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The 50 Best Movies on HBO Go and HBO Now (September 2018)
Jay Roach I have a theory about Mike Myers: Bryan Singer From its incomparably stunning opening sequence , demonstrating the full power of the best reasons for humans to fear mutants, to its ending grace note of bittersweet victory, X2 represented a full step forward in legitimizing comic books as a valid source of drama and excitement on the silver screen. Broughton has no superpowers, which makes her victories and persistence all the more impressive. This particular documentary does a good job of reinforcing one of those through lines: Being John Malkovich is a high-wire act that is hilarious and insightful in equal measure. Harrigan, street warrior and bard of his troubled times, never far from a terrifying rage or violent expletive, totally willing to fulfill personal vendettas even if it means putting the whole city of Los Angeles in danger.

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In fact, it was jaw-droppingly hostile. So begins the fascinating documentary Tickled , directed by Farrier and Dylan Reeve, the latter largely remaining off-camera. The Last Boy Scout Year: Hallenbeck a former Secret Service agent who is now barely scraping by as a detective after he was fired from his service detail protecting Sen.

Calvin Baynard Chelcie Ross ; Dix a former football quarterback currently banned from the sport on gambling and drug-abuse charges. Naturally, a whole lot of buddy-cop-style locker-room banter ensues as they begrudgingly ally against dastardly forces.

For all its high-octane gunplay and fight scenes, The Last Boy Scout is an essentially classic example of film noir: Lone-wolf detectives like Sam Spade and Mike Hammer may have cracked wise as a general rule, but there was always a sense that their cold jokes were merely defense mechanisms, a shield of weariness set up against the dark side of human nature.

One could read a similar cynicism in the even nastier quips Hallenbeck and Dix frequently utter throughout the film. As always with Black, we laugh in order to not cry—but watching The Last Boy Scout today, it seems as if Black, once angry about the corruption in the world, is now more willing than ever to laugh heartily at it. But Predator 2 is also a high-concept mess inviting compulsive re-viewings, and not because of anything having to do with the alien or expansion of the series mythos.

No, all praise and fixation goes to Lt. Harrigan, street warrior and bard of his troubled times, never far from a terrifying rage or violent expletive, totally willing to fulfill personal vendettas even if it means putting the whole city of Los Angeles in danger.

Take this complaint to a superior: That he feels emasculated? But why is the implement which he normally uses to fuck now fucking him? But the most Harrigan offers as a solution is to remind everyone that a war is going on and remind them loudly, reminders interspersed by shooting socio-economically troubled youth. Then Harrigan discovers the existence of an alien menace, and so, with his most probably illegal firearm, he sets out lone wolf style to hunt down the Predator, even if that means risking the lives of more citizens as he pushes the feds out of the way to get first shot, screaming incoherently, defining a whole era of action anti-heroes in the process.

A Perfect World Year: Costner was at the height of his stardom at the time, known for playing morally airtight do-gooders, so this antihero was a risky move on his part, playing a dark, violent character who can become an imperfect but necessary father figure.

Written by the late Harold Raimis, Animal House captures all of the excessive, mindless fun of college in a memento that never becomes any less funny or nostalgic, no matter how many times you rewatch it. David Leitch The background of the fight scene that makes Atomic Blonde worthy of seeing regardless of everything that comes before and after it is not particularly relevant.

All that matters is that it happens. There are four men, with guns, at the top of the stairwell that she must vanquish before they get to the bottom. Think the corridor fight from Oldboy , only three times as long, and in knee-high boots, and ending with a car chase.

Broughton has no superpowers, which makes her victories and persistence all the more impressive. The Newton Boys Year: The sibling quartet—Willis, Wylie, Jess and Joe—cut their legend from the same cloth as Jesse James and Butch Cassidy, sharing more in common with the latter by virtue of their humanitarian ideals; theft is one thing, but killing people is another entirely.

Maybe their claims of non-violence are immaterial, maybe not, but go try to prove them wrong a century after the fact, and see how far you get. Today the film feels like an anomaly in his body of work, a straight-up genre exercise that sticks out like a sore thumb against the vast majority of his catalog.

We do not necessarily think of his name in conjunction with stories about stick ups and car chases. Origin of Evil Year: Thankfully, he delivers a wholly satisfying piece of PG horror that deftly mixes the modern sensibilities of the genre with tried and true stylistic approaches from its, er, origins. War for the Planet of the Apes Year: Matt Reeves War for the Planet of the Apes is an absorbing, intelligent finale. When Rise of the Planet of the Apes hit theaters in the late summer of , it suggested a franchise in which humanity—flawed, noble, susceptible to its worst tendencies but trying to live up to its highest ideals—would eventually find itself under attack by an enemy of its own making.

The real war is going on within him. Starring Matt Damon as Thorson and Michael Douglas as the much older Liberace, Candelabra is a humorous and biting look at a relationship that burned brightly before bitterly fizzling out.

Double Impact is a ridiculous, over-the-top action film about identical twins separated at birth. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays both brothers. The vast majority of the movie is rib-cracking action and shootouts. HBO is showing the edited version of the movie, with three minutes cut out, but the movie is still incredibly graphic. Carangi was a high school dropout who became one of the biggest models in America before drug addiction and mental health issues took her out in the prime of her life.

Sex comedies have been an important part of the late night cable ecosystem since HBO launched. Eurotrip is an unassuming entry about teens on a trip, but this raunchy treat serves up a surprisingly heartwarming comedy full of over the top nudity.

Chock full of surprising nudity, including Mark Ruffalo giving a full showing, and murder scenes In The Cut is an erotic thriller that shocks and titillates in equal measures.

Maintaining sensuality in the face of building tension is an art form, one Andres Baiz masters in his brilliant thriller La Cara Oculta. When she ends up completely disappearing, he becomes the main suspect in her disappearance. Beautifully shot, and almost unbearably tense, La Cara Oculta is a Columbian thriller well worth your discovery. This obscure 90s erotic thriller is a classic late night treat, a low stakes b-grade mix of murder and sex with just enough twists to take over an afternoon.

When a patient begins to confess sadomasochistic sexual fantasies during his sessions a Manhattan psychiatrist crosses her ethical boundaries by starting an affair with the man.

Is he a lady killer in and out of the bedroom? Still not sure what to watch?

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