Top 10 Home Security Apps for Android and iOS Devices

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Ten Security Apps to Protect Your iPhone
Use this to be sure your home is safe and secure as well as monitor what your pets are up to, the nanny, when the kids get home, and more. Think of how much information is revealed about us through our smartphone-stored photos and videos. Sounds pretty neat, huh? Just think how versatile smartphones are and how they can make for cool surveillance cameras. Pic Lock 3 Ultimate 6. If you're concerned about family or friends accessing your confidential files, put that sensitive data in McAfee's vault.

iPhone Security Apps

10 Best iPhone Security Apps to Improve iPhone Security

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Jan 29,  · Protect Your iPhone/iPad Now! Use alarm on your iPhone/ipod/ipad when in public or also to catch those sneaky friends and family who try to peek into your iPhone when you're away. What really happens when you're in the shower, sleeping, or just away from your device/5(). iPhone Security Apps Click through for 10 apps that can help add needed security to your iPhone or iOS device, as identified by Jeff Goldman, writing for eSecurity Planet. While Apple hasn’t yet enabled any fully functional antivirus apps for the iPhone, according to Jeff Goldman, writing for eSecurity Planet, there are several essential steps every . Prompt Mini Hidden Camera WiFi Small Portable Spy Camera Wireless Nanny Camera Indoor Video Recorder HD P Home Monitoring Security Cam with Cell Phone iPhone App.