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Having a list at your side should make perusing the store a bit simpler and faster for those of you who already purchased a new QLED TV, and for those who are still on the fence about buying one, give you an idea of what you can expect. Price wise they are equivalent. Select the profile you want to use if you have multiple profiles on the account. Giving you a precise figure for constant running lifespan on these TVs is a bit tricky, since hard data is a bit variable, each unit might have its own flaws and some TVs run better than others for a number of reasons. I will mainly use the TV for watching movies Thank you! I watched an episode of LOST, which played completely through.

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Unlike the BBC's iPlayer, however, more popular shows are available indefinitely on the service. What this means is that if you want to sit down and watch every episode of the excellent Peep Show since it was its first broadcast in , then there's nothing stopping you. Our next pick is a little different from the other streaming services on this list. Instead of streaming videos from a service, PLEX allows you to curate a collection of your own on a media server and stream it to whichever device you want.

Because PLEX is free. There are no monthly fees for the base version of the app, which allows you to build and maintain your own local video server. If a DIY video streaming service sounds like a lot of work and a less-than-ideal experience, it will surprise you to know that PLEX has really improved in the last few years making it ultra-easy to setup and incredibly versatile as a streaming service. No other network has produced quite as many classics as the Home Box Office has.

Many of HBOs top shows, such as the aforementioned The Wire or the sublimely crafted True Blood are available on Amazon Prime Video, but HBOs own apps get access to shows immediately after they're broadcast rather than when the boxset is available to everyone else. So what, exactly, is the difference between the two services?

Which one you opt for is likely to be a decision driven by whether you already have a cable subscription to the service, but the HBO Now app is generally reported to be a slightly more responsive piece of software.

YouTube used to be the place to get your fill of amateur footage of everything from skateboarding fails to cat videos, but in recent years the site has become host to a range of content, from scripted comedies to reality TV shows to documentaries. It's a platform which is no longer defined by its amateur production values.

Now content creators use teams of professional video production staff to produce a dizzying amount of content catering to every possible niche. We're personally a massive fan of the PC hardware channel LinusTechTips as well as our own techradar YouTube Channel but there are channels catering to every possible interest from beauty and fashion to video games.

These days, though, you won't be able to find Spotify on Samsung's app store. While you might remember Pandora as the internet radio station service, it's actually a much more interesting and versatile service than a lot of folks give it credit for.

First off, calling it internet radio isn't quite right. It's like algorithmically generated personalized music stations. No need to shuffle in between stations as Pandora learns from your feedback: Dislike a song and Pandora will skip it. Like a song and Pandora will play more like it. VUDU is another video streaming service, however unlike Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu, it does not offer an all-you-can-eat monthly streaming subscription.

Instead titles are rented or bought on an individual basis, and the site runs frequent sales where you can grab a bargain. While VUDU's library of movies is much smaller than Netflix's, its model relies on having titles available to stream as soon as the home release hits.

This is opposed to Netflix who tend to feature older films in their library. YouTube also carries full movies which can be rented for days or bought outright. Sorry but until the makers get beat up enough I fear they will not share when there is a server or other issue. We had gotten a ton of frustrated calls about Samsung players. I know it is frustrating to get ping-ponged back ad forth, but most other devices we can get working with deactivation and reactivation Samsungs always seem hard to get working, and we have to refer back so Samsung quite a bit because there is nothing we can do over the phone with the customer to fix it.

I wouldn't place much of the blame at Netflix's feet, though. I witnessed idiotic decisions of their's internally, but they do tend to work well on most devices. The common call in issues are usually actually the users net, or the app got corrupted and needs reinstalled, etc The main Netflix issues are things like doing away with vacation holds and deferring cancellations, billing difficulties on prepaids, etc.

I have to unplug the player to fix it and then plug it back in. It freezes the entire unit up when netflix quits working.

I got a email back saying the unit was fixed, that the issue was it wasn't connecting to the network, and thats not the issue with my system so i'm probably getting it back even with a new board in it the same issue still exists. So samsung pays shipping and you pay UPS to get it. Up untill yeaterday I never had a problem. Netflix is the only thing having the issue.

It will load all the available titles but will not play any of them. Reseted everything, my Blu-Ray player unplugged it , my network, did a hard reset of the player. Nothing fixed the problem. Still get "We're having trouble playing this title right now" Any ideas? This has been really frustrating, because I was really liking my Samsung home theater system until a few weeks ago.

Suddenly, Netflix would not stream video. I could open the app, click on a movie, the movie would open, I'd click "play" and then the message "we cannot play this title right now, please choose another or try again later".

Unfortunately, I tried a ton of different titles and I always got the same message. Now the crazy part was, it was playing without a hitch for a month and a half or so and I had done NOTHING to the set up to make it suddenly stop working. So, I jumped on the forums and started reading page after page of trouble with all different models of Samsung players, and the frustrations that people experienced with customer service.

For some people, this was all they needed to do to fix the problem. Next, I tried plugging and unplugging the BD player and the router, the longest I left if off was around 2 hours as suggested in one of the forums. I did this a bunch of times, and always went back to check that my time zone setting hadn't changed.

I was fairly ready to give up- but I saw a suggestion to deactivate and reactivate the netflix app. The way to do this on the remote in the netflix app is press up up down down left right left right up up up up.

Bingo, the window opens and you have the option to deactivate, which I did. Then I shut down the BD player and unplugged it, and unplugged the router for about 10 minutes. After that, I plugged everything in, logged into netflix, and pressed a title. Deactivating and reactivating the Netflix app worked for me!

Been messing around with this problem for days, and this was the only thing that worked. I would have been up all night trying to figure this out! Thank goodness I didn't call some tech support desk at Samsung. Your suggestion with the arrow buttons up down left right,etc steps worked perfectly. Saved me so much time. I joined this forum just so I could say thank you.

How did you learn the thing about the arrow keys? OMG the "cannot play this title" thing has been driving me nuts! Though it has been keeping my son from watching that horrid "Johnny Test" show, so the breakage had a positive side effect But tonight he wanted to watch "Blue Planet," and that's when I decided to get serious about finding a solution. Deactivating and reactivating fixed everything. I'm going to have to save that little incantation somewhere. I have this player.

When I purchased in Feb, , it played Netflix great. Even nice and clear over wifi. The main reason we bought it was to use netflix and ditch cable. After a few months of flawless operation, I got the dreaded ".. So I did the rounds, re-install netflix, update firmware, call netflix, call samsung.. I'm going to try this when I get home since several claimed victory. I hope it works.

Its been since April or May that this player has sat and done just about nothing. I have a Model: I read it here first. I tried the arrow sequence above. At first it didn't work, I did it too fast. I got an info screen with my Name, some versions info, and highlighted box saying Deactivate.

I selected, confirmed and back to player menu. Hit netflix button, loaded, and did new device activation. It hasn't worked since april or may. And i've tried and tried. Called everyone and internet searched.

Some how missed this thread earlier. Maybe my 4 yr old wouldn't have cracked my vizio screen But at least netflix works again.

I thought about the deactivation a while back on my own. Netflix stopped using it they told me. But at least its hidden in the player. The bottom line here, is this "cannot play title now, try again later" is obviously a bug in samsung product. Its not our internet connections, its not our weak wireless, its not even netflix, well partly. Its a bug between the communication between samsung and netflix's server.

There are less reports for errors from other mfr. Sony is rated well for netflix, and never fails. How come my iphone, windows vista, osx Everything plays close to HD or HD over wireless.

Netflix is tight, and works really well. It is soo not them. And yes, the damn thread is over days old, but is still on top of google search. My friend was having a similar but different problem. For her Netflix would play for 2 minutes and then lock up. While the exact arrowkeys did not get us to the needed setup screen, the key to fixing this was two fold: Change time zone on the DVD player to the correct time zone. By whatever means you can get to your Netflix settings and log out.

Plug back in and log in to Netflix with your credentials. If you are not being asked for your email and password you were never logged out. She was so happy that this fixed it so she could finish her binge watching of Friday Night Lights.

Didn't think it would go anywhere but I tried your Nintendo trick just for the heck of it and it worked! After a power outage my Netflix would get as far as just about to play the video when it would give that error. Even on my LG TV it worked. At first I didn't think it was working cause the arrows would move you around in the interface, but just ignore that and try it a few times. Where exactly do you do the trick with the arrows?

I keep trying that, but all it does is move me through the app. Your old gamer knows why it's called that but you have folk today that ask why. My question is why is this done this way? Come on, it's time to stop this nonsense and put it into a menu. Trying to figure it out where to keep the "up up down down left right left right up up up up" sequence. Seeing all the comments going back three years I thought a quick solution should have been part of the Samsung update by now. Your remedy did the trick.

I had tried several of the aforementioned options and believe shutting down my router for 15 minutes made the difference, along with reset of Netflix App. The player freezes and has to be turned off and back on again. I've tried the hard resets, the konami code, nothing has worked and so far Samsung has had nothing that helps. Anyone have any ideas for me? My tv screen also go blank on pressing the Netflix app. Was working perfectly but now for 3weeks i cant use it. On same network, i can play Netflix on phone and tablet.

Anybody who got a solution for this? I have tried the up up down down procedure on the blank screen with no success! I just had a similar issue. I have an older Samsung Blu Ray player and I just finally got the instant que to pick up my list from Netflix. Then tonight I turned it on and went to the Netflix app. I watched an episode of LOST, which played completely through. Then I tried to watch the rest of the movie Snowpiercer and for some reason it kept pausing after like two minutes.

I figured that I had just lost my wi fi connection, because the internet provider that I have called COX, gave me a modem which frequently loses the wi fi connection for some reason I'll have to call customer service some day, but we all know what fun that is. I tried to play Snowpiercer again, but it kept pausing. So I figured maybe I'll do what I did for the Blu Ray player to originally recognize my list from the Netflix website. So, I didn't have to do the up, up, right right thing which is funny that it is similar to the code for Contra for the old NES to get 30 lives anyway I just pressed the info options button on my universal remote my friend who gave me the player lost the old one, had to buy a new one, take that back, and buy another one at Best Buy anyway, sorry I'm kind of rambling; so I pressed the info options button and it took me to a screen where deactivating the player was an option.

I selected that and it gave me a code to punch into the blank entry when I logged on to netflix. And, now Snowpiercer works without pausing. Hopefully I don't have to constantly do this. If I do, it is a small price to pay to watch movies through my player and t. But I think the real problem might lie in my modem; that every time I have to repair the internet connection I might have to disconnect and reconnect my Blu Ray device.

I can't remember whether I had to fix my internet connection before this happened with the player as it happens constantly. Maybe this helped someone, but your post helped me remember what I did to get the player up and running in the first place. In conversations with a Netflix supervisor who is in the wrong career field stated that "Netflix is a streamer of movies" and denied any involvement by Netflix in creating the apps that are on these Blu-Ray players.

Netflix recommended I reach out to Samsung. There is plenty of reasons for it not to work and since "once the app launches" Samsung is not taking responsibility if it's not their app, the discussion turns to what consumers expected and how this is a repeat of the Windows ecosystem.

That is, you don't call Dell when your Netflix app fails. Well you could try that. Netflix was streaming perfectly one day, and the next I got the "We cannot play this title at this time," or whatever, error. Netflix still streams perfectly on my two Macs, so it's clearly a breakdown of the Samsung device.

I've tried all of the suggestions in this and other forums, but I'm not going to call some help desk in India and get a runaround from someone reading corporate b. So, I'm going to buy a Roku box and just use the to play DVDs and remind myself never to buy anything by Samsung again.

Just last night my PC coughed up that message.

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An easy to do tutorial on how to watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV from anywhere using a Virtual private network or SmartDNS. Jul 19,  · I was able to watch Netflix on my Samsung Smart TV until about a few days ago. Now, when selecting the Netflix app . Here is a list of great Samsung Smart TV apps you should check out to take your smart TV beyond Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.