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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. The histories can be merged in this case. The user got this page by typing the URL in the address bar. Fired when one or more URLs are removed from the history service. The only case where the View, Details presentation really makes a difference occurs when you drill down to a particular host and document. The history is filtered as you type.

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How to view and delete browser history in Microsoft Edge

We'll show you how to view your history and how to delete them after visiting some questionable sites. Don't want other people with access to your PC or tablet to see your browser history? There are several ways to delete them.

If you don't want to delete everything, there's a way to delete just some pages. To delete a specific page, right-click the item in the history list see above and choose Delete. You can also choose Delete all visits to the site. It's possible to delete everything in the browser history.

From the History list, tap or click Clear all history on top. A list of all types of data appears. You can choose to check them all, or just select the items you want to delete. You can read more about the items in the table below before tapping or clicking the Clear button. Whether you want to delete just some pages, or every single thing from your Browser history, Microsoft Edge has you covered.

Don't forget that you can also temporarily browse in InPrivate mode if you don't want the sites to show up in your history. Also check to see if there is enough free space on your hard disk. Please feel free to reply if you face any issue with Windows in future. Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help. That button is also known as the Favorite Center star. Unfortunately, it is a multi-modal feature which only has that one icon. Also, in each mode there can be a remembered View. Change it to View By Date if necessary. Does that help you see what you were expecting to see?

The only case where the View, Details presentation really makes a difference occurs when you drill down to a particular host and document. Tell us about your experience with our site. PaulBuchok Created on April 21, It would then show all the sites I had visited and I could view them by day.

Hope this is something that can be corrected. View the recent words or phrases you searched for in the drop-down menu options. Depending on the toolbar you use, up to 50 recent searches may display in the drop-down menu options. Show the Google toolbar search history in Windows XP. The Registry Editor will open. The History pane will display on the left side. A list of the searches will display. View the search history in the right pane. He has been writing since and has published short stories with Editorial Dunken Buenos Aires, Argentina , where his work is part of a Spanish anthology:

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To delete specific items from the history, right-click any page and select **Delete** from the menu. The item is deleted immediately. 5. Click the **Show All History** button at the bottom of the History pane to open the Library window. The History tab is . Find and see your search history, browsing history, and other activity that's saved to your Google Account in My Activity. You’re in control of this data and can easily delete activity from your account. Open the Google file in the \"Local Search History\" folder with the Windows Notepad application to show the recent search history. Show your system search history 1.