How to disable private browsing in iPad 2?

Turn on Private Browsing in iOS

How to Use Private Browsing in Safari
It's good to use the private window. Touch the option at the left side of the screen Tap the button to the right of Private Browsing. I would like to know how to convert the websites I already have open into private pages like it did in iOS 7. In settings you will see the safari application. And enabling private browsing effectively killed the existing sessions too. Please enter your comment! Tap the Pages button , which is shaped as two squares in Safari's menu.

Turn on Private Browsing

How to Use Private Browsing on iOS 7 Safari for iPhone and iPad

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Turn on Private Browsing on the Mac

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On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open Safari, then tap. Tap Private, then tap Done. Tap Private, then tap Done. While Private Browsing is on, Safari appears black or dark instead of white or gray. iPad 2 Private Browsing Session. The difference between a regular browsing session and a private browsing session on your iPad 2 is the data that the Safari browser will store. In a regular browsing session you are accumulating a history of the pages that you visit, form data that you fill in, as well as any cookie or password data that you. Private browsing can be a handy way to make sure your kids don't go hunting what you bought them for Christmas on Amazon, and it is now easier than ever to switch on Private Browsing on the iPad, but you do need to know where the magic switch is located.