How to delete your Yahoo! data and shut down your account

What happens when my account is terminated after it's closed?

How to Close Yahoo Email Addresses Permanently
Confirm your identity by typing your password in the box near the bottom of the page. For the last part, unless someone knows your password and you would have to give it to them for that , then it is extremely unlikely someone will access your account besides you. With Yahoo suffering massive data breaches and selling itself to Verizon , you may want to delete that old Yahoo account. Run into trouble trying to delete your Yahoo! Was this page useful?

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Close your Yahoo Account

Your contacts on Yahoo will be saved in the Downloads folder on your computer and you can now import a saved. Now choose the Export option in the popup menu. Once this action is taken, it cannot be undone. Sadly, Flickr for iOS lack bulk downloading. Thankfully, this feature is supported in the web app. Simply touch and hold an item in Flickr for iOS to enter the selection mode.

An even easier method allows you to directly download your Flickr media to a computer. Point your web browser at flickr. If you use a phone number to sign in, visit the alternative account termination page instead. You will no longer be able to log in to this account and it will be permanently deleted in about three months.

As mentioned, a linked child account must be deleted before you can request to terminate your family account. Terminating your Yahoo account does not alter or delete your People Search listing. This service lets you search publicly accessible information about other people from places like white pages, yellow pages, phone books and so forth. Last but not least, verify that you have no active premium services before deleting your account: You may be unable to recover payments remitted for these services or the data associated with these accounts if your Yahoo account is terminated.

Please share this tutorial with friends on social media and pass it along to your support folks. Do you still use Yahoo services? And if not, why? This follows over a billion accounts compromised over the course of two prior breaches.

At this point, it's hard to recommend anyone keep using Yahoo! They apparently built a tool to search customer email, per request of U. They had more than million accounts hacked. And now they've had 1 billion accounts hacked. In light of these revelations — alleged or otherwise — you might be interested in closing down your Yahoo! I was pleased to discover Yahoo!

When you go through the aforementioned process to delete your Yahoo! If you want your data scrubbed from Yahoo's servers sooner than that, you'll want to go through and delete your Yahoo! To learn more about what data could be left behind, visit Yahoo! Run into trouble trying to delete your Yahoo! Gimme a shout and we'll try to get it figured out! Skip to main content.

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Read the info on terminating your account. Use the on-screen prompts to continue. Recover your Yahoo account. Your account will be reactivated if you sign in to it within 30 days of closing it, with longer hold periods for accounts registered in Australia, India, or New Zealand (90 days), and Brazil, Hong Kong, or Taiwan ( days). Jan 06,  · Yahoo! members can remove their own accounts and account information from Yahoo!. Please follow the instructions below to initiate the deletion of your account. By terminating your account, you will lose access to your Yahoo!Status: Resolved. It details what you will lose when you delete your Yahoo Mail account. (BT), you cannot cancel the service using the Yahoo Mail account termination page. You can, however, contact BT directly to have your Yahoo Mail Premium account deleted. Things to .