Bay County Arrest Report: December 2017

Scottish Major Bus Operator Fleetlists (last updated 3rd December 2017)

December 17, 2017
January 18, at 8: Plymouth, England February 27th — University: Mannheim, Germany June 26th — Waldbuhne supporting Queen: Archived PDF from the original on January 26, Poznan, Poland October 19th — Studio Leg:

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Political Science 1st,3rd Semester Page. Tuttlingen, Germany November 8th — La Locomotive: Paris, France November 10th — Gastessena: Lisbon, Portugal Webcast November 13th — Weststadthalle: Bonn, Germany November 16th — Festhalle Durlach: Karlsruhe, Germany November 17th — Colos Saal: Merzig, Germany November 21st — Boerderij: Zoetermeer, Netherlands 46 gigs.

April 24th — Academy 3 University: Manchester, England April 25th — Rescue Rooms: Nottingham, England April 26th — Boardwalk: Stourbridge, England April 29th — Bierkeller: Bristol, England April 30th — The Brook: Southampton, England May 1st — Princess Pavilion: Falmouth, England May 2nd — Cavern: Liverpool, England May 11th — Olympia: Dudelange, Luxembourg June 26th — Parkpop: Trondheim, Norway September 3rd — Ricks: Bergen, Norway September 4th — Folken: Stavanger, Norway September 6th — Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway September 8th — Sentrum Scene: Oslo, Norway September 9th — Amager Bio: Aberdeen, Scotland October 8th — The Garage: Glasgow, Scotland October 10th — Albert Halls: Bolton, England October 11th — Birdwell Club: Barnsley, England October 12th — Limelight: Newport, Wales October 15th — Carnglaze Caverns: Dudley, England October 19th — Waterfront: Norwich, England November 12th — Mean Fiddler: London, England November 13th — Tilburg, Netherlands November 15th — Paradiso: Amsterdam, Netherlands November 16th — Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands November 18th — E-Werk: Koln, Germany November 27th — Corn Hall: Cirencester, England December 9th — The Brook: Surrey, England SAS band 47 gigs.

February 14th — Library Theatre: Darwen, England February 15th — Central Station: Wrexham, England February 17th — Waterfront: Norwich, England February 18th — Robin 2: Bilston, England February 20th — The Hub: Dublin, Ireland February 21st — The Empire: Paris, France February 25th — Spirit of Verviers, Belgium February 26th — Tilburg, Netherlands February 27th — Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands March 1st — Fabrik: Hamburg, Germany March 2nd — Rytmeposten: Odense, Denmark March 3rd — Amager Bio: Copenhagen, Denmark March 5th — Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway March 6th — Kultur Bolaget: Malmo, Sweden March 8th — Columbia Fritz: Berlin, Germany March 9th — Teatr Polski: Wroclaw, Poland March 10th — Stodola: Zabrze, Poland March 13th — Blues Garage: Hannover, Germany March 14th — Oosterpoort: Groningen, Netherlands March 15th — Paradiso: Amsterdam, Netherlands March 16th — Jovel: Munster, Germany March 18th — Kufa: Krefeld, Germany March 19th — Colos Saal: Aschaffenburg, Germany March 20th — Pressenwerk: Bad Salzungen, Germany March 21st — Tolhaus: Karlsruhe, Germany March 23th — Z7: Pratteln, Switzerland March 24th — Muhle Hunzigen: Rubigen, Switzerland March 25th — Salzhaus: Winterthur, Switzerland March 26th — Undertown: Geneva, Switzerland March 28th — Bikini: Barcelona, Spain March 29th — Caracol: Madrid, Spain March 31st — Den Atelier: Luxemburg April 1st — The Brook: Southampton, England April 2nd — Academy: Bristol, England April 3rd — The Point: Cardiff, Wales April 5th — Academy: Bradford, England April 7th — Liquid Rooms: Edinburgh, Scotland April 8th — Academy: Glasgow, Scotland May 29th — Feast of Hope: Lichtevoorde, Holland July 31st — Fort Manoel: Southampton, England 54 gigs.

February 25th — Cathouse: Dubai April 26th — Harlekyn Festival: Netherlands May 3rd — Magnum Centre: Irvine, Scotland May 4th — Callender Park: Dundee, Scotland May 10th — Town Hall: Jedburgh, Scotland May 24th — Feast of Hope: Geneva, Switzerland May 25th — Muhlehunzigen: Bern, Switzerland May 26th — Albani Club: Winterthur, Switzerland May 30th — The Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland May 31st — Loch Centre: Galashiels, Scotland June 8th — Martell Club: Falkirk, Scotland June 13th — George Square: Southampton, England 28 gigs.

May 20th — RASS festival: Padderborn, Germany May 25th — Feast of Hope: Geneva, Switzerland June 24th — The Cavern: Liverpool, England June 25th — The Cavern: Liverpool, England June 28th — Muziekcentrum: European convention June 29th — Muziekcentrum: European convention July 12th — Bospop: January 27th — Muziekcentrum Schaaf: Leeuwarden, Netherlands January 28th — Tivoli: Oberhausen, Germany February 3rd — Schilda-Halle: Dalkeith, Scotland May 3rd — Garage: Glasgow, Scotland May 4th — Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England May 6th — Junction: Cambridge, England May 7th — Den Atelier: Luxembourg May 8th — Brussels, Belgium May 9th — Tilburg, Netherlands May 10th — Nighttown: Rotterdam, Netherlands May 11th — Paradiso: Amsterdam, Holland May 13th — Oosterport: Groningen, Netherlands May 15th — Rytemposten: Odense, Denmark May 16th — Pumpehuset: Copenhagen, Denmark May 17th — Klubben: Stockholm, Sweden May 18th — Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway May 20th — Schlachthof: Hamburg, Germany May 21st — Colos-Saal: Koln, Germany May 24th — Tollhaus: Geneva, Switzerland May 28th — Kino Teatr: Krakow, Poland May 29th — Klub Faraon: Poznan, Poland June 2nd — Casino: Herisau, Switzerland June 3rd — Le Plan: Review June 6th — Mean Fiddler: Liverpool, England June 9th — Liquid Rooms: Sao Paulo, Brazil October 12th — Canecao: Rosario, Argentina October 18th — Coliseo Podesta: Mendoza, Argentina October 24th — Teatro Providencia: London, England November 7th — Tivoli: Utrecht, Holland November 8th — Effenaar: Eindhoven, Holland November 10th — Vox Hall: Malmo, Sweden November 12th — Lille Vega: Copenhagen, Denmark November 14th — Traumfabrik: Kiel, Germany November 15th — Zeche: Bochum, Germany November 16th — Hyde Park: Osnabrueck, Germany November 18th — Columbia Fritz: Poznan, Poland November 22th — Planet Music: Vienna, Austria November 24th — Undertown: Geneva, Switzerland November 25th — Meuele Hunziken: Milan, Italy November 27th — Hirsch: Nuernberg, Germany November 29th — Harmonie: Bonn, Germany November 30th — De Lantaarn: Hellendoorn, Holland December 1st — Biebob: Bristol, England December 6th — Cavern Club: January 8th — Hattricks: London, England May 27th — Feast of Hope: Wood Green, London, England.

April 9th — The Maypole: Hertogenbosch, Holland April 13th — Paradiso: Amsterdam, Holland April 14th — Fame in-store acoustic: Amsterdam, Holland April 15th — Virgin Megastore in-store acoustic: Lyon, France April 17th — Virgin Megastore in-store acoustic: Karlsruhe, Germany April 19th — Prinz in-store acoustic: Mannheim, Germany April 20th Koln, Germany April 20th Koln, Germany April 21st — Kulturkaufhaus Dussman: Bern, Switzerland May 31st — Albani: Haddington, Scotland acoustic show — fan club only August 29th — Corn Exchange: Groningen, Holland September 12th — Muziekcentrum Vredenburg: Utrecht, Holland September 13th — Tilburg, Holland September 14th — Paradiso: Amsterdam, Holland September 16th — Train: Aarhus, Denmark September 18th — KB: Malmo, Sweden September 19th — Rockefellers: Oslo, Norway September 20th — Klubben Fryshuset: Stockholm, Sweden September 21st — Tradgarden: Gothenberg, Sweden September 23rd — Pumphuset: Copenhagen, Denmark September 24th — Tivoli: Bremen, Germany September 25th — Grosse Freiheit: Hamburg, Germany September 27th — Der Anker: Leipzig, Germany September 28th — Rock Cafe: Prague, Czechland September 30th — Sommercasino: Basle, Switzerland October 1st — Amalgame: Poznan, Poland October 4th — Columbiafritz: Berlin, Germany October 5th — Capitol: Offenbach, Germany October 6th — Longhorn: Stuttgart, Germany October 9th — Nighttown: Koln, Germany October 12th — Bierhubelei: Bern, Switzerland October 13th — Planet Music: Vienna, Austria October 15th — Binario Zero: Milan, Italy October 17th — Schuur: Lucerne, Switzerland October 18th — Salzhaus: Winterthur, Switzerland October 26th — Le Splendid: Paris, France October 28th — Le Plan: Luxembourg October 30th — Ancienne Belgique: Brussels, Belgium November 1st — Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England November 2nd — Mean Fiddler: Alton, England May 2nd — Oval Rockhouse: London, England August 28th — Wiltingen: Chiddingfold, Surrey, England 10 gigs.

Tartu, Estonia May 24th — Railway Tavern: Aberdeen, Scotland May 27th — The Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland May 28th — The Garage: Glasgow, Scotland May 30th — The Olympia: Dublin, Ireland May 31st — The Empire: Belfast, Ireland June 1st — Leadmill: Sheffield, England June 3rd — Riverside: Manchester, England June 5th — L2: Wales June 8th — Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England June 9th — Wedgewood Rooms: Portsmouth, England June 10th — The Junction: London, England June 14th — Festival: Weert, Holland June 22nd — Festival: Berlin, Germany July 10th — Cus Roma: Rome, Italy July 11th — Velvet: Rimini, Italy July 12th — Castello: Vigevano, Italy July 18th — Graffiti Showcase: Bolton, England September 6th — The Rig: Nottingham, England September 7th — Town Hall: Cheltenham, England September 9th — Mechanics: Burnley, England September 11th — Rios: Bradford, England September 12th — Oval Rockhouse: Norwich, England September 14th — Tivoli: Utrecht, Holland September 15th — Oosterpoort: Groningen, Holland September 16th — Noorderligt: Tilburg, Holland September 18th — Schouwburg: Sittard, Holland September 19th — Paradiso: Amsterdam, Holland September 20th — Nighttown: Rotterdam, Holland September 22nd — Huset: Arhus, Denmark September 23th — Pumpehuset: Copenhagen, Denmark September 24th — Rytmeposten: Odense, Denmark September 26th — KB: Malmo, Sweden September 27th — Studion: Oslo, Norway October 1st — Tavastia: Helsinki, Finland October 2nd — Club Dekoltee: Olsztyn, Poland October 6th — Sport Hall: Lublin, Poland October 7th — Proxima: Warsaw, Poland October 8th — Akademia: Rzeszow, Poland October 10th — Open air: Zabrze, Poland October 12th — Hala Ludowa: Wroclaw, Poland October 14th — Filharmonia: Bydgoszcz, Poland October 15th — Kwadratowa: Gdansk, Poland October 16th — Trans: Szczecin, Poland October 18th — Eskulap: Poznan, Poland October 19th — Studio Leg: Krakow, Poland cancelled after a few songs due to voice problems October 25th — Rubigen: Bern, Switzerland October 26th — Spirgarten: Zurich, Switzerland October 28th — La Cucuracha: Alstatten, Switzerland October 29th — Terminus: Olten, Switzerland October 30th — Sonny Boy: Treviso, Italy October 31st — Frontiera: Rome, Italy November 2nd — Magazzini Generali: Regensburg, Germany November 6th — Alte Feuerwache: Mannheim, Germany November 7th — Tollhaus: Oberhausen, Germany November 11th — Docks: Hamburg, Germany November 13th — Lindenpark: Potsdam, Germany November 14th — Capitol: Hannover, Germany November 15th — Traumfabrik: Kiel, Germany November 17th — Schorre: Braunschweig, Germany November 19th — Rockfabrik: Koln, Germany November 22nd — Le Splendid: Lille, France November 23rd — Le Plan: Toulouse, France November 26th — Espace Julien: Marseille, France November 29th — Zeleste 1: Lyon, France December 8th — JBs: Dudley, England December 9th — Civic Hall: Guildford, England December 10th — Tivoli: Buckley, Wales December 13th — Lanterns: Salisbury, England December 15th — Mean Fiddler: London, England December 17th — Allender Hall: Cumbernauld, Scotland December 18th — Liquid Room: April 20th — Santa Rosa: Santiago, Chile April 21st — Santa Rosa: Santiago, Chile April 23rd — Broadway Theatre: Buenos Aires, Argentina April 26th — Aeroanta: Curitiba, Brazil April 28th — Metropolitan: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April 29th — Palace: Sao Paolo, Brazil April 30th — Palace: Dubai May 16th — Renfrew: Glasgow, Scotland May 18th — Huntenpop: Varsselder, Netherlands May 22nd — Unknown venue: Tomislavgrad, Bosnia May 23rd — Unknown venue: Gornji Vakuf, Bosnia May 24th — Unknown venue: Sarajevo, Bosnia May 25th — Unknown venue: Sarajevo, Bosnia May 26th — Unknown venue: Vitez, Bosnia May 27th — Unknown venue: Sipovo, Bosnia May 29th — Unknown venue: Banja Luka, Bosnia June 1st — Unknown venue: Sanski Most, Bosnia June 2nd — Unknown venue: Lokeren, Belgium August 10th — Festival: Haddington, Scotland 29 gigs.

May 7th — Usher Hall: Edinburgh, Scotland May 13th — Hulen: Bergen, Norway May 14th — Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway May 19th — Sparks Nightclub: Singapore May 22nd — Hard Rock Cafe: Istanbul, Turkey June 6th — Le Cirque: Rouen, France June 9th — Le Summum: Grenoble, France June 10th — Le Transbordeur: Lyon, France June 12th — Ancienne Laiterie: Bordeaux, France June 16th — Victoire: Montpellier, France June 17th — Le Bikini: Zurich, Switzerland June 19th — Espace Julien: Marseille, France August 11th — Wollarton Park: Liverpool, England September 8th — Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England September 9th — Willesdon Empire: London, England September 12th — Biepop: Vosselaar, Belgium September 14th — Oosterpoort: Groningen, Netherlands September 15th — Tobaksfabrikken: Esbjerg, Denmark September 16th — Alexandra Rockteater: Copenhagen, Denmark September 18th — KB: Malmo, Sweden September 19th — Rytemeposten: Odense, Denmark September 21st — Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway September 22nd — Maxime Club: Gothenburg, Sweden September 26th — Studion: Stockholm, Sweden September 29th — Tavastia Club: Helsinki, Finland September 30th — Club Piraat: Tartu, Estonia October 4th — Stodola: Warsaw, Poland October 6th — Arena: Prague, Czechland October 14th — Bucklein Theatre: Krakow, Poland October 16th — Metropol: Vienna, Austria October 18th — Stadthalle: Babenhausen, Germany October 19th — Forum im Zelt: Gelsenkirchen, Germany October 20th — Stadhalle: Bremerhaven, Germany October 22nd — Longhorn: Stuttgart, Germany October 23rd — Easy Schorre: Halle, Germany October 25th — Charterhalle: Munchen, Germany October 26th — Alte Feuerwache: Mannheim, Germany October 27th — Lowensaal: Nurnberg, Germany October 29th — PC Bielefeld, Germany October 30th — Grosse Freiheit: Hamburg, Germany October 31st — Stadhalle: Cloppenburg, Germany November 2nd — Capitol: Hannover, Germany November 3rd — Pumpe: Kiel, Germany November 5th — Theater am Rudolfplatz: Koln, Germany November 6th — Metropol: Bresslau, Poland November 10th — Electric Ballroom: Zurich, Switzerland November 11th — Unknown venue: Lucerne, Switzerland November 14th — Muhle Hunziken: Rubigen, Switzerland November 15th — Terminal Export: Dijon, France November 17th — Centre sportif: Bettenburg, Luxemburg November 19th — La Chapelle: Falkirk, Scotland December 6th — Rothes Hall: Aberdeen, Scotland December 8th — The Club: Dingwall, Scotland December 10th — The Garage: Glasgow, Scotland December 11th — Riverside: Newcastle, England December 12th — The Junction: London, England December 15th — The Empire: Belfast, Ireland December 16th — Olympia: Dublin, Ireland 80 gigs.

April 5th — HMV: Banff, Scotland May 17th — Hala Wisly: Krakow, Poland May 24th — Sax Club: Cumbernauld, Scotland May 25th — Newcastle Riverside: Middlesbrough, England May 28th — Corn Exchange: Haddington, Scotland June 4th — Open Flair: Eschwege, Germany June 10th — Euro Disney: Paris, France June 16th — The Garage: Glasgow, Scotland June 17th — Lomax: Liverpool, England June 18th — Nortwick: Worcester, England June 20th — Irish Centre: Leeds, England June 21st — Waterfront: Norwich, England June 22nd — Roadmenders: Northampton, England June 23rd — Middlehall University: Manchester, England June 25th — Festival Rheinkultur: Newport, Wales June 28th — Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England June 29th — Mean Fiddler: London, England August 6th — Festival: Edinburgh, Scotland August 27th — Grand Hall: Kilmarnock, Scotland September 1st — Oosterpoort: Groningen, Netherlands September 2nd — Feesttent: Huijbergen, Netherlands September 3rd — Centrum: Oslo, Norway September 13th — Zalen Schaaf: Leeuwarden, Netherlands September 14th — Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands September 15th — Nighttown: Enschede, Netherlands September 18th — Hanehof: Geleen, Netherlands September 19th — Paradiso: Amsterdam, Netherlands September 22nd — Docks: Hamburg, Germany September 23rd — Halle Gartlage: Osnabruck, Germany September 24th — Neue Welt: Berlin, Germany September 26th — Music Hall: Hannover, Germany September 27th — Biscuithalle: Bonn, Germany September 28th — Forum: Ludwigsburg, Germany September 29th — Hugenottenhalle: Neulsenburg, Germany October 1st — Capitol: Mannheim, Germany October 2nd — Arts und Craft: Ulm, Germany October 3rd — Resi: Nuremberg, Germany October 5th — Terminal 1: Munich, Germany October 6th — Stadthalle: Zabrze, Poland October 9th — Stodola: Warszawa, Poland October 10th — Sportovni hala Tatran: Ostrava, Czechland December 3rd — Helenensaal Brauhaus: Sinzig, Germany December 4th — Billy Blues: Haltern, Germany December 7th — Schloss Borbeck: Essen, Germany December 8th — Muziekcentrum Vredenburg: Duisburg, Germany December 12th — The Flog: Florence, Italy December 13th — Palladium: Rome, Italy December 14th — Factory: Milan, Italy December 16th — Electric Ballroom: Zurich, Switzerland December 18th — Le Plan: Paris, France December 20th — Nijdrop: Opwijk, Belgium December 22nd — Boardwalk: Manchester, England December 27th — Lomax: Liverpool, England December 28th — Mean Fiddler: Falkirk, Scotland December 30th — The Garage: Glasgow, Scotland 77 gigs.

February 15th — Bishop Mills Hotel: Elgin, Scotland February 16th — Tulloch Castle: Dingwall, Scotland February 17th — Forum: Livingston, Scotland February 18th — Forum: Livingston, Scotland February 19th — Town Hall: Lochgelly, Scotland February 21st — Academy: London, England February 25th — Colston Hall: Bristol, England February 26th — Corn Exchange: Leeds, England March 1st — Stadhalle: Offenbach, Germany March 2nd — Musikhalle Stadhalle: Lichtenfels, Germany March 4th — Musikhalle: Hannover, Germany March 5th — Neue Welt: Berlin, Germany March 7th — Sentrum Kino: Oslo, Norway March 8th — Melody: Stockholm, Sweden March 10th — Music Hall: Hamburg, Germany March 11th — Philipshalle: Dusseldorf, Germany March 12th — Stadthalle: Voelklingen, Germany March 13th — Salle Phoenix: Mulhouse, France March 15th — Le Zenith: Paris, France March 16th — Voorhuit: Ghent, Belgium March 17th — Muziekcentrum Vredenburg: Utrecht, Netherlands March 20th — Terminal 1: Munich, Germany March 22nd — National Theatre: Bern, Switzerland March 23rd — Volkshaus: Zurich, Switzerland March 24th — City Square: Milan, Italy March 25th — Palladium: Rome, Italy March 27th — Posthof: Vienna, Austria March 30th — Musensaal: Mannheim, Germany March 31st — Forum: Ludwigsberg, Germany April 1st — Stadthalle: Erlangen, Germany April 2nd — City Hall: Osnabruck, Germany April 4th — Rock City: Nottingham, England April 5th — Town Hall: Birningham, England April 7th — Barrowlands: Glasgow, Scotland April 8th — Music Hall: Caister, England June 5th — Festival: Uden, Netherlands June 19th — Music Arena: Frankfurt, Germany June 27th — Parkpop: Tarlair, Scotland August 21st — Boerenrock Festival: Kortenaken, Belgium October 1st — Music Box: Edinburgh, Scotland October 3rd — Music Box: Edinburgh, Scotland October 4th — Civic Centre: Motherwell, Scotland October 5th — Lead Mill: Sheffield, England October 7th — Parr Hall: Warrington, England October 8th — Civic Centre: Aylesbury, England October 10th — Leisure Centre: Brentwood, England October 11th — Fairfield Halls: Croydon, England October 12th — Mayflower: Southampton, England October 13th — Whiterock Theatre: Hastings, England October 15th — Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England October 16th — Oval: Norwich, England October 17th — Civic Theatre: Barnsley, England October 19th — Ritz Theatre: Lincoln, England October 20th — Corn Exchange: Ipswich, England October 21st — Victoria Hall: Halifax, England October 23rd — Borderline Club: London, England October 24th — Bierkeller: Bristol, England October 25th — Mayflower: Southampton, England October 26th — Civic Hall: Wolverhampton, England October 27th — Music Circus: Oberhausen, Germany October 28th — The Alladin: Rheinberg, Germany November 1st — Noorderligt: Tiburg, Netherlands November 2nd — Nightown: Rotterdam, Netherlands November 3rd — Melkweg: Utrecht, Netherlands November 7th — Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands November 8th — Salenschaaf: Leeuwarden, Netherlands 76 gigs.

January 2nd — Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands January 3rd — Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands January 4th — Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands January 5th — Tivoli: London, England March 18th — Miners Club: London, England April 3rd — Hammersmith Odeon: London, England April 17th — Legends: Dingwall, Scotland April 18th — Pelican: Aberdeen, Scotland April 24th — Fat Sams: Carlisle, England April 26th — Riverside: Newcastle, England April 30th — King Tuts: Glasgow, Scotland May 1st — King Tuts: Glasgow, Scotland May 2nd — Preservation Hall: Edinburgh, Scotland May 3rd — Preservation Hall: Dalkeith, Scotland May 8th — Corn Exchange: Melrose, Scotland May 9th — Town Hall: Hamilton, Scotland May 14th — Loreburn Hall: Dumfries, Scotland May 15th — Hayloft: Iverness, Scotland May 16th — Town Hall: Ayr, Scotland May 23rd — University: Edinburgh, Scotland May 24th — The Maltings: Norwich, England May 31st — Rock City: Bathgate, England June 16th — Unknown venue: Pollen June 20th — Lichtenberg [Bospop]: Weert, Netherlands June 21st — Lichtenberg [Bospop]: Hamburg, Germany June 24th — Tanzbrunnen: Koln, Germany June 26th — Gorki Park: Ulm, Germany June 27th — Unknown venue: Gallen, Switzerland June 29th — City Hall: Sheffield, England July 3rd — Loreburn Hall: Glasgow, Scotland August 7th — The Cathouse: Glasgow, Scotland 49 gigs.

Utrecht, Netherlands November 1st — Town Hall: Elgin, Scotland November 2nd — Centre: Haddington, Scotland November 7th — Caird Hall: Dundee, Scotland November 8th — Mandella Hall: Belfast, Ireland November 9th — Corn Exchange: Haddington, Scotland November 14th — Civic Centre: Wolverhampton, England November 15th — Royal Centre: Liverpool, England November 18th — Colston Hall: Bristol, England November 20th — Corn Exchange: Cambridge, England November 22nd — Hammersmith Odeon:

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