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This resulted in many unintended corrections, such as "prreviewent" prevalent , "reviewuation" evaluation and "medireview" medieval. In February , Yahoo! They will send the temporary password to your alternate e-mail address you have on file. Retrieved February 13, In January , an undisclosed number of usernames and passwords were released to hackers, following a security breach that Yahoo believed had occurred through a third-party website. With Mail Plus, your account will never go dormant due to inactivity. It is available in several languages.

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If you've ever used a credit card to purchase something with Yahoo! Wallet or have subscribed to a Yahoo! We will not charge it. Accounts are deactivated and removed after four months of no use.

When an account is deactivated, you won't be able to access it, regardless of whether or not email has been received in the account during that time. And sorry, but we can't retrieve any of the information that was formerly stored in it. With Mail Plus, your account will never go dormant due to inactivity. First, make very sure that is what you want to do, if you delete the account you can never get it back, or use that ID name, either. Any other yahoo programs associated with your mail account will also be deleted.

If you are sure: Click on the help at the upper right corner of the screen from the account you want to delete. What is going on in my Yahoo Email Account? Can I access my Yahoo email account from another computer? How to deactivate yahoo email account? Answer Questions How do I change my password? The purpose behind acquiring Four11 was the company's RocketMail webmail service, which launched in We did an analysis. For us to build, it would have taken four to six months, and by then, so many users would have taken an email account.

The speed of the market was critical. The transition to Yahoo! Mail was not easy for many Rocketmail users. During , the Yahoo!

On July 2, the company website was changed, and it was announced that Yahoo! Mail and other services would also be redesigned. Network Services senior vice president Geoff Ralston stated that. The launch of Yahoo! Mail Plus is part of Yahoo's strategic initiative to offer premium services that deliver innovative, reliable and relevant services to consumers In just five years, Yahoo!

Mail has grown from one million to tens of millions of users, illustrating how consumers have made email an essential part of their daily lives.

On April 1, , Google announced its Gmail service with 1 GB of storage, however Gmail's invitation-only accounts kept the other webmail services at the forefront. Most major webmail providers, including Yahoo! Mail, increased their mailbox storage in response. Mail increased its free storage quota to 1 GB, before eventually allowing unlimited storage. Mail had free unlimited storage from March 27, until October 8, On July 9, , Yahoo!

Oddpost had features such as drag-and-drop support, right-click menus, RSS feeds, a preview pane, and increased speed using email caching to shorten response time. Many of the features were incorporated into an updated Yahoo!

On September 17, , Yahoo! Mail became the default interface. Mail reported slow typing speeds, contradicting Yahoo's claims of faster performance. Users also missed the ability to paste textual email addresses into the sender box. The new version disabled the use of the "secondary" addresses provided in the previous version. The new interface overrode the browser's right mouse button making functions such as opening mails in new tab windows unavailable. In , Yahoo redesigned the site and removed several features, such as simultaneously opening multiple emails in tabs, sorting by sender name, and dragging mails to folders.

In December , Yahoo Mail suffered a major outage where approximately one million users, one percent of the site's total users, could not access their emails for several days. Mayer publicly apologized to the site's users. Mail China officially announced its shutdown on April 18, Individuals who made China Yahoo! Mail accounts during the Alibaba takeover were required to create new accounts under new usernames.

In January , an undisclosed number of usernames and passwords were released to hackers, following a security breach that Yahoo believed had occurred through a third-party website.

Yahoo contacted affected users and requested that passwords be changed. Yahoo updated the mail service with a "more subtle" redesign in , as well as improving mobile features, and introducing the Yahoo Account Key, a smartphone-based replacement for password logins.

On the 23rd of December, Yahoo introduced a new Developer update, containing not as many ads as previous versions. Mail is often used by spammers to provide a "remove me" email address. Often, these addresses are used to verify the recipient's address, thus opening the door for more spam. In April , Yahoo! Mail began rejecting spam reports, which involved sending a copy of the spam with full headers by email to Yahoo's abuse department, offering the use of a form instead. However, the requirement to use a form is prohibited by several Internet RFCs, and the availability of abuse at example.

Yahoo's claim was that its "standard" was better than the Internet standards referred to. This is the only working form through which users can report spam or misuse of the Yahoo! In order to prevent abuse, in Yahoo! Mail activated filters which changed certain words that could trigger unwanted Javascript events and word fragments into other words. This resulted in many unintended corrections, such as "prreviewent" prevalent , "reviewuation" evaluation and "medireview" medieval.

When asked about these changes, Yahoo! Starting before February 7, , Yahoo! Mail ended the practice, and began to add an underscore as a prefix to certain suspicious words and word fragments. Incoming mail to Yahoo! This can delay delivery of mail sent to Yahoo! The deferral is typically of short duration, but may extend up to several hours.

In , Yahoo's Hong Kong office provided technical information to the Chinese authorities about the account of journalist Shi Tao , who was subsequently sentenced to ten years' imprisonment for "leaking state secrets".

In a February hearing, Yahoo! Several months later, it was discovered that the document provided to Yahoo! China on April 22, by the Beijing State Security Bureau stated that "Your office is in possession of the following items relating to a case of suspected illegal provision of state secrets to foreign entities.

On November 13, , Yahoo! Shi was released from prison in September On February 20, , it was revealed that Yahoo! Mail was banning the word " Allah " in email usernames, both separately and as part of a user name such as linda. Along with this action, Yahoo! We continuously evaluate abuse patterns in registration usernames to help prevent spam, fraud and other inappropriate behavior.

A small number of people registered for IDs using specific terms with the sole purpose of promoting hate, and then used those IDs to post content that was harmful or threatening to others, thus violating Yahoo! We took steps to help protect our users by prohibiting use of the term in Yahoo! We recently re-evaluated the term 'Allah' and users can now register for IDs with this word because it is no longer a significant target for abuse.

We regularly evaluate this type of activity and will continue to make adjustments to our registration process to help foster a positive customer experience. In November , an exploit for Yahoo! Mail user accounts and redirect users to a malicious website. The attack used cross-site scripting which let hackers steal cookies. On October 3, , Yahoo reported that all Yahoo user accounts, approximately 3 billion, were affected by the previously announced August theft of accounts.

The contents of Yahoo! Mail messages are scanned for the purposes of targeted advertising , in contrast to its main competitors Gmail and Outlook. The mobile app for Yahoo! Both versions of the app perform the same function, but are tailored to the mobile device's operating system. Some characteristics include replying to a message by opening a notification and separately archiving, deleting and starring notifications. It is available in several languages.

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