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Here We Go Again could be any better than it is. Fairytale meets psycho thriller as rising British stars Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn find that opposites attract. At the end of each show, Kermode identifies his 'Film of the Week. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. W atching the original Mamma Mia! Mark Kermode reviews Lucky A 90 year old man faces unforeseen illness after a life of immaculate health. A group of ageing criminals pull off the heist of the century.

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again review – full of hits and emotion

Overview Listen Later Following. Kermode and Mayo's Film Review. Supporting Content The Witterlist! Kermode Uncut Mark Kermode's film blog. Mark Kermode reviews The Predator A deadly alien trained to hunt across the universe is accidentally called down to earth.

Mark Kermode reviews King of Thieves A group of ageing criminals pull off the heist of the century. Mark Kermode reviews Lucky A 90 year old man faces unforeseen illness after a life of immaculate health. Kermode Uncut video blog. Similar programmes By genre: Home Schedule Commentaries Best bits. Added, go to My Music to see full list. The show is self-described as the BBC's "flagship film programme", and features film reviews from Kermode, interviews with actors and other guests, and listeners' emails.

The programme's Twitter handle, "Wittertainment", is a nickname for the programme itself. The show is broadcast live on radio, accompanied by a live streaming webcam feed; each programme is available on BBC iPlayer and as a podcast. In , a podcast version of Kermode and Mayo's programme was made available, the same year that "podcast" was chosen by the New Oxford American Dictionary to be its word of the year; according to Brett Spencer, who worked for Radio 5 Live at the time, it was downloaded 42 times in the first week.

In the show received a Sony Radio Academy Award. Somethin' Else announced its intention to "'build the profile of the Kermode and Mayo brand online' with more podcast downloads and a 'new digital strategy'. For the month of August the podcast was downloaded 1. The first hour of the show normally begins with a run down of the week's top ten films, with brief comments or capsule reviews from Kermode for films he has seen; Mayo reads comments and reviews from listeners on all of the films, and these are especially invited on films Kermode has not seen.

The rest of the first hour features live or pre-recorded interviews with guests, usually actors or directors promoting an upcoming release. The second hour is devoted to full reviews of recently released films. At the end of each show, Kermode identifies his 'Film of the Week. Throughout each show Kermode and Mayo engage in "on-air sparring" that has been compared to a "bickering married couple"; [12] the decade-long partnership includes numerous in-jokes and ongoing arguments.

Various actors have made multiple appearances on the show, particularly Jason Isaacs , Michael Sheen and David Morrissey , and are referred to as Friends of the Show. During each programme, a number of these friends may be greeted in a list, [15] beginning 'And hello to Jason Isaacs is always the first on the list, having been a school friend of Kermode, but other people named in the past include Michael Sheen, David Morrissey, Stephen Fry [15] and various English folk groups.

Alternative presenters take over the show while Kermode and Mayo are away. Alongside the regular show there have been a number of special broadcasts. These include an annual 'Review of the Year' show, prerecorded and broadcast on New Year's Eve, during which Kermode names his best and worst films of the year, a Christmas Quiz, broadcast on Christmas Eve with special guests and recorded with a live audience, and occasional outside broadcasts for example, from the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley, [19] [20] a broadcast from the Edinburgh International Film Festival , [21] or during sporting events when Mayo's show comes from the location of the event.

Other 10th Anniversary extras, during a month of special programming in May and June , include a 'Best of', broadcast on 29 May , presented by Hugh Bonneville , an appearance on the Richard Bacon show on 31 May discussing the beginning of the partnership and four online videos.

In , Kermode and Mayo developed a Cinema Code of Conduct, which was presented as a guide to cinema-goers as to the best way to behave while watching a film.

The Cinema Code of Conduct consists of the following rules: Kermode and Mayo have also appeared on The Culture Show with a segment called 'The Screening Room', held in various locations, where films were discussed with an audience before clips of those films were shown. During his review of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief , Kermode made a passing comment that it was so similar to the Harry Potter franchise it might as well be called ' Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins '.

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Kermode and Mayo's Film Review highlights. A selection of highlights from Kermode and Mayo's Film Review. Mark Kermode's film of the week The Miseducation of Cameron Post review – poignant, witty, defiant 4 out of 5 stars. 51 rows · Read Movie and TV reviews from Mark Kermode on Rotten Tomatoes, .