Do I have Google Chrome browser on my computer

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If you have a removable battery pull this and give it as much time as you can spare before putting it back in and allowing the reboot. Same here can someone help me. What s two step authentication…? Then i use the clear cache and clear data still nothing happen. I changed my Gmail password on my PC and when trying to retrieve email on my HTC One would repeatedly get error messages, login fails, etc. Rogue security software is a FraudTool a form of Internet fraud using computer malware that deceives or misleads users into paying money for fake or simulated removal of malware so is a form of ransomware —or it claims to get rid of malware, but instead introduces malware to the computer.

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Google search engine page comes up, but won't search.

This behavior is unrelated to the question though. How Chrome having a 64bit version or not is a relevant question in this context is unclear to me as well. Because Synetech implied Chrome spawning a child process was an uncommon occurrence, and you indicated that 64 bit versions of programs can often cause this which can't be the case if we're talking about Chrome on Windows as there is no 64 bit version.

To solve this issue do the following: Start Google Chrome this creates a new taskbar icon ; Right click on the new icon and select "Pin this program to taskbar"; Go to: Delete the Google Chrome.

Valentino 1 2. Solved the issue for me. A fifth step for me was to un-pin the old icon assuming you spawned the new icon from an already-pinned one. But it's still feels like bouncing between 2 unrelated instances of Chrome. I close Chrome with some tabs open. Some other application tries to open Chrome, it opens the homepage. I close the window and open Chrome using the pinned icon. I get the tabs back. In effect, 2 installations of Chrome. Also, when I search for Chrome, there are 2 entries: Google Chrome 1 and chrome: Michael Andrew Baldelli 61 1 1.

So the solution is deleting your user data? This should be the correct answer. I'm leaving the question open just in case someone has a better solution. This is the Device Protection Lock. It started from devices that was pre-installed Shipped with Android 5. To verify if your account is synced to your device, please go to Google Dashboard google. Go to Android, then compare if one of the devices listed is the device that is currently locked out.

If it is, then you can unlock the device with your Google account. If not, then you need to use another Google account that may be synced to your device. If you can't remember your credentials, you can reset your password by going to Google. I strongly believe that Factory reset protection FRP won't stop after 72 hours. Refer the following link and i think that will help you solve your problem.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Google Chrome also provides actions you can take to fix the problem. Also, if you have Internet Download Manager installed - a third-party add-on - Google Chrome recommends updating to the latest version or disabling its "Advanced browser integration. Google reports that if Google Chrome does not open or stay open, and no error message appears, that you may have a broken browser user profile.

You must create a new one in order for Google Chrome to work properly. Exit Google Chrome and open a new Windows Explorer window. Browse the open directory window for a folder called "Default. Google recommends checking for problems with protected system files on your computer. Protected system files are critical files used by your computer's maintenance system and operating system. They are protected by Windows to avoid renaming or replacing them and damaging your system. Check for issues with your protected system files by swiping in from the right side of your main computer screen and clicking "Search.

Your computer's operating system uses its memory to run programs. If you have several programs or processes running at once when launching Google Chrome, your computer may become overloaded and shut down.

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