Schneider Electric Zelio Smart Relay SR3 B261BD

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I know that Millenium3 and Zelio2 are similar, and the same programming cable can be used in both. Can you give me more information about your cable, and the connection that you made? You could connect RX to TX and do a loopback test to see if your converter is working correctly. I would like to upload pictures…. Hi Gustavo, I would appreciate some pictures of the programming cable.

You can email these to spencer hexperiments. I would like to put these on this site with your permission. VCC is not required. Three wires are sufficient: Rx, Tx and GND. The COM8 is then manually configured to baud, 7E1. In Zelio Soft 4. USB connection is of cause not shown. Have you tried this? The Zelio will not send data out the serial port by itself.

I would try putting a microcontroller in between the two Zelio devices, and have it query one device then push the result to the other. Another option is to connect a standard digital output on one to an input on the other and vice versa. You could then signal one device from the other by counting pulses. It depends on what sort of data you need to share between the devices. What are you trying to do? Like to hear from you. Would such cable to the job? I am asking because I have it already at home.

What driver did you use to connect your board to zelio? I think that cable should work. Just standard com port drivers for the USB to serial converter will work. Interesting writeup and thanks for the info! Good point about the isolation. I have only been doing this on the bench, not to a unit that is connected to anything. Hallo, I have a smart relay Zelio total dead sr2bjd What influences that can be not alive when whipped or in settings.

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Update. Gustavo has been kind enough to provide pictures of the programming cable. Thanks Gustavo! It looks like two /op-amps are used to convert between the different signal levels. Get Hulu with HBO on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV & Fire Stick, Apple TV (4th gen), Chromecast, Xbox One & Xbox , and PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 .