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How to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics for Free
The polo team that uses cloned horses. Samsung Select TV models. Try a TV streaming site. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Olympic coverage is buried under mountains of bureaucracy and advertising agreements, in countries like Canada and England, the Olympics are broadcast on public television stations, the CBC and the BBC, respectively. Because of the hour time difference, not every Olympic event will be broadcast live.


Winter Olympics 2018: How to watch on TV and without cable (online)

Google says the service is available in more than 80 U. In excluded markets, you could check out a rival streaming service. What works best will depend on your needs: Free trials are available, and you can cancel after the Olympics. Intel is working with the Olympic Broadcasting Services to produce virtual-reality coverage of 30 events. Eighteen events, or 55 hours, will be live. Those without a headset can still watch on web browsers or Apple and Android mobile devices. VR isn't meant to replace television.

While Intel's VR productions of baseball and other sports had their own announcers, the Olympic coverage will rely on regular television coverage embedded in the VR experience. And most of the VR video will be in degrees -- you'll see the action in front of you and a little bit to the sides, but not what's behind you. Videos in degrees will be limited to non-competition features such as a demo run down the bobsled. But VR will offer more leaderboards and stats than television, along with the ability to choose camera positions.

For downhill skiing, for instance, you might prefer watching from a particular location on the mountain, the way a spectator would, rather than have the camera shift the skier goes down. For figure skating, one camera will be near the judges so you can get their vantage point. There will be no cameras on the rink or on any athletes, however. You have to stay up late to catch the action live. Here are the time differences for all time zones across the United States:.

You'll also have full access to scores, schedules and guides to understanding obscure events. Samsung, an Olympic sponsor, developed the official Apple and Android app for the games, called PyeongChang It has schedules, news and 3-D and drone views of the venues.

Traditional media organizations will also cover the event, even though extensive video from the official venues are restricted to the rights-holding broadcasters. The Associated Press has a Winter Games hub with traditional text, photo and video coverage alongside graphics breaking down complicated moves in figure skating and snowboarding and daily illustrations from sketch artist Dan Archer.

The AP will also have degree video and drone views of the venues. As of Wednesday afternoon, Norway leads the medal count with Germany is second with 17, but have the most gold medals with 9. Here are the current Olympic medal counts by country:. Olympic medan count by country, courtesy of CBS Sports. Read about some of the most exciting athletes competing in the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games. Struggling farmers were given new authority to shoot kangaroos that compete with livestock for sparse pasture during the most intense dry spell in more than 50 years.

For example, the puck drops for the Finland vs. ET on February All of these services come with free trial periods for new signups. Most offer seven days for free, thereby allowing you to watch plenty of Winter Olympics action without paying.

You can also try out more than one of these services while the Winter Olympics are happening. Just remember that you must cancel before the trial period ends. You should fully expect to pay for a service that is reliable and fast enough to support continuous streaming of a foreign streaming source, however. If you and your wife, for example, wanted to watch your favorite Olympic coverage on your separate laptops, you could either configure each laptop to connect to the VPN service, or you could configure your home router to route all your home network traffic through the VPN.

Keep that in mind as we discuss your options. This technique is so effective because as far as the remote server is concerned, all the traffic to and from your connection is coming from the remote exit point. Selecting and setting up a VPN is beyond the scope of this article, but our favorite premium solution is StrongVPN you can see other recommendations in our guide to selecting the best VPN.

While a VPN captures your whole internet connection and routes it through an encrypted tunnel, proxies work on a per-application basis. If you want to take a more in depth look at the matter you can read our in depth look at the differences here. Proxies are a massive mixed bag when it comes to quality. In other words, entirely unwatchable unless you enjoy buffering every 5 seconds. More importantly and quite relevant to our goal as Olympic event watchers , Proxmate has tweaked their entire design and user experience specifically to be optimized for watching streaming sources from around the globe.

The simplest solution is to pay for access to a DNS masking service. Our favorite is Unblockus. The biggest benefit of using Unblockus is that there is no overhead introduced.

Setup is dead simple. Regardless of how you opt to do it, the Unblockus help section has very clear and concise instructions for every operating system and device you likely have around.

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Watch live action from the PyeongChang Olympic Games, check event schedules and set alerts on Live stream Winter Olympics free on CBC (Canada). + CBC: In Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada will air live Olympics coverage on broadcast TV streaming online. CBC will provide over 4, hours of Winter Olympics live streaming on its website and mobile platforms, including a new PyeongChang app for iOS and Android. Feb 09,  · Watch video · There are many options to watch the Winter Olympics on TV, or to live stream the Winter Olympics on any device you like — for free. Here’s a rundown of your best options.