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Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: CBS turns on the BB20 house cameras
And while the duo flirt literally the lines of friendship and showmance, Tyler assured Kaycee this week that his feelings for Angela would in no way jeopardize his loyalty to their final two pact. The two got increasingly cozy in their shared bed and Tyler revealed a few moments of jealousy, describing how he'd feel about anyone giving Angela grief outside of the house. His reaction to his new straightened do was worth the struggle and the girls of the house swooned, calling him Ty-zan for his resemblance to the bare-chested branch-swinger. This information may need to be confirmed, but they are the ones talking about eating slop on the live feeds. Level 6 starts to crack With four of their original six alliance members left in the house and one of their own as HOH, Level 6 should feel safe as kittens for at least another week or two, but this week we saw the first fissures in the alliance's tight union. By far Level 6's biggest blunder this week was in blowing their own cover.

The Battle Back is coming As Angela's true target, Fessy may be the one evicted from the Big Brother house Thursday night, but little does he or any of the other Houseguests know that a Battle Back competition awaits them immediately after the Live Eviction.

Hopefully, Fessy is ready to fight his way back into the house. Sam's lessons on multi-tasking earlier this week could come in handy. The week's eviction may be a sure bet, but the Jury Battle Back and following HOH competition may throw all of the Houseguests off balance. Who will be the one who lands on their feet as the new Head of Household next week?

Will Haleigh be an immediate target once again, or will the house finally go after Sam after weeks of complaining about her? And could the return of someone from the other side of the house mean Level 6 should finally start sweating? Enter your email address below and we'll send you an email with instructions to create a new password. Account Help Sign Out. Posted on Aug 30, The Houseguests Get Makeovers.

Here's everything you need to know about the past week on the Big Brother Live Feeds. By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms of our Video Services Policy. Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers that fans wanted to know right away included whether someone had already won the Power of Veto. By the end of the hour, Tyler had announced that Steve Arienta and Samantha Bledsoe were the first two nominees.

The feeds came on at roughly ET late Thursday night. A lot of the early moments revolved around the houseguests giving shoutouts to family and friends. One of them had been told in the Diary Room that the feeds were about to get turned on. It also gives a better understanding of how difficult it is for Sam to maneuver in the game. The live feeds are now open! There are already some Have-Nots within the BB20 cast.

It appears that there may have been some volunteers to go on slop this week. It appears that four houseguests are suffering through the Have-Not punishments. This information may need to be confirmed, but they are the ones talking about eating slop on the live feeds.

Stay tuned, as more information is likely to come out overnight. There will certainly be a few more Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers before the night comes to an end. No information about the Power of Veto is out. ET, producers provided the BB20 cast with some alcohol.

On Sunday, she built a kite and attempted to fly it around the backyard. On Monday, she put together an abacus system for the Houseguests to count their laps running in the backyard. Tuesday she built a hummingbird feeder with Haleigh 's help. And all of this while keeping her small bug collection fed. Watch Sam, the master crafter, build a hummingbird feeder Haleigh and Fessy got real For much of the week, Haleigh and Faysal quarrelled, with Faysal playing the jealous protector as Haleigh branched out in her attempts to connect with others in the house.

The two of them spoke to separate friends about their feud. Bayleigh told Haleigh to get right with Fessy or potentially lose his allegiance, and Rockstar told Fessy that perhaps he and Haleigh aren't similar enough to forge a romantic connection.

Haleigh and Fessy eventually sat down to chat Tuesday night but found themselves in a never-ending loop of conversation where Fessy found it too hard to separate his feelings at Haleigh's request that they focus on their game strategy. Rachel's downward spiral Angela did a degree turn on her Final 2 alliance with Rachel after Rachel passed on false information that Tyler wanted Angela on the block as a replacement nomination.

After a stressed Rachel lamented one too many times to Angela about her fear of leaving the house, Angela started to out and out campaign against her, enlisting Tyler and Kaycee to vote against Rachel as well. Watch Rachel tell the Big Brother cameras to let her sleep Unfortunately, Rachel had no idea she'd only made matters worse by confiding in Angela about Bayleigh's Power App.

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Watch all of the action with Big Brother live feeds! Now included as part of a CBS All Access subscription, watch live feeds and over 8, episodes. The Big Brother Live Feeds don't lie, and no one could have used access to the Live Feeds more than this week's Head of Household, Haleigh Broucher. The line dividing the Big Brother house down the middle is clearer than ever, but the last remaining members of FOUTTE spent the week thinking perhaps that line was starting to blur. A . Here's everything you need to know about the past week on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Week 6 in the Big Brother 20 house was marked by a notable dynamic shift. With Kaitlyn out of the game, the Houseguests leaned into the alliances they think they still have, and painted new targets on those around.