How to Set Up a Linksys WRT54G Wireless G Router

Hardware Setup

How to Set Up a Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router
Once connected via Ethernet cable to the router, the interface is accessed by entering the default Linksys IP address, I thought W for ynetwork on Lynksys was admin. Connect the broadband Internet modem to the computer using an Ethernet cable. In the Application field, enter the name of the application. Enter in the port forwarding information.

Other popular Linksys routers on the market include:

How to Set up a Linksys Wireless Router

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Popular Types of Linksys Routers

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Setting up the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router using the Smart Setup Wizard. Upgrading the firmware of your Velop system. Register Your Product Registration is free, fast, and easy, and ensures easy access to the information you need about your products. Register Now. Warranty and Support. Start by setting your router next to your modem and plugging the power supply into the wall socket. Let it completely power up. Then, connect an Ethernet cable from the modem's Ethernet port to the WAN or Internet port on the router. This article covers the basic Linksys router configuration steps. The steps cover how to explicitly change the DNS settings in your router to use the OpenDNS IP addresses ( and ). The "Enter Network Password" window will appear. Skip username and type the router's.