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However, using any of the aforementioned sites would also require you to be subscribed to a VPN service. You can choose specific countries or IP addresses for automatic switching. You can check to know What is VPN? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. At such situations, proxy websites and servers prove to be lifesavers. What would you do at that time?

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Our proxy list is constantly updated and currently contains active web proxies. You can find the Freshest Proxies , Fastest Proxies and Most Popular Proxies , or you can browse proxies by country and even find proxies for specific sites.

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Proxy List We offer an extensive list of free proxies. A brief list of featured and top proxies is below. What is a Proxy Site? The term proxy site most commonly refers to an open proxy , which is a web site that allows a user to surf the internet anonymously. Using a proxy site, or web proxy, users can unblock web sites that might be banned through their internet connection at work, school or elsewhere. Most of the file-sharing websites have been forced legally to stop piracy of the copyright stuff and follow rules made for copyright policy violations.

Many of the websites have already stopped such practices. But the number of internet users continue to grow on a large scale and this has given a substantial and significant confidence amongst the file-sharing web managers. They believe that due to the widespread nature of the internet it is highly impossible to stop them legally to share the files and other media over the internet. They do not find anything illegal in sharing copyright material over the internet and this belief is reflected in websites such as the Pirate Bay.

You can easily download videos, music, and software for free from these Pirate proxy websites and that too at high speeds. The working of all the Pirate proxy websites of pirate bay is similar to that of the pirate bay website.

This website actually tracks the files that can be downloaded directly. This is done with the help of the BitTorrent protocol which is a worldwide standard for file sharing at high speed over the widespread internet. Here the copyright material is open to all users in an uncensored manner. There are a few questions that the user needs to answer before he can freely download any sort of stuff from this website.

The website asks the user to accept the responsibility of content that he is sharing, and he must refrain from sharing content which is illegal and malicious. Also, the website informs the users not to use the tracker in such a manner that it violates the privacy of other members or users of the website. There is no sort of service guarantee which is offered by the Pirate Bay website and it holds all the rights in order to publish any sort of information about the violation of its use.

There is a client associated with the torrent which uses the torrent to connect to multiple trackers. These trackers are of the pirate bay website in the case of pirate bay torrents. The trackers contain the torrent files in multiple parts. These torrent files help the users to locate peers that have already downloaded the files that the user is looking for. When you are connected with a peer then the files start downloading. Once you have completed downloading of the file then you can also act as a seeder or a person which provides the part of the file or data to other users and downloaders.

There are a number of seeders that are shown as an option when you choose to download a torrent file. These seeders are the active seeders that are available when you intend to download your file or are making your torrent search.

After building an understanding about torrent and the pirate bay, we must also understand what a proxy server is and how it works. This will help in the complete understanding of the pirate proxy. The proxy server is explained below —. A proxy server is just a computer that serves as a hub between multiple downloaders or users. It helps in the processing of the requests that are processed and sent by the users.

By making use of the proxy servers the device sends the requests of the user to the designated proxy server and then returns the details of the download file that you requested for. The website also serves as a medium for filtering the web content in order to overcome the restrictions of the web servers such as parental blocks etc. With the help of a pirate proxy server, it is possible to increase the security as well as the performance of your website.

It is important to understand that in order to take the maximum advantage of the Pirate Bay. The content available on the pirate bay website for the users can be downloaded via the peer to peer networks.

The data on this website is sorted and organized into video, audio, games, eBooks and also subcategories such as high or low-end games or standard, high or low-resolution videos. Most of the content on this website includes movies, animated videos, software and tv series.

Rest of the content on the website is games, audio, and other categories. The website is having a good interface and provides several sorting features based on multiple criteria such as the name of the file, date, and seeders. One of the most interesting and fascinating categories of data which is available on the website is 3D printable objects which offers magnet links. The pirate bay website accepts lite coin which is a cryptocurrency as a donation. It is very easy to upload as well as download the data from the pirate bay website.

You can upload the content after you complete a simple registration process. You can access the content after upload via the TPB proxy or the pirate bay mirror sites. The pirate bay website is showing copyright material for free or for a limited fee.

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