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Will the service be fixed? Am I doing something wrong? Posted by vania November 26, My question is is it possible to add Russian channels to the playlist. Blogsolute December 19, , 6:


How to hide OpenVPN traffic using Obfsproxy on a Windows PC and Linux EC2 server

In addition, according to statements made by YouTube, the blocking of music content in Germany is a relatively automated process. The video portal has no way to check which clips are represented by the GEMA and which are free of any copyright restrictions.

Due to this, a section of the videos are unjustifiably censored, leading to a lot of resentment among German users. As most internet users know, you can be identified by means of an individual IP Internet Protocol address. These IP addresses can be matched to specific country codes. In practice, this means that you can ban IP addresses of specific regions Geo-IP blocking in order to limit or prevent users in that region from accessing content.

YouTube takes advantage of this and automatically detects and distinguishes users based on the location from which they try to access a video. For instance, YouTube blocks many videos for users in Germany with the help of technical filters. In other countries, like the U. Thus, we want to circumvent immoderate censoring.

This is made possible with the help of foreign proxy servers that are placed in various countries. Actually, this would not be in the interests of YouTube users anyway, who only want to watch YouTube videos that are blocked because of unnecessary censorships. They only want to watch the latest videos of their favorite artists. Luckily, there is quite a simple solution for all YouTube users: It is an add-on for the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

It is completely free of charge. The browser add-on unblocks YouTube and lets YouTube users enjoy nearly any video clip. All this, without paying anything and without doing anything apart from installing the add-on, of course. YouTube Unblocker redirects web traffic via foreign proxy servers e. If it is an IP address from a certain country that is subject to restrictions, there may be a precautionary censorship and the video will be blocked. Yet, IP addresses from many other countries can watch the video trouble-free.

With the help of this technical loophole, the video is thus not really unblocked. Simply download the browser add-on here on Unblocker. Neither the development nor the programming of the YouTube Unblocker was free. Sadly, it takes a lot of time, effort and money to operate this add-on: Updates, features and a webserver to host the website don't come free. However, we do hope that our project will pay its running costs as soon as possible. Every user can actually be part of this process by downloading the add-on.

Yes, we could integrate disruptive banners and ads in the YouTube Unblocker. Sure, we could also launch an appeal hoping for users to donate some 50 cents. But this is not the way we want to fund our project.

We neither want to foray our users nor beg for money. Rod on November 21, at Hasert on October 18, at Blonde Tech Nerd on October 18, at Ronie Wike on October 16, at 1: NFL Stream live on Reddit https: US on September 8, at 9: Com on September 8, at 9: Todd Bowman on June 22, at Paul on June 18, at 2: Anonymous on May 21, at 1: Anonymous on May 13, at 4: LOL bunch of fucking losers. Anonymous on May 6, at 8: Yeah live tv on Kodi is not good.

All ppv feeds fucking suck unwatchable fuck u kodi. John Huffer on April 30, at How is anyone watching MLB through Kodi on their firestick? This is just maddening! KoreyMo on April 25, at 8: Baldwyn on April 23, at 8: Sportsdevil slightly works, at times. Kim on April 21, at 6: Andrew on April 18, at 6: Tim on April 18, at 6: Anonymous on April 15, at Anonymous on April 11, at 6: Tony on April 9, at 4: Update the download directions for the new Kodi. Anonymous on April 7, at 7: Jared Walsh on April 6, at Jane Doe on April 6, at CK on April 6, at 1: Brent Watkins on February 22, at 1: Brent Watkins on February 21, at 5: Anonymous on February 13, at 9: Ason on February 13, at 9: Jason on January 22, at 8: MoVid on January 10, at 7: How to install pro sport 0.

Rogue on January 2, at 2: Jarvis on December 13, at You can see HD Sports Channel. Tia Umbagai on December 8, at 9: Need to find the sports addon in the market.

Anonymous on December 6, at 1: Anonymous, it always said, cant find stream… dunno how its working 4u…. Eric on December 4, at Anonymous on December 1, at 9: Anonymous on December 1, at 8: Bobby on December 1, at 7: Pro sports does not show up in podgod. We need updated information on how to get it please. Anonymous on November 30, at Download from icannuck zip not podgod. Jou Moer on November 25, at 2: Berny21 on November 22, at 1: How to play soccer streams? Derek on November 9, at 9: What app is best for watching English Premier League soccer?

Devid Smith on November 8, at 4: Anonymous on November 5, at 4: None of the links seem to do anything. Anonymous on November 1, at 3: Anonymous on October 30, at 4: Hugh on October 30, at VideoMaker on October 20, at 6: Devid Smith on October 19, at 3: The best addon to watch NHL: Mike on October 12, at 6: Cant get any NHL games to work yet..

Matt on October 5, at 9: Anonymous on September 28, at 1: It says stream not found. Do I need my vpn on to work? BewareOfTheMadness on September 25, at 6: Jodaddy on September 15, at 4: Raul on September 15, at 8: Anonymous on September 14, at Updated version is 0. Paintballer on September 14, at Anonymous on September 12, at 7: Alexis on September 12, at 7: Anonymous on September 12, at Yeah a lot of links not working on Castaway for MLB..

Was very reliable before. Michael on September 12, at J c on September 12, at 9: Good Luck with those two also, barely anything works on them. Anonymous on September 12, at 8: J c on September 12, at 5: Bill Rugg on September 11, at 8: Anonymous on September 10, at Anonymous on September 1, at 8: Jewel on August 30, at Watch live sports stream free full: Jared on August 17, at Dave on August 17, at 5: Mike on July 27, at 5: Thay site I believe is down now for the past 4 months,no more HD games have to use other sites.

Jason Burton on July 27, at 3: Michael on June 26, at 6: Anthony Marco on June 19, at 5: Anonymous on June 11, at Anonymous on June 4, at 3: Does sopcast have an add-on?

Anonymous on June 4, at 1: John V Taylor on June 2, at 9: Robert Miller on May 30, at 9: Robert on May 30, at 9: Tod Bovingdon on May 26, at 7: Jerry on May 25, at 1: Anonymous on May 18, at 7: John Hodgkin on May 18, at 6: John crane on May 17, at 1: Presume you did a great deal of your very ownyour very own coding. Anonymous on May 11, at 6: All the NBA streams works for me but buffer like hell. I tried on my fire tv and shield tv: Anonymous on May 11, at 5: Whats up with the MLB links?

None of them seem to work, can you please fix this. Anonymous on May 7, at Anonymous on May 5, at 7: Lynnifer on May 5, at 7: Gave up and bought MLB. Anonymous on May 3, at 7: Yes getting most or all streams not working again.

Cast Away has been more reliable. Steve on May 1, at 1: VidTime is great for baseball also. Very disappointed Pro Sport is not working. Deval Patel on April 26, at 9: John on April 26, at 6: Anonymous on April 25, at Cast Away is working for MLB for me too. Anonymous on April 25, at 7: DB on April 25, at 6: Anonymous on April 25, at 5: Jake on April 25, at 5: Tom on April 25, at Hen on April 24, at 6: Sam on April 24, at 4: Anonymous on April 24, at 4: I also did the 0.

Crystal on April 24, at 3: Anonymous on April 24, at Eduardo on April 24, at 5: Sam on April 24, at 2: Jake on April 23, at 5: Why are there streams on the reddit page for games that dont show up in the pro sport app? Eduardo on April 23, at 5: Is anybody knows something else? Anonymous on April 23, at Archive nba is dead No playoff No party No pro sport. Adams Toomer on April 22, at 2: Always load, but not seen.

Windows 7 with kodi isengard. Posted by Admin April 13, Provider set to geo blocking. Accessible only with swiss ip. We already announced to necessary explanation. Most countries blocked by stream provider, you can get access via VPN with swiss locations.

I install oneclickvpn on Fire TV and it works but laggi. And the vpn is gratis. Have someone a bezter vpn for free with Swiss IP support. First of all, thank you for all your work to date, and putting up with a lot of nonsense. I have enjoyed using all the French, Italian and English channels. We have had some interruptions, from which there was recovery. With regards to channels in the languages I mentioned, this latest incident is NOT due to geo blocking, or at least to the type of geo-blocking which can be resolved with a normal VPN.

This add-on continues to work flawlessly, but all the French channels provided through your setup are not working. The Italian channels are the same. So I surmise that the links provided are no longer good, or more likely there is another issue, as it is very difficult that suddenly ALL links are dead. They have not been working for a week.

Ich habe vyprvpn auf dem Fire TV installiert. Funktioniert gut mit der standart Fernbedienung. Es ist gratis und es lagt nicht. Hatte es 5 mal probiert und nichts, angezeigte geschwindigkeit was 28bps was laecherlich ist. Denke mal alle kostenlose zum ausprobieren haben das gleiche problem. Un dieses so called geo blocking passiert si alle paar monate.

Doch ein wenig bedenklich. I installed Zenmate but my trial runs out in a months time… what do I do then? All german channels working super on Raspberry Pi with Openelec. I use private internet access with swiss ip. There is no buffering. Endlich funktioniert es perfekt! Ich musste nur die advancedsettings.

Nun laufen seit gestern Abend alle Sender ohne ruckeln usw.. Is the server or automated system down? I even plugged in a formatted usb drive and still no manual download so the problem is not on my end. Gibt es jetzt einen freien Proxy mit dem das deutsche Angebot wieder funktioniert?

Irgendwie funktionieren keine einzigen Sender mehr. Hi Admin, although I am running Zenmate premium addition country set to Switzerland I am still unable to connect to any of the sites. What am I doing wrong? Hi admin, i downloaded VPN for openelec running kodi on raspberry pi 3 and configured the vpn to connect to a swiss ip.

Theres just a loading screen going on for a minute and then it throws me back to the channel list. Any idea how i can fix this? Is there any reason why they appeared only for a couple of hours in the playlist. Might be you can put them back on I appreciate all your effort.

I am from Austria. April all German Chanel does not working. And the Chanels form another Coutrys, is the same problem not working. I am only interested in Austria and Swiss Channels: It would be perfect to add here also the Swiss Channels.

This would be excellent! Before I pay for VPN to see e. Any stream that is HD is constantly buffering. SD streams still work well. Yet, all HD streams are consistently buffering. I have also tried two different VPN providers to no avail.

I wish we could get some relief. For some time you have provided the BEST iptv experience for expats wishing to receive european channels. I do not know where the network problem lies and I hope you can find a fix for us. I understand all the efforts you must put in to this project and I wish you success.

Hi, Sorry to say the problems persist. The situation has become better, but it is still bad enough that most channels are unwatchable. Any further effort to improve the situation would be welcome. Hello… all Logo resources from tvip. It is better to read previously. Everything is going very well! You only need a swiss vpn server! Admin Thank you for your work and maintenance.

In my case everything works without any trouble till months! Wow thank you, that was realy fast. Zenmate 3 month for free …. Hi Admin First I want to thank x for the great service and the great work.

That would be really nice. Posted by Francisco June 3, Posted by admin June 3, Post updated, no need install the addon. Posted by Pat June 4, Posted by Greg July 5, Posted by admin July 5, Posted by admin July 7, Posted by Frozen November 26, Sorry, my english is not good.

Best regards from portugal Congrats for the project. Posted by Dig July 6, Posted by admin July 6, Posted by Dig July 14, Posted by Rick July 7, Posted by Tommy July 8, Posted by admin July 8, Hi, it already includes english channels but seems like a problem.

Posted by admin July 13, Posted by Steff July 8, Hey, thanks a lot for the links. Klappt bei dir der EPG? Posted by Rick July 8, Posted by Rick July 9, Posted by admin July 9, Posted by Greg July 27, Posted by admin July 27, Posted by Frenchy July 30, Epic, works well, would be good if you good add your Favs. Posted by Boco August 2, Posted by admin August 2, Posted by Dig August 10, Thanks a lot… I wonder if you may be able to add some more Italian channels that may be quite interesting: Ah yes, I almost forgot: Posted by admin August 14, Posted by Rick August 14, Posted by Rick August 15, Posted by jimmy August 15, Posted by admin August 15, Posted by Claude August 15, Posted by Zazou August 15, Hi, yes there is a problem just show a few channels i hope will fix soon.

Posted by Frenchy August 16, Posted by admin August 16, Posted by jimmy August 16, Posted by franco August 16, We do not prepare this list, you have to request on http: Posted by Claude August 17, Posted by reda August 22, Posted by admin August 22, Hi, just for now http: Posted by MMeirolas August 24, Posted by Frenchy August 28, What steps can we take to fix the EPG issue.

Posted by jimmy September 17, Posted by kmi September 17, Posted by Marcello September 17, Posted by SmBD September 17, Posted by admin September 17, Thank you for this quick update but not working for me: Posted by kmi September 18, FR Channels Feedback after update 09 17 Posted by thesraid September 18, Posted by jimmy September 20, Posted by g September 24, Posted by orione September 24, Italian Channel is down.

Hope you fix them. Posted by kmi September 25, Posted by Claude September 28, Posted by Claude September 27, Please fix this ASAP!!!!!

Posted by Marcello September 29, Posted by marin October 2, Posted by Richiefin October 6, Posted by admin October 6, Posted by Rocket October 6, Posted by Pablo October 8, Posted by Destiny October 11, Posted by Rocket October 11, Posted by Pablo October 13, Posted by Rocket October 16, Posted by silviu October 18, Posted by silviu October 19, Posted by janek October 22, Posted by jelle October 26, Posted by loutriju October 27, Posted by Marcello October 28, The problem was reported.

I hope that the time will soon be resolved. Posted by kmi October 28, Posted by admin October 29, Posted by Nino February 11, I just wonder way no Swedish channels came up after coses that? Posted by Superg October 31, Could you check it? Posted by admin November 1, Posted by Tadys November 1, Posted by G November 2, Posted by kmi November 2, Posted by F November 3, Posted by benjalin November 4, Posted by G November 5, I wonder when they can be brought back.

Posted by Max November 10, Could you repair it, please? Posted by admin November 10, Posted by c3po November 10, Hi, yes it was fixed the last days, but now it is offline indeed: Posted by smile November 10, Posted by Chapu November 10, Hi there, It has been working fine all day, but stopped allmost all channels this evening. Posted by Testbar November 10, Posted by nokia35 November 10, Posted by Palatkik November 11, Can we have the UK channels up and working again please?

Down since end of yesterday. Posted by Bangs November 11, Posted by Yohann November 11, Posted by Mintyfrenchy November 11, I can see this never coming back sadly!

If the project has been dropped!? Posted by Marcello November 11, Posted by c3po November 11, Posted by admin November 12, Posted by G November 12, Posted by kmi November 12, Problem is seems like about your internet speed all working without freezing.

Posted by Nik November 12, Posted by Dubi November 12, Posted by joe November 12, Still not working in Kodi with high speed internet Thanks for all your work.

Posted by Che November 12, Hey, This links doesnt work with my raspberry pi?! Posted by Frank November 12, Posted by Abba November 13, Posted by admin November 13, Posted by Lurker November 13, Posted by nokia35 November 13, Posted by doll November 13, Posted by Yohann November 13, Posted by Lausbua November 13, Posted by Artur November 14, Posted by kmi November 14, Posted by Jackie Chan November 14, Anyway big thanks and keep doing the good work.

Just for your information, I live in Thailand. Posted by Marcello November 14, Thank you very much and best regards. Posted by kmi November 15, Posted by abbaly November 26, Posted by Stefan November 15, Is there a way to download the playlist manually?

Posted by admin November 15, It is not extension, seems like specific problems to openelec and raspberry. Posted by Zak Raspi November 15, Posted by Zak Raspi November 16, Posted by Clever Penguin November 16, Posted by Stefan November 16, Posted by Yohann November 17, Posted by Artur November 17, Posted by Phantomias November 18, Hi, first of all, great thanks for this perfect job!

If you try to play it, you see a shopping TV channel. Can you please check it? Or is the problem on my side? Thanks a lot for help! Posted by admin November 18, Posted by gervis November 18, Posted by doll November 19, Posted by Palatkik November 19, Posted by Nik November 19, Posted by bernd November 19, Posted by Marcello November 19, Posted by francesco November 19, Posted by admin November 20, Posted by francesco November 20, Posted by Yohann November 20, Please would it be possible you to add channels Swiss Wilmaa thank you.

Posted by bernd November 20, Posted by Antonio November 20, Posted by Bish November 20, Posted by Bish November 21, Posted by Artur November 21, Posted by Marcello November 21, Posted by Alexa November 21, My bandwidth is too low for that.

Posted by Hans November 22, Posted by maybach November 22, Hi Marcello, your playlist is not working. Posted by admin November 22, Posted by Palatkik November 23, Working great again since latest channel update on Kodi thanks. Posted by Rico December 22, Have you got any update regarding this matter?

Posted by Tuggs November 23, Posted by rudi November 23, Posted by admin November 23, Posted by Artur November 23, Posted by Marcello November 23, Hi For me the same did not work! Pops up shortly but nothing is loaded MFG. Posted by Mathias November 23, Posted by Kermit November 23, Posted by Rolf November 23, Posted by maybach November 23, Posted by Ben November 23, Posted by admin November 24, Posted by Artur November 24, Posted by Ben November 24, Posted by Kante November 24, Posted by smellycat November 24, Posted by prallo November 25, Channels are working Bad: Every channel buffers very very often, unwatchable!

I have 50 Mb connection. Posted by Ollik12 November 25, Posted by Ben November 25, Posted by admin November 25, Posted by smellycat November 25, Posted by Salieri November 25, Posted by Doglover November 26, Posted by Marcello November 26, Posted by heidi November 26, Posted by ilyas November 26, Posted by Kante November 26, Posted by Maxi November 26, Posted by kon November 26, Posted by Viri November 26, Posted by Ollik12 November 26, Hi, No stream — teleboy changed auth key?????????

Posted by vania November 26, Posted by hansfranz November 26, Posted by Martin30 November 26, Posted by nedim November 26, Posted by john November 26, Posted by nodoie November 26, Posted by burn November 26, Posted by mark November 26, Posted by Tom November 26, Posted by egeli November 26, Posted by admin November 26, Mark, please accept our apologies.

We were wrong because of the complex security access. Posted by Olaf November 26, Ab wann kann man damit rechnen dass die deutschen Sender wieder zu erreihen sind. Posted by Olaf November 27, Posted by Denis November 26, Posted by Ahmer Naeem November 26, Posted by chaos November 26, Posted by vania November 27, Posted by Denis November 27, Posted by david November 27, I also would like to have a view on the script if possible.

Posted by cobra November 26, Posted by Mirac November 26, Posted by Huyen November 26, Posted by Nachteule November 26, Posted by Draknos November 26, Posted by C4dev November 27, The channellist is ok. But the epg data for most of the channels from auto epg are false. All in all very good work! Posted by Doglover November 27,

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