Changing your AD password over VPN

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How to change domain password when user is remote via PPTP VPN?
I checked the help for my client and it references exactly what you are talking about. Sep 16, Posts: I just don't want to foobar his laptop by having him do the wrong thing and locking him out of it when he is miles away. With the password-management password-expire-in-days command you can set when the user will be notified that the password will expire. Joska Ars Praetorian Registered:

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In this case, if the computers are joined to the domain, upon login, the user will be prompted to change their password. Where would the setting in the client be?

I cannot find such a setting? We are running version 5. Is the VPN client set to simple mode or advanced mode. According to Cisco, the setting has been available since 4. The setting can only be seen in advanced mode. I know it is available in 5. Well very off - I am in advanced mode and Windows Logon Properties is not even an option.

I checked the help for my client and it references exactly what you are talking about. I am not sure that this will work, but it may. That did not have an affect. I would think if it were an option it would be in the profile but maybe not. It is actually a setting in the program itself rather than the profile. The way that is works is that it runs the VPN Client in simple mode before the user logs into the computer.

The user will press connect and let the VPN connect before logging into the computer. I would assume that the VPN client changes some registry settings or something to make this work properly which is why I had assumed that the change to that ini file would not work. I would reinstall the VPN client of update to a new version to see if the setting shows up in a newer version. If the user does not have administrative access to their computer, I would log in as an administrator as well to see if the option is available.

We just need to find out why you currently do not have the option to start before logon. I downloaded and installed version 5. Attached is a screen shot of Help - About any thoughts? Here are what the settings look like on my end, can you send over similar screen shots so I can get a better idea of what you are seeing?

Here you go - and I just downloaded this latest version from Cisco today. I am sorry that I did not notice this before, but I had forgotten to ask what version of windows you are running. Based on the screen shots, it looks like vista or 7. This is unfortunate as they removed this option for computers running windows 7 and vista. The only option for start before logon would be to use anyconnect. One more thing, are the remote users using computers that are joined to the domain?

What cisco device is the VPN terminating into? Just making sure I have all of my information correct. You can enable password-management on the tunnel group to allow for the user to change their password. With the password-management password-expire-in-days command you can set when the user will be notified that the password will expire. That is most likely the best solution to try to change the user's password. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

Where I can find current VPN's usernames and how is possible to update it's password? For me, VPN password change didn't automatically pops up when connecting through clicking on network icon on taskbar. Maybe it's issue of VPN provider. Go to Settings and search for VPN. You should find " Change virtual private networks VPN ". There you should see the VPN you are looking for.

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Enter a new password. Then depress the "CTRL+ALT+DEL" keys simultaneously and select the "Lock the Computer" menu option. Immediately unlock your computer. This action will update your cached VPN login information and your VPN password will . Click on the Change Password tab. Enter your new password and click on Save Changes to save the new password. Alternatively, you can change this from within the VPN Manager App for iOS and Android mobile devices. Sep 29,  · For best results they should disconnect VPN and log back in with the new password but a lot of VPN sessions will survive the credential change for the duration of the session. It may also be possible for them to use their remote machines even though they are not on the domain.5/5.