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The MultiRouter system has been recognized as one of the most creative tools in the woodworking industry. Our tools and accessories have been the choice of amateur and professional woodworkers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. I actually made my tenons on a table saw! It is an incredible machine and I wish I would have gotten one sooner. Since , woodworkers have trusted our high quality tools and equipment to support their craft. The tools and equipment that you use in your shop set you apart and make you unique in your trade. What MultiRouter Customers are Saying.

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The Multi-Router system of templates, traced by a ball bearing stylus is an accurate and uncomplicated method of producing woodworking joints. The ball bearing stylus simulates the exact movements of the router bit and the template simulates the exact movements of the piece of wood. The Multi-Router is manufactured by Lorraine Machine in beautiful Greenville, SC. Providing woodworkers with unparalleled production, the Multi-Router has been artisans ultimate joinery solution for over 25 years! Product Features Simply plug into your existing modem or router and set your VPN location.