Step 7.2. Create conditional access root certificates for VPN authentication with Azure AD

1. Enabling certificate management

Certificates for Mobile VPN with L2TP Tunnel Authentication
If you want to install a client certificate on another client computer, you need to export it as a. As an alternative, you can back up and restore the entire FortiGate configuration through the System Information widget on the Dashboard of the web-based manager. The certificates in the example were created using OpenSSL. Otherwise, the certificates you create won't be compatible with P2S connections and clients receive a connection error when trying to connect. The DNS server is optional for this configuration, but required if you want name resolution.


Remote Access VPN (Certificate Profile)

Configure the Conditional Access policy. To configure conditional access for VPN connectivity, you need to:. In the Azure portal, you create two certificates to manage the transition when one certificate is about to expire.

When you create a certificate, you choose whether it is the primary certificate, which is used during the authentication to sign the certificate for the connection.

Sign in to your Azure portal as a global administrator. For Select duration , select either 1 or 2 years. You can add up to two certificates to manage transitions when the certificate is about to expire. You can choose which one is the primary the one used during authentication to sign the certificate for connectivity. Configure the Conditional Access policy: In this step, you configure the conditional access policy for VPN connectivity.

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Do not use the IP tag.

2. Installing the server certificate

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In order to acomplish the AnyConnect authentication using certificates the AnyConnect client should get a valid certificate from the CA server, at the same time the ASA should have the CA Root certificate in order to properly . Apr 15,  · These schemes are used in authentication rules and in Remote Access (when the user is not identified using a certificate or an IKE preshared secret). Select one of these authentication methods: Undefined - means that either no authentication is performed and access is always denied, or IKE authentication is used, as defined in . The server certificate is used for encrypting SSL VPN traffic and will be used for authentication. Go to System > Certificates and select Import > Local Certificate. Set Type to Certificate, choose the Certificate file and the Key file for your certificate, and enter the Password.