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'Kill switch' may be standard on U.S. phones in 2015
By such its manufacturer or licensor may be able to disable it, for example if the product is withdrawn, or a maintenance fee has not been paid, or a device has been lost or stolen. She follows a mysterious man down a rabbit hole, leading her into Blockbuster 'WannaCry' malware could just be getting started". Find my iPhone can locate, send a chime, lock or erases your iPhone it cannot be re-activated without your iTunes account and password. In other news, Foursquare users can now "re-live" their old check-ins with the new Time Machine feature.

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Cell Phone Kill Switches Prompt 'Dramatic' Drop in Thefts

Between January to December , cell phone thefts dropped 16 percent in New York City, while iPhone-specific crimes in the Big Apple dropped 25 percent. In San Francisco, cell phone robberies dropped 27 percent, while iPhone thefts were down 40 percent.

Across the pond, London saw a 40 percent drop in smartphone thefts and a 38 percent drop in smartphone thefts involving violence or the threat of violence between October and October The monthly average for the number of phones stolen in London has halved since September , resulting in 20, fewer victims annually, officials said today.

California was the first U. Jerry Brown signed a bill in August, requiring the anti-theft technology be added by July. But thefts are declining even before the law goes into effect, simply because some manufacturers have already installed the software.

Advocates say the feature would deter thieves from taking mobile devices by rendering phones useless while allowing people to protect personal information if their phone is lost or stolen. Its proponents include law enforcement officials concerned about the rising problem of smartphone theft.

Carriers block smartphone 'kill switch' The feature would let a phone's owner erase contacts, photos, e-mail and other information, and lock the phone so it can't be used without a password. The feature, which will be offered at no cost to consumers, also will prevent the phone from being reactivated without an authorized user's consent.

The data would be retrievable if the owner recovers the phone. Some phone makers already include the ability to remotely wipe phones. With NordVPN your sensitive data will not be exposed, not even for a second. Many Internet users have already noticed the potential risks of having their online data exposed to ISPs or cyber criminals.

Therefore, a VPN service is a no-brainer for those who are concerned about their online privacy and security. Unfortunately, even the most stable and reliable VPN connection can drop once in awhile.

When it happens, user is by default connected to the web through the regular connection provided by their Internet Service Provider ISP. It can be particularly risky for political activists, journalists, and bloggers, who live and work in countries with authoritarian governments along with high levels of Internet surveillance and censorship.

When it happens, they can be easily identified and monitored without even knowing that their VPN connection has failed.

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In the past few months, politicians and law enforcement officials have demanded a smartphone "kill switch," a security feature designed to . The kill switch will “render the device inoperable on the network of any provider of commercial mobile service or commercial mobile data service globally, even if the device is turned off or has. Simply put, activating the “kill switch” will render the phone unusable if a phone is lost or is lifted from your back pocket. This feature will help find lost phones and make cell phones less attractive to thieves.