How to start selling on the Internet

4. Craigslist

How to Sell Online?
Seller ship it free when it sells to NY office. Basic craft supplies Beautiful beads, buttons, etc. Do you think it would be profitable for me and if so where do I start. It is now time to finalize the products you are going to sell, launch your online store and start driving traffic to your website. We believe that you can grow a business as a community of people, with artful attention to detail and the customer experience, and get continuously better at the same time. You just have to make sure that your prices are competitive enough to be a contender without sacrificing too much of your profit margins. So there's higher risk there.

6. Your Online Store

10 Sites to Sell Your Products Online: What’s Best for Your Business?

They're spreading their brand, not yours. People say "I got it on eBay," or "I got it on Amazon," with no mention of the seller's name! Why not put that effort into yourself instead? Pretty much anyone can get their own website and make a profit. Setting up your own store isn't nearly as hard as it used to be, and with a little time and effort, you can sell exactly what you want to, and how you want to.

You can learn about the pros and cons of owning your own website here , and decide for yourself if it's something you'd like to pursue.

Selling on your own website used to be expensive and complicated, but it doesn't have to be! With SaleHoo Stores, there's no need for technical experience or knowledge; you can have your own store up and running in minutes and with just a few simple clicks of a mouse.

Then, you just have to get traffic to your site to encourage sales. Niche-specific websites are marketplaces where people only sell one type of product. If you're passionate about a specific niche of products, or you tend to bulk-order a small range of items, then niche-specific websites could be a great platform for you.

A quick way to get a rough comparison of popularity is to do a keyword search. Simply type in the name of the product or niche that you're interested in selling, and look at the monthly search volumes. If you're tossing up a few options, then try each one out to see which ones generally have more searches. Once you've got a strong idea of what you'd like to sell, try searching in Google for "Places to sell [product type]. Be sure to read about other people's experiences selling on them first.

Finally, you need to find trusted suppliers with the best products to sell on these networks. For example, if you were looking for clothes to sell, you could try any of these:. These are just some examples of the trusted suppliers you can access in the SaleHoo directory. Stand-outs will be researched and added in our next update. Amazon is the only other network that's similar to eBay in size, with a giant range of products and massive customer base.

Bonanza is similar to eBay in that the range of products you can sell isn't limited like it is on sites like Etsy, and they have a fantastic relationship with sellers, so it's worth trying. Finally, if the auction-style is what you like about eBay, then eBid is the closest relative, although there's much less traffic circulating there so you'll have to do a lot more promotion to get your store off the ground.

These creative-style networks are really taking off, with Etsy coming in highest after eBay in overall Sellers Choice ratings. These networks might be totally wrong for the type of product that you're looking to sell, but if you're not tied down already, then these networks are worth the time to try out. This network is certainly on the rise as a strong alternative to eBay. The site has fantastic communication, and your listings will only cost you if they're successful, in which case it'll be a non-issue.

Amazon is also free to list items on, but it charges higher commissions. The high volume of traffic on Amazon may make up for that though, depending on how much competition you're facing and how much demand there is for what you're selling.

You can always try listing on both and seeing which gives you the best returns. After all, neither will cost you anything until your items sell so you've got nothing to lose. This is a sort of cheap-and-nasty option where you're left to your own devices and often end up trading in person, but if you don't mind selling locally and being a little more hands-on in the selling process, then this is an option to consider.

While at that, if you're looking for more profitable products to sell, you can learn more about Salehoo about how we can help you source profitable products from low cost suppliers. Be sure to also check these Salehoo reviews by our customers before you decide.

Finally, if you're an enthusiast for selling one type of product but you don't want to build your own site, it's worth looking into niche-specific marketplaces.

Just do a quick Google search to see if you can find any in your area of interest. Have we missed one that you'd like to see here? Do you think other sellers should jump on the eBay alternatives bandwagon? Remember me on this computer. Try these alternative places to sell Amazon is a traditional retail setup, and sales are instant with a fixed price.

It's up to the sellers to make good on customer service. Who is Amazon Best Suited To? Some example ones you could look at are: Cellphone stands Earphones Silicone Adhesive bras e-Juice These are just a few options that we've already looked into. Etsy Etsy as well as Ruby Lane: The Artsy-Crafty Platforms Etsy is doing very well as an online selling platform.

This means your listings will last 4 times as long on Etsy before you'll have to renew them. Who is Etsy Best Suited To? How to Succeed on Etsy If you create your own products, then by all means go ahead and list them and see how you go. Basic craft supplies Beautiful beads, buttons, etc. Fabrics Jewelry-making supplies Vintage items from the s through to the s There are many others you could look into, the above are just a few of the trusted suppliers available to you in the SaleHoo directory.

Any quirky or unique-style items are great here. We'll talk more about Bonanza in the next section. Unlike eBay, however, many items on Bonanza are quirky and unique - extraordinary items do well here. Although Bonanza's monthly traffic is lower than eBay's, the ratio of shoppers to sellers on Bonanza is much higher: That means far less competition between sellers, and far more chances for buyers to see your products. Who is Bonanza Best Suited To? How to Succeed with Bonanza Bonanza actually provides a really helpful guide for making sales on its platform, so that's definitely worth checking out.

So there's higher risk there. This limits your market compared to eBay, which usually involves shipping to a much wider area. Unlike eBay, Craigslist has a "free" section where people aren't looking to make money , they're just trying to get rid of things they don't want.

A lot of this will be junk, but you can keep an eye out for anything you could get and resell for a decent profit, especially if you're skilled at fixing things up.

Who is Craigslist Suited To? How to Succeed with Craigslist Be careful with how you sell, as online transactions can be a little dodgy here, and if you get handed fake money, then it's basically your loss. Some examples of items you could sell on Craigslist include: Who is eBid Most Suited To?

Some examples of items you could sell on eBid are: DVDs Craft supplies Books Toys There's definitely potential here, but also more work required to get your shop off the ground.

The No-Competition Option Selling on your very own website really is the ultimate option if you want to increase your profits and build a business that will become a long-term asset.

You're building your own brand. You're not competing with any other sellers on the same platform. This means you don't lose sales to others. This makes way for larger profit margins. How to Succeed with Your Online Store Selling on your own website used to be expensive and complicated, but it doesn't have to be! Smaller Markets but Highly Targeted Niche-specific websites are marketplaces where people only sell one type of product.

Highly targeted to buyers of that niche. You don't have to compete with other categories for attention. These sites are less obvious options, so some of your competition won't be here. For example, if you were looking for clothes to sell, you could try any of these: Current suggestions from the comments on this post include: The Early Years Boutique: Gifts and products revolving around children and babies.

Mostly clothes and shoes, but also toys, electronics, and accessories such as phone cases. Pinterest-style marketplace, strongly visual layout for selling. Broad-category marketplace for sellers in the USA. Where do you prefer to sell? Related posts you may be interested in Sign me up to become a free member of SaleHoo. It is a great option for local selling as compared to Craigslist. Each buyer is able to rate the seller as well as the seller gets to rate the buyer after each transaction.

Being able to build your own report and veiw others based on previous transactions makes it feel "safer" when and if you meet to finalize transactions. Completely full of variety but beware it can be somewhat addictive, perhaps sometimes to good to be true I dont think you can beat selling from your own website compared to any other location..

Amazon, eBay are still good but the fees are way too high and they are too much on the customers side. I know there are benefits to these kinds of places but I think the best thing about them is Brand awareness. Thats just my thinking Riva Beecher on I do a lot of printing services for myself and family business. Also business advertising printing services. Do you think it would be profitable for me and if so where do I start.

Justin Golschneider on Those are some highly competitive products, but you can certainly make a profit with them if you have a good niche. I can help more if I know more about what you're doing—are you designing these items, manufacturing them based on others' designs, or just buying them in bulk and reselling them? Toni Holland on 6: I just have the one item to sell, but I certainly can not afford to be cheated out of it as it is a laptop that is one of a kind now.

I don't have a store, as of yet but I do handcraft jewelry and am currently displayed in a local jewelry store. So this article and the comments below have been very helpful;. Good luck to all of you in your ventures.

Marian Savenko on Michelle Beaty on 1: Can be accesed online but limited. Low end to high end products. No limit on listings. This site works globally. Jerry Thomas Hutcherson on Completely new and we just launched it!

Create your store on https: I have been a seller on eBay for so many years, and finally, i discovered Happeno. A big issue with many of these sites is that you can't see the exact product you intend to purchase in just a few still pictures. Many times personally I have seen people purchase products that were miscommunication.

On top of that there is less back and forth between you and the consumers. Btw, you can still sell on marketplaces and have your own website, just connecting them to some multichannel selling solution www. For me personally, I think that each marketplace should be researched prior selling and you need firstly to understand your business goals and products. Strategically selling on one marketplace is much more useful than picking multiples to sell from.

Steve Veltkamp on Elaine Pope on 4: I was at the verge of loosing all my belongings due to the bank draft I took to offset some bills and some personal needs. I became so desperate and began to seek for funds at all means.

Luckily for me I heard a colleague of mine talking about this company, I got interested. Although I was scared of being scammed, I was compelled by my situation and then I began to look online and ran into their email where I was given a loan within 72hrs without knowing what it feels like to be scammed.

So I promised myself that I was going to make this known to as many that are in financial stress to contact them and not fall victim of online scam in the name of getting a loan. Vintage, antique, current popular play dolls AND their clothes. I will go through these sites thoroughly to pick the best one for my business.

Currently i am using TrueGether and getting success in growing my business, I am surprised that this list is missing TrueGether as It is the cheapest one. I am migrated from ebay as eBay charges lot of fees and there is so much competition in the market for same kind of products so i think its better to look for other selling sites. Traci Germanozashvili on 3: Sarah Woodworth on 0: I really want to find a good site.

I read good and bad reviews on sites I've thought about, so Im unsure. Any tips would be so appreciated! Richelle Monfort on 4: But you can try listing a few items on a few sites such as eBay and Amazon to see where you have a better captured market. This guide might also help you come up with other profitable products to sell - https: Marcia Knight on 2: When an item sells Mercari emails you the label to print off.

You just package the item, attatch the printed label and send it on its way. Once the item is delivered and Mercari confirms the buyer than rates you, you than rate the buyer and the money gets released to you.

Andrew Sheehan on You need to have sold 30 units of whatever it is you have across 3 confirmations. Choosing the right products to sell will impact every other business decision you make. No matter what industry you pick, there are really only two kinds of products to sell:.

These are the products everybody needs. Commoditized products are the most popular products sold online. Think of anything you buy at Walmart or Amazon that has a big brand behind it — food, golf clubs, clothes , kids toys, etc. In many instances, these are unique and one-of-a-kind, handmade products , making them some of the most popular items bought online. Niche products are often made in small batch runs or on demand. Think of a unique beaded necklace, handmade frozen yogurt or leather iPad cases.

This site aggregates baby clothes from across the web commoditized , as well as offers a few unique products of their own. Offering only commoditized items, especially if those items are brand name or already sold on major marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart, will make it extremely difficult to be successful.

Amazon and Walmart can buy items in large quantities, lowering the price of the product. However, if you can offer unique products alongside commoditized ones think of using Etsy Wholesale or reaching out to makers on Instagram and build a great brand experience along the way, you are setting yourself up for success.

The motivation behind launching our business was a combination of wanting to be in charge of our own destiny and the thrill of making a high quality American-made product that others would enjoy and value. In , we saw an opportunity in a updating an existing apparel accessory that had not really changed in decades.

At that time you could still purchase the same style ribbon belt your father and grandfather purchased 20 year before: We started by using local artists as designers and constructed our belts using the highest quality raw materials. The result has been much higher quality and longer lasting product adorned with unique whimsical designs. Here are six different ways to generate ideas when trying to decide what to sell online. Consumers shop on their own time, in their preferred channels and compare across stores and prices.

Build your omnichannel strategy for your target customer right now. Get the study now. Taking this tack when generating ideas for a product or service is a reliable avenue to kickstart a successful business. Opportunities may exist in a few forms, including an improved product feature, a market unrealized by your competitors, or even unique marketing.

Those small annoyances can turn out to be a brilliant business idea. Pinpoint a problem and conveniently solve it. To alleviate the issue, Rzepecki created a simple lid with a spout that fit both large- and small-mouth mason jars and took her new product online. Today, she owns a successful online store and is diversifying her product offering to scale her ROI. With that, our checkout was immediately improved.

The founder of Sinus Support began having sinus congestion when she moved to Sonoma County, California in Nothing relieved the nasal pressure, and she was increasingly more miserable at night. Within a few years, Baraka Neti Pots were selling in herbal stores, co-ops and natural grocery stores all over the U.

Being passionate about what you do will not only help you see the forest through the trees during the hard times, but it will also help you in crafting a brand that speaks to people in a way that is meaningful and engaging. Evan Streusand launched his very first business years ago after a trip to South America. He made friends, had drinks, and when he came back to the U. Before Thanksgiving , he decided to open an additional venture — this time with his wife. She allowed me to showcase and sell my line of running jewelry at her local race expos and it was a huge hit!

Your brand should speak to your potential customers in a way that both resonates and compels them to come back. When it comes to crafting a brand and experience that resonate, Tyler Merritt of Nine Line Apparel is an expert. He quickly realized, however, that this patriotic flair hit a resonating tone with his fellow Americans as a whole. Tyler promotes the Nine Line brand through every single aspect of the business, from the t-shirts to well designed emails and product packaging.

The patriotic and respectful spirit even flows through his hiring processes. From deployment to police raids, the Nine Line founders have been through it all —— and live to tell the tale. Learn how they secretly became the fastest growing retailer in the U. To do this, it is pivotal that you stay up-to-date on recent, trending products and services —— and then launch an ecommerce site to capitalize on them before they hit peak popularity.

Suzanne Moore started an online rubber stamp store right as the creative market was booming, and her business grew so fast that she was able to sell the store and launch a new venture helping other online entrepreneurs grow their own businesses. Start thinking of products or services that have been trending up in recent years e. Serving as proof that launching in the right market at the right time leads to success, online store Fugoo was built on the backs of team members who played integral roles at Acer, eMachines, Harmon Kardon, JBL and Toshiba.

These awards given out typically to brands like Apple and Google when they show off new, unseen technology and products. In all, the Fugoo team used their skills and industry knowledge to launch the Fugoo Bluetooth wireless speaker just before the bigger technology brands caught on to the trend. Shoppers often spend more on their guilty pleasures , developing deep loyalty to brands that understand their obsessions. Founder Jeni Britton Bauer has been making ice cream professionally for decades, and founded her own brand in Sure, she was ahead of the organic and all-natural trends, using whole ingredients and dairy from grass-matured cows from the very beginning.

Today, customers can order ice cream online and have it shipped to their door, removing all barriers to getting that creamy goodness to their mouths faster than ever possible before. We believe that you can grow a business as a community of people, with artful attention to detail and the customer experience, and get continuously better at the same time. That REALLY great ice cream served perfectly in a sparkling and beautiful space, with attentive and in-the-moment service we believe service is an art brings people together and helps them connect.

And that sometimes sparks fly. And that there should be more sparks flying, generally. In the housing bust, I was laid off as engineer and soon developed health concerns that lead to a new direction in my life and an opportunity to take advantage of the growth of gluten-free foods demand. Berkey Water is a water purification system unlike anything else on the market. You could put radioactive sludge in it and it would pull out drinkable water for you.

And because it is that good, it has niche markets which are increasingly loyal to the brand.

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Selling a product online allows you to reach a wider audience and new customer pockets, with 41% of the world’s global internet users purchasing products online in But if it’s an area you’ve never explored, it can be overwhelming. Selling Online How Online Marketplaces Are Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship It's easier than ever to reach billions of potential customers -- but there are challenges. Selling online with your own ecommerce website has never been easier, faster, or more scalable. Impress your customers with a beautiful store.