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If one server goes down, other server near your location will be up to server your internet needs. Imagine a situation when you need enter the IP address to open a particular website. As an example , the domain name www. But the effect may vary by the location of the server from the user so can …. Sign up Sign up Sign in. DNS was designed to be resilient but under stress, it will still slow. Their sole purpose is to provide their user a faster and safer internet with downtime limited to zero.

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How can you remember thousand of IP address? Thats why here are hostname and DNS makes it super-easy to open any site by just entering its hostname like www. Authoritative DNS Server are the computer system which actually contains the required information of website or hostname and it also knows the mapping of Hostname to its IP address.

These servers are mostly manged by Web hosting companies. On other hand, whenever your browser send the request for a web page, this request first will be sent to recursive DNS Servers. This post is all about best recursive dns servers or best public dns servers. If it goes down, you will not be able to browse the web, unless it went up.

These servers are prone to any dns attacks. While free public dns servers are optimized to take any amount of load and will provide fast speed all time.

There will be no downtime for your internet, if you use public dns server as most of these servers uses anycast routing technology. If one server goes down, other server near your location will be up to server your internet needs. Also these server are fully secured to any type of security attack. OpenDNS is the best free public dns server. OpenDNS servers provides faster and secure internet. If you want to prevent malwares when internet browsing, OpenDNS is here for you.

It provides malware filtering when you configure it accordingly. It also provides family shield to protect your family from inappropriate websites.

You can configure all the setting accordingly from your dashboard. They uses anycast routing technology to send dns request to your nearby server. If one server goes down, other server near your location will serve you. They are an oldest DNS company, so you are in good hand. Google Public DNS is the largest public dns service in the world.

This service was started by Google in This is good for protecting. This in itself will speed up your performance. If you watch data traffic, with a network packet analyzer when you browse to a news or gossip site TMZ etc you will see that with your 1 request for a web-page, your computer will query for between other sites adds, neilson, peer-to-peer and that content will be down loaded.

Using OpenDNS, you can block this traffic and you will be astonished at the performance improvement and regain a little privacy. How do you do that with ATT Uverse? On the newer boxes it is called router cascading and there are settings in the ATT box to enable it. BTW deconfliction of wireless channels is another big player. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to post! On higher speeds, it would only affect true speed a bit, but most users would not notice it unless downloading a huge file.

Thanks for bringing up that point. The relationship between ATT and the government intelligence community was established years ago. The Internet technology has just made it easier to gather and store information from the unwitting citizen. What the exalted Ed Snowden did for us ctizens was. People have surely died as a result. I don't mind the NSA knowing that I'm an ordinary citizen they already know everything about me , but it's the government administration and what they do with the info to be conecerned about e.

Far worse could happen in a worse government. Be thoughtful of who you elect next. I failed to mention MVPS. They are very effective methods as well. None of these services divulge or sell your internet activity. Its a little more complicated for most folks to edit the hosts file, but instructions are pretty good.

These not only help performence, but are good security practices. I agree that Firefox is the best browser and was not aware of Disconnect Me and Aurora. I will try them out. Once the content is being delivered the throughput is very good, except for YouTube which repeatedly stops. I've set up QOS provisioning on commercial sized routers 10Gbps and have observed this behavior. It's something we will all have to live with, if we stay with ATT Uverse.

Thanks for the tips. Doing that you're going to see your base Uverse latency, without any latency introduced by the internet, in my case ms here in metro Detroit. A second test by Comcrap netted a 35ms ping. Both netted close to On a few websites I have to turn off the Hosts file to make it work properly.

Some websites you might have to whitelist on Disconnect Me, especialy Uverse online, to make them work properly. They explain how to use them on all types of operating systems. I've used my share of others like OpenDNS and 4. It looks like these two IP's are still active in performing lookups. Give them a shot and see if you like them too. If my device utilizes the router as it's dns server ie Sign up Sign up Sign in.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Message 1 of Give it a try: Message 2 of Message 3 of Message 4 of Message 5 of My question is, how do I make the changes in the Uverse router to do the same thing for all my devices?

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You still need an ISP to connect to for access — DNS servers just translate IP addresses and domain names so that you can access websites with a human-readable name instead of a difficult-to-remember IP address. How to Find the Best DNS Server. toggle-button. Last updated by Remah on July - The first test may test with DNS address requests that are not stored in the DNS servers cache. Any later tests will be running the same queries which should then be resolved from the server's cache meaning that it will be faster. That will still. Jul 10,  · Once your computer/router cached the domain name's ip address, there is nothing to speed up. If you are looking for a more efficient PATH to reach a server, then use your ISP's DNS server. Some domain names have multiple IP addresses to cover different geographical locations in order to speed up access time.