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Go through the post to know about it. September 12, at 5: May 11, at 1: JW [ Reply ]. The questions about Kodi being illegal rise when you use third-party add-ons; due to the nature of streams that it provides. Streaming Kodi can sometimes be dangerous.

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Share this on Facebook. Included in the package. Existing Internet Cafe owner? Be inspired like us! However, you can use some apps to free up your reserved bandwidth from your iOS. Go through the post to know about it. As Internet users are growing day by day, Internet bandwidths get divided and result in slow down of internet speed.

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It would technically work, but it is not at all well suited for mobile usage and you would almost certainly be better off with a hotspot. A few of the issues: It is possible to have a secure connection in any of the options mentioned? The work I do can be completed anywhere but my company requires https — s meaning secure access when working on line. Any connection method can access a https site. Would like to get RV park wifi into our shielded metal tube.

You have best site for information. So much so, hard for even someone like me to make confident purchase decision. Instead, there are just too many variables — styles of travel, connectivity needs, types of RVs, starting places and technical levels.

Which is why we wrote a book — The Mobile Internet Handbook — that breaks it down and does include some sample systems to start from , developed RVMobileInternet. And for those that would like us to evaluate their situation and come up with a game plan, we do offer personal mobile internet advising. Each one has turned out completely unique. I believe you are living life wonderfully.

You live the way others wish they could or could have. I will routinely read your articles, and like many enjoy your travels. We have just started with the full time RV life and I have 2 children on home-schooling which requires decent connectivity.

The Go2 does have a WiFi antenna in it and can be a stand alone solution. We signed up for, and were told we were about to get the OmniLynx offer. About a week later, we were told that it was no longer offered. The email, dated Sept 24, , said in part: As a result ,and regrettably, we will be unable to accommodate your recent order.

Read your info on the OmniLynx and ordered the jet pack with unlimited data. Have you tried yours and when connected and working then you may stop for a while, maybe 30 minutes, does your disconnect? I have had others mostly the USB ones from Verizon but they never disconnected me. Annoying when you have a wireless printer set up and you have to re-establish connection. I have been following your youtube channel for a while.

Sorry for the bum-filled RV renovation experience. I noticed that the 4G-X only has 50db of gain while the latter has 55db of gain. We just got our 4G-X and started doing some testing with it yesterday. We also keep a comparative guide to all of the current boosters on the market here: We love our AppleTV.

Great for displaying slideshows of our pictures, too, again from any device. We have one onboard, but honestly hardly ever use it.

We both have Galaxy S4 phones through Verizon. We also have a Verizon hotspot. If it is, which one. If not, what would we actually need to give us a little more boost to stay connected and not have to spend thousands of dollars.

Seems impractical, there are other wifi signals all over the place. We prefer to use our own mifi even in parks with wifi because we seem to get a better connection. Are we doing the right thing? Thanks in advance for your response. A booster can indeed help a bunch in improving your signal.

No problem using a MiFi in a park. A lot of this is covered in our book — The Mobile Internet Handbook. It will begin shipping next week, probably. Thanks for all the great info. It really helps a lot. The Drive 4G-X looks like a very promising booster, and we are eagerly awaiting our review unit to test it out. But beware pairing it with the trucker antenna. I was so glad to find your website! I do a lot of online gaming as cheap entertainment, because my husband is a truck driver and is gone during the week.

Am I going to have to give up gaming?? Hi Claire… some gaming is quite accessible on the road. And, the book is on sale this week to celebrate our 1-year birthday of the massive expanded version. The book also goes over lots of considerations for your best options — or you can start with our general overview of the options at http: We have two Verizon smartphones, both with hotspot enabled. If maximum data connectivity were my goal and running two smartphones with hotspots would the Mobile4G be the correct choice?

We are new full-timers and just down the road from our old house while we get organized and get used to working together in less than square feet. We MUST stay connected for work. So my questions are: Honestly, we hardly ever stay anywhere with WiFi, we much prefer public parks and boondocking.

But, we hear lots of positive stuff from folks who do use it for that purpose. As far as what to ask a park… we honestly are more apt to read reviews from others to get a feel for what is available. For our work setup.. Was the latter just not available at the time or is it an inferior product?

Thanks for any insight! MobileTi is omni directional, and the Nanostation is directional. Thank you for sharing such valuable information! We bought your book last year when the second edition came out, but ended up not setting up anything because we wintered over at a campground with fair wi-fi access.

I dusted off my kindle and started rereading your book for answers. Thanks for all your effort! In your arsenal, I see you use a hotspot. How do you get that signal to your bus network? Because of our homeschooling needs, we often have to be able to keep multiple devices on line through a cellular network Wifi often being too slow at campgrounds. We currently use a peplink balance 30 router with a usb cellular modem and external antenna, but I know that those modems are becoming dinosaurs, but for us it was and is a great way to share a cellular signal for our network.

But they can also support multiple devices at once without a router over WiFi. I have been reading about Maxxfi http: I do appointments by Skype phone, video, and chat on a regular basis I am an online counselor and plan on retiring to an RV for the next few years, so I need absolutely reliable internet that can at least provide Skype video. What does anyone you know about Maxxfi? Thank you very much for your help.

We actually just got a MaxxFi in for testing and will have a review out at http: FYI — our first thoughts on MaxxFi are now live here: We have watched many videos by Technomadia and Gone With The Wynns and read their blog posts about going wireless; how hard could it be?

I love your website. Can you tell me about the map on your homepage, more specifically…how to get it? Only need both for nonbusiness. I think GB would be enough. Might want to do Netflix. We plan to boondock in the boonies!

Start with the Overview at http: My husband is retiring next summer and we plan to travel for extended periods of time in our RV. I am an online grad student and teach online. We also stream short YouTube videos and occasionally Netflix. Our concern is having enough data available when we are in more isolated areas.

Our current provider said they could not give us a usage average because we recently changed equipment. Is there a good way to estimate the amount of data that we will need for our average use? Thanks so much for your site. We met you a few years ago at a bus get-together and have followed you ever sense. Hope you have a great Fall and safe travels. Thanks for the info. I will check back often for further ideas.

I found your site a few days ago. I have really enjoyed it. Anyway, I just bought your internet guide and read through it.

I also wanted to thank you. I saw your mention of Doxie scanners in your list of RV gear and just now looked them up. They look pretty cool. Hope all is going well with your travels. Want to say the MIA service is well worth it for anyone wondering. Pulling wire is not one of my favorite occupations. No particular reason for conduit over something else..

I live your information!! I have a millenicom for the 20 Fb and a 15 Fb on my iPhone for my work as a full timer. While I wait for the new edition of The Book I have a question.

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