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Hide Your ip address? You can see how this presents a serious security issue for us. Is it based on my client ID? Windscribe is included in the list of free online privacy services that allow you to secure your online activities accordingly. It will give you no advantage in speed because we use compression anyway. The thing that can make the whole solution less secure is the end of the tunnel, especially on the user's side.

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11 Best Free VPN Services of 2018 for Safe & Secure Streaming

There are many companies providing the service of Smart DNS. What it actually means is that they offer a DNS server and users pay a fee to use the server. So, how does it work? It works like a proxy service, working as an intermediary between you and the website you want to access. It provides the authentication information for a webpage through its own DNS server, making it appear as if you are located in the prescribed region.

Hence, allowing you to stream content on BBC iPlayer with ease. Since a Smart DNS does not encrypt or tunnel your internet traffic, it offers fast connection speeds. While this is a good thing if you are streaming online, it is not good for protecting your online privacy. Therefore, your identity is visible while using a Smart DNS.

Likewise, your internet traffic is exposed to different cyber threats as it travels through unencrypted. However, Smart DNS services can be setup on multiple devices, without the need of flash routers. However, it functions differently when compared to a Smart DNS.

A VPN offers different servers located in various regions. When you to connect to a VPN server, it forms tunnels between your device and the internet. This way all your internet traffic travels through concealed pathways. To add an extra layer of security, a VPN encrypts the contents of your web traffic. It converts them into alphanumeric characters and making them unreadable to the naked eye.

Therefore, you are changing your virtual location altogether. This is how you are able to bypass restrictions on any website and are able to access them from anywhere.

The main benefit offered by a VPN is anonymity and protection of your data against cyber threats. Its ability to tunnel your data using different protocols and encrypt it using encryption algorithms, it provides better security as compared to Smart DNS.

Whilethis is good from security perspective, a VPN can compromise your internet speeds. This is primarily due to the process of encryption and tunneling. You will need a flash router to setup a VPN and then stream on streaming boxes. Now many online streamers ask the question: Ever since Netflix expanded its operations into different regions around the world, it had started hunting download VPN and proxy services.

When connected to our VPN your online location will be masked, whether you want to change your location to bypass blocks, or simply for security, we've got you covered. Stay hidden from prying eyes. SmartStream is an alternative VPN to optimise UK and USA streaming websites, if additional encryption is not required it will offer the best performance without any slow-down, easily streaming HD video without any buffering.

No special software required, just a simple configuration change and that's it! SmartStream is always-on removing the hassle of connecting and disconnecting each time, it also only optimises the sites that it supports meaning all other local websites continue to function as normal.

StreamVia was set up by leading IT Professionals with extensive experience, during their working life our team have worked on some of the most high profile web sites on the internet today. Home Services Contact Us. The Internet you want, anywhere. You can appear to be in the following locations, no matter where you are UK USA australia austria canada france germany hong kong iceland ireland italy japan netherlands poland singapore spain sweden switzerland.

Internet freedom, security and privacy When connected to one of our VPN servers your Internet browsing is sent through an encrypted tunnel, across the Internet to the location of the VPN server.

Secure Encryption If you use insecure public WiFi hotspots you risk becoming a victim of identity fraud, with our VPN your Internet traffic is securely encrypted keeping you and your data safe at all times.

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