorting thru this is a slap in the face. You cannot go back in versions because of the need to access MS servers. Really MS, do we have to? Oh and now you have to pay extra for SMS and other stuff. But since they have the monopoly Watch it; soon, you'll have miscellaneous fees for using it.

I tried Slack and I love it. I will try Viber next to compare. Thanks for your article! Microsoft have destroyed a great app. I can't see how much a call is costing and the hole layout is shocking, I don't know who designed this but they must live in a box far far away from the real world, this is the finish I will be looking for another app.

I have read many of the comments on the new Skype since Microsoft took over and I agree with them all. Microsoft have ruined what was a great app. Skype is dead to me. Used skype happily for years, but once it was under microsoft auspices, problems about. My account got hacked. There is absolutely no way of contacting a human for trouble-shooting. And via the bot-customer service, I got into a kafka-esque circular conversation multiple times, because I was trying to retrieve the account because it had contacts and phone numbers I didn't have anywhere else, AND because I had unused credit on the account.

I was not able to reach a human to find any way to access my old account. All I could do was create a new account. Now I wanted to make a call that had charges, so wanted to pay for credit on paypal. It declined the payment multiple times even though I used paypal for multiple other things today, no problem, funds are there leaving the only option to input info for a new credit card.

But Idon't trust skype at all to give it credit card information. So I'm at a total dead end with skype. Don't see another alternative for being able to actually call another phone number like this group conference call I wanted to be on.

Other platforms are fine for calling other people you know who already are on other platforms, i. I have used Skype from the beginning, but, I can not tolerate it anymore. An almost daily update for Android, with each update becoming more confusing to operate. I guess my coments are NOT politically correct in today's media world!

Ever since MucroSucks bought out Skype, they've managed to screw-up everthing they put their hands on. There is no real aletrnative for Skype unfortunatelly: Google discards the privacy, they watch each keystroke when using they "free" apps Viber: I would be really interested in.

I have to abandon skype because my mother's computer system is no longer supported by skype, they Microsoft abandon old people and leave them isolated and alone, not being able to speak with and see their loved ones. Skype sound quality is so bad that I cannot make a call.

I've done all the suggested tricks and checks - latest versions, old versions, updating audio devices, you name it, all to no avail. Now angry enough to just walk away. Every alternative I've explored makes Skype seem terrible. It's like choosing to use technology.

This used to be the best. I use long video calls with - peripheral functions - for work. I want to try ooVoo Why is Skype still the standard? I'm pushing my clients toward other apps because it's so frustrating to use Skype. I'm always disappointed when a client wants to keep using Skype. I was a happy Skype user from I used Skype A LOT to call regular phone numbers, which made me a paying customer and I was happy to pay for that service.

Recently the Skype quality is clearly less than the FaceTime quality. In addition, Skype has started to force me to upgrade to newer versions. With every new version I have a hard time finding my way around. Even more, I often don't notice it if others are calling me or texting me when using Skype.

So I was already getting more and more frustrated with Skype. Then Skype or Microsoft? They are now demanding! I'm sorry Skype and Microsoft , but my date of birth is one of the security questions with my bank and with the security breaches that we see lately, security breaches that don't seem to stop, that's something you and many other companies are not going to get.

To those who didn't realize this, and if you're just like me uncomfortable with that, give it a thought to change your date of birth on most websites to something close to your real date of birth but nevertheless different.

Anyway, and in short, while having been a paying customer for more than a decade, Skype is essentially pushing me out the door. I keep money Skype credit but didn't use Skype for a while.

I do that a lot--lots of use and then none for a while. Before, I could always just log in to Skype and my credit would be reactivated. There was no timeline. Last time it happened, all my credit was gone.

I guess they just decided they could keep it. Just as bad is that these people don't want to provide any customer service. You can't call or e-mail anyone. You can only go to community questions and try to find an answer. Mostly I found people as fed up as I was. Microsoft has money to fund customer service, but chooses not to do so. Will be getting rid of Skype. It has served us well keeping in touch with family and friends worldwide.

Yep, Microsucks ruined Skype. Tried to add credit several times using my Skype account. Only months later did I find out about that new Skype account and that the rejected attempts were actually accepted when I wasn't looking and put into a Skype account I never knew existed. Too late to get a refund, they say, but I can gift those credits to my real Skype account. Now I can't leave Skype because I had a couple years worth of credits. What an effing racket. Without any particular reason Skype stopped working.

The app claimed it couldn't connect to the Internet. After reinstalling and failing to obtain customer support or any advice about what could be wrong, the only suggestion I didn't try was to unify my Microsoft account with my Skype account. So I did that, and it still didn't work. Further attempts to get any sort of support failed, so I stopped my subscriptions.

No longer custom greetings on Skype tel number for business Microsoft does not recognize my password, just my user name. It makes me create and test a new password every time I sign in to both Skype and X-Box. It is so irritating and time-consuming that I just don't want to use these programs anymore. Can't get text messages from non-Skype users. Bought a Skype phone understanding that other locals can call me for free. That's great but I didn't know I would have to pay to call non Skype mobile and land lines.

So to use my mobile phone with a Skype number I have to 1 buy the Skype number, 2 pay a monthly Skype plan and pay my normal mobile phone bill. Yet no incoming texts!! The only reason I got the Skype number was for travelling abroad. Now non-Skype folks can even message to my Skype number. But none of these listed can take the place of Skype as none offer a personal phone number for people on their cell or landline to call you. Then it became Microsoft, update after update without any improvements and now after the latest and forced on you update because to 'old' version doesn't work anymore, the 'new' and probably more easily tapped version does not work at all or if it finally more or less works, it keeps completely silent on incoming calls.

However it gives a missed call warning. Besides that, it's again impossible to turn off updates. I'm so done with it now that microbsoft is trying to force themselves into my devices by not allowing me what I have been doing on desktop or on my phone for a very long time without installing new plugins to destroy them! Skype used to be fine before Microsoft. Now it's the most aggravating piece of crap.

Worst thing is the Skype engineers probably don't even use it, because if they did -or at least listened to critics- they might do something about it. Do NOT waste your time with this garbage app, on the web, your mobile device, or anywhere!

The new "Discover" feature in the iOS version of Skype was until today just a highly annoying but ignorable piece of UI eyesore opposite of eye candy. I don't know these people it's suggesting and am frustrated I can't remove them or turn it off. However, today they suggested I connect with my very dear, recently deceased wife, and my father who passed away in App designers frequently add "features" like this as a direct attempt to manipulate users into behavior that some evil marketing anaylist has determined will increase revenue.

But even the most egregious of offenders, LinkedIn and Facebook, allow you to veto and banish specific entries. No, if there's going to be a Discover section it needs some configuration so it can be disabled and the ability to permanently remove some people from the suggestions.

The latest iPhone update also broke or deliberately eliminated a lot of contact management functionality but that's for another time. Skype continually crashes, notifications don't pop up, it hides itself and you can't open it unless you restart it or get a msg, console just keeps getting worse.

It's another Microsoft disaster. This is what happens when you outsource your IT to people that don't give a rats about quality. It was wonderful before Microsoft took it over. Now every time I use it - my account gets suspended and the call gets dropped. Skype just stopped working for a month now in ME country. I cannot use it even though I pay for an unlimited world subscription. I don't know why, but Skype has become a pile of garbage. The "updated" interface is a joke, and other alternate programs work fine still.

Forgot password and verification process doesnt function for me Only the standard Skype procedures come up in search results I have credit that i will lose because i cant access my account I'm going to look into this and perhaps write another article on how to resolve these issues, as a lot of people seem to be suffering from the same problems. There must be an alternative way! About to lose credit too. My daughter lives in South-Korea so we talk together at least once a week and always have problems with Skype.

First you have to update and then if you get through the connection is bad and becomes worse and worse depending on how long you talk. The video is always pixelated and the speech broken. In Asia majority of people on the internet use Kakaotalk for communication and it works fine except I can't get the video to work.

So we are looking for alternative to Skype. It would be nice if those who comment tell us if they have tried any other program that is mentioned here and how it is. Now function in standard reliable XP laptop also has stopped working, installation is not successful.

Not any support what so ever - just as we have hade it since 22nd of May I have been a quality professional full time for 28 years, and an Electronics IT Systems Designer before that. Even on MacPro Microsoft has increased the problem frequency on Skype. We need a new international video-voice communicator product to take over the world market.

On Win 7 and Vista laptops Skype barely works still. Its become unusable everywhere. The Windows version is painful to control and get to work consistently with video and audio. Never works the same twice in a row. The Android version is completely unusable and had to delete it.

Skype is getting more and more complicated to use. Yes, I'm abandoning skype. Skype's recent change linking my Skype account with my Outlook account made it so that Skype no longer works with the "freetalk" Skypephone I've been using for years in order to avoid having to use a Skype app on my computer.

With the Skypephone, it was a good alternative to having a landline phone but, since they have discontinues support for that, I really don't have any use for Skype any longer. I had not the opportunity tio use my password for awhile, a computer glitch made it necessary and I had to get another password.

The security protocol asked questions only I could answer, and asked specifically for other users friended on my account. Despite all that--nope would not let me update the password. So what was this really about? My Skype address was enigmaman What they wanted was to have me use my real name, instead of a moniker. Something I guarantee they will regret I don't see this mentioned, but the latest update just took away your ability to have a personal message when it goes to voicemail - I use this for business and that is not acceptable to have their stock message without my name or anything and I would think it might be a no go for others.

In addition it looks like I am unable to do the latest update on my laptop and if I can't, my skype program will be unsupported.. I was a loyal skype user for years but it looks like break up time!!

Link it to the wrong account? Sucks to be you. You have to buy a new one. Need to change number because you changed companies? Sucks to be you again. I went from one area code to another and was stuck with 2 subscriptions because the number was 'rented' from a local company and there was nothing I could do about it.

So now I have 2 skype numbers when I only need one. Sucks to be me I guess. Between you and google, you are driving me nuts! I am in Hong Kong! I go through all of the BS to satisfy you and quickly find I am on the line 30 minutes to an hour with it!

Next day same scenario I don't know how this happens or what the problem is??? Never been a MS lover but the recent "upgrades" to skype for windows 10 has completely turned me off skype. As expected when the monster bought out a semi viable skype, they screwed it up completely.

Now, I can't even add a phone no to my contact list nor edit an existing contact. Some BS about needing to add them as an invitation to the now stupidly useless communication tool. Their help system refers to procedures that are not available on my setup. TOTAL frustration, wasted an hour trying to add a number or edit an existing number. But when in the world will I be skyping with my house painter or with the post office!

And now they've added some stupid Highlights and other crap, but there is no way of accessing old contacts. The sad thing is that I use to talk to my parents and it's not going to be easy to get them to try something new It no longer works on my android do to an update, and I don't feel like I should have to buy a new phone for it to work.

The frustration started with Microsoft buying out Skype and then making us play by their rules, which means you WILL spend more money than you would have when Skype was a standalone company. I read the first 30 comments or so and didn't see any one else mention the problem I consistently have with Skype so maybe it is uncommon but I've been experiencing this for 3 years now.

Skype does not speak to IVR systems well. I live overseas but have to call numbers in the US a lot and so often I have to make a selection from a menu or input a security code or account number and what I type in is not what Skype sends through. For example, if I'm dialing into a conference call and my participant code is I'm told that I entered the wrong code. Many of these systems will read back what they think I entered and say "the code you entered, , is not valid" even though I can see on my screen in the Skype app that I clearly entered If I try enough times it will eventually send the number I typed but there have been many times when I had to call in times to get it to go through.

This makes any call to a bank or government number a nightmare. It has also caused me to constantly be up to 15 minutes late to important conference calls for work. The last company I worked for implemented Skype for business which uses a separate app and it never had this problem so its clearly something they know how to fix if they cared to.

Since the forced update, my Skype credit is ignored by Skype on the iphone, and the app keeps asking me to add Skype credit which I have aplenty. But it works fine on the computer. I used Skype for years. I don't want to anymore. I cannot have good, instant communications with my team when Skype is down which lately has been way too often. Sit Tight for the XR.

Bigger Is Now Definitely Better. Moment anamorphic lens and photo case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Make cool movies with your phones. Apple shares its own iPhone XS review roundup, focusing entirely on the positives.

Going for the gold. Sell Pricier iPhones First. Apple reportedly ramping up iPhone XR orders as it now forecasts higher sales. The reviews are in, and the iPhone Xs Max doesn't seem all that worth it. Apple still has a iPhone naming problem.

The reviews are in. Apple's beautiful big-screen beasts exact a small ransom. World's Fastest Phones Again. What the critics are saying. Here's what real people should be thinking about. A clear step forward. Why these 3 upcoming Android phones could put the iPhone XS to shame. These two photos clearly demonstrate just how much better the year old Pixel 2XL left is than the brand new iPhone XS right. And the Pixel 3 arrives in a couple of weeks https: A12 and S4 devices now: My New iPhone review: This is a good example of Smart HDR on the iPhone XS pulling everything to the same brightness level, reducing contrast and flattening the image.

One thought I cut from the review: What you really want to know from our iPhone XS review: Another Victim of the Magecart Assault Emerges: Newegg in the Crosshairs.

Magecart strikes again, this time at electronics retailer Newegg. Magecart claims another victim in Newegg merchant data theft. Newegg hit by same hacker group that targeted British Airways. Newegg hit by payment detail breach, researchers claim.

Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console. Sega's Mega Drive Mini won't arrive until Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic. PlayStation Classic is Sony's new throwback games console. Sony PlayStation Classic brings 20 retro games on Dec.

Sony launching retro video game console PlayStation Classic in December. Sony announces the PlayStation Classic, its own mini retro console. Sony making mini-console debut with PlayStation Classic. The original PlayStation is coming back in miniature form with 20 classic games pre-loaded. PlayStation Classic Announced and Dated. Sony announces miniature Playstation Classic, with 20 games built-in. Sony announces the PlayStation Classic micro console.

Sony just launched a new console: The old PlayStation Classic. Sony copies Nintendo with PlayStation Classic mini gaming console. Sony reveals Classic PlayStation to tickle nostalgia glands in time for Xmas.

Sony announces PlayStation Classic microconsole. Sony unveils PlayStation Classic with 20 games. Sony is releasing a machine that converts my nostalgia into Sony's cash. Code snippets in iOS Code in iOS Apple basically just admitted new iPad Pro tablets are launching sooner rather than later. Amazon to move past Microsoft for No.

Amazon Is Now the No. Amazon now 3rd-biggest digital ad seller in US. Amazon makes headway in breaking up Facebook and Google's digital ad duopoly. Amazon Forecast to Be No. And the company is looking for many more. It runs ads on Facebook that say, for example: Facebook faces discrimination lawsuits amid reports it allowed Uber to run job ads targeted exclusively at men.

Facebook accused of job ad gender discrimination. Facebook tells advertisers more scrutiny is coming. Looks like advertising jobs on Facebook gets around the pesky old non-discrimination thingy. Facebook and 14 other employers - including uber - are letting job advertisers target only men https: Have to wonder why Uber was specifically targeting male drivers? A review by ProPublica found that 15 employers in the past year, including Uber, have advertised jobs on Facebook exclusively to one sex, with many of the ads playing to stereotypes.

We found job ads from Uber, a sausage factory, and a police department targeted only to men. We found ads for nurses and yoga teachers targeted only to women. Serious, nuanced, loaded legal territory for Facebook: Expand More For Next. Unexpand More For Next. ACLU says Facebook allows employers to post discriminatory ads. Lawsuit says Facebook lets employers exclude women in recruiting campaigns.

Women accuse Facebook of illegally posting job ads that only men can see. Facebook's approach permits it without saying so by allowing buyers to pick audiences. It's just a form of redlining, with algorithms replacing ink. LinkedIn and Google generally allow advertisers to exclude men or women from receiving ads.

LinkedIn said that it would take down job ads that exclude a gender; Google said it would remove ads that discriminated against a protected class. Employers appear to have used Facebook's targeting technology to exclude women from the users who received their advertisements, which highlighted openings for jobs like truck driver and window installer.

Our reporter has more details: A group of job seekers is alleging that Facebook helps employers exclude female candidates from recruiting campaigns http: Fitbit leans hard into healthcare with a new enterprise offering. Fitbit launches Fitbit Care platform for health care plans, expands Humana partnership. And Google has the Google Assistant. It seems like practically every tech giant has its own voice platform …. Freshsales is a faster and easy-to-use CRM that your teams will love?

Einstein Voice gives Salesforce users gift of gab. Salesforce's newest AI product is a voice assistant that's like Amazon's Alexa for the workforce. Salesforce updates Quip, adding a new PowerPoint-like feature called Slides with real-time collaboration, new apps from Dropbox and Box, and Giphy integration.

Salesforce's Quip completes the office productivity trifecta with presentation slides. Introducing Quip Slides, partner apps with Box and Dropbox, and more. Salesforce fills key gap in its Quip productivity platform with Quip Slides. Google provides call centers with more accurate location data. Google's making it easier for to find your location in an emergency.

Google and T-Mobile team up for better caller location data. Analyzing the gender gap in equity. Silicon Valley's Equity Gap: Silicon Valley underpays women in stock options, too, study says. Wage Gap, Meet Equity Gap: The other gender pay gap: Women at startups get far less than male counterparts. Women in Silicon Valley own less than half the startup equity men own, a new study says. Think the pay gap is bad? Women hold only 47 cents of equity for every dollar a man holds.

New BW story by me and the great ellenhuet: The financial resources from successful startup exits fund the next generation of institutions in Silicon Valley. And those startups, VC firms, products, and philanthropies shape the whole world. Just like the pay gap, a company can remedy this by shining a light with HR reports, issuing corrective grants, establishing a better interview and offer process, and making this a topic for periodic review by an audit committee. So arguably, the equity gap has an even bigger impact than the gender pay gap: Men in Silicon Valley have percent more power than the women do.

Let that sink in. Let's break it down: Lawmakers are ready to embrace ethical hackers, even if DHS isn't. Mirai authors avoid the jail by helping US authorities in other investigations. Hackers behind Mirai botnet could be sentenced to working for the FBI. Evernote and the folly of forever apps. Evernote culls 15 percent of its staff in bid for increased efficiency. The Problem with Cloud Services Premium. Productivity app Evernote lays off 15 percent of its workforce.

I need to record audio while taking notes, which Evernote does well and most alternatives don't do at all. Things Evernote has tried in the past year: People just aren't signing up. Evernote just laid off another 15 percent of its workforce http: In a rural Texas county, lidar sensor technology is being tested as a way to spot illegal intruders from Mexico.

That use could divide workers in Silicon Valley. We all thought lidar would be used as the vision system for self-driving cars. But tech often gets applied in unexpected ways — in this case to achieve a virtual border wall, writes CadeMetz. How to practice Fortnite like Ninja. Starting off the day with tears of happiness. Tyler is on the cover …. ESPN article on Ninja: When that happens, he leans over and says, 'Hey, buddy, I'd like to take my picture with you. Everyone should read espn piece on Ninja.

Behind all the fun and fame is a life where stress lives and simple pleasures disappear. There's no perfect person, but I really find it hard to think of someone who'd be better fit to head the gaming community. People can't stop watching Ninja. The Fortnite star opens up about fame and his future. Google's Work Insights helps businesses better understand how they work. Investigation tool in G Suite security center now generally available.

Gain deeper organizational insights and take action with new G Suite features. G Suite admins get new tools to track deployments and boost security. Google gives admins more insight into employees' G Suite use. The eero Plus experience keeps getting better with regular updates. N will set up a dedicated chip subsidiary and aims to launch ….

Come to the conference that's like Disneyland for Java developers? Who needs the US? Alibaba will make its own computer chips.

Alibaba to launch own AI chip to avoid overdependence on US. Alibaba will build its own AI chip to support self-driving cars. Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative Report. Attorney General blasts cryptocurrency exchanges. New York AG report finds cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to manipulation. New York Attorney General: Crypto Exchanges Subject to Market Manipulation. Cryptocurrency exchanges lack security, fairness, and integrity. Cryptocurrency markets are wide open to insider trading, US regulators say.

Crypto exchanges are ripe for manipulation and aren't doing much to stop it, New York AG says. The NY Attorney General's Office found that several crypto exchanges cannot monitor abusive trading activity, and referred 3 for potential legal violations. Bitfinex and Tidex do not, requiring little more than an email address": Sponsor Posts Specops Software:

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