Which of the big five Web Browsers is the Best? (Review)

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Five free alternative web browsers for Windows
TORCH browser is free like the other ones featured here. How driverless cars, hyperloop, and drones will change our travel plans. Browsers that can use Trident , Gecko and Blink include:. Zero Trust technology works; excuses don't. My Profile Log Out. That last part is important. BlackHawk provides exceptional cookie handling.

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List of web browsers

If you can get it, what IE 9 gives you is reasonably good performance, far better security than any of its predecessors, and a cleaner interface. It's easily the best browser Microsoft has ever produced. That said, even on Windows 7, IE 9 doesn't compare that well with the other Web browsers. If even Windows experts aren't using IE, you might want to think about making another choice as well.

Opera wants to be more than just a Web browser. It includes its own mail client, and file, message, and music-sharing service, and a built-in BitTorrent client. On top of that it includes Speed Dial, a page that lets you access live Web pages and widgets. That sounds good, but like many similar schemes I've seen over the years, in practice it doesn't work that well. Opera also, like most of the other Web browsers, includes automatic bookmarks, passwords, and settings synchronization via its Opera Link cloud.

It sounds great, but it didn't work that well for me. It would take minutes before it would successfully sync between systems. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all do a better job at this.

Taken all-in-all, I have to say I see why Opera's always been an also-run in Web browsers. Simply put, you can do better. The Top Sites' new-tab page view of your most-visited sites and Cover Flow history are lovely, but once you get past its pretty looks you're left with a pretty ordinary Web browser.

The one feature it has, that the others don't have, which I think is noteworthy is "Safari Reader. There are extensions that give you this power to clean up Web pages in other browsers, but Safari has it baked in. Now in the mobile world, Safari is the best Web browser around. But, on PCs, well, you can just do better. There, where Safari can be displayed in full screen and you get swiping, pinching, and tapping gestures support, Safari is a worthwhile choice.

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to Web browsers. I know Opera fans who will never leave Opera and some people who are remain convinced that IE or Firefox will always be the best browser. All that said, if you're open to a new browser, or you just want the best of the best, Chrome is the clear winner. The BIG browser benchmark!

Firefox 8 available NOW! What would it take to get you to run IE9 on Windows 7? Is Internet Explorer Dying? The Best Browser keeps getting better Review. Zero Trust technology works; excuses don't. Fitbit launches Fitbit Care platform for health care plans, expands Humana partnership. Sapho aims to use machine learning to save employees more time navigating systems. Windows 10 October Update: Could build be the final release? Google brings the 'www' back to Chrome 69 after users complain.

Companies are wasting developers' talent, losing billions in the process. Microsoft updates its Storage Sense app for freeing up local disk space. Kraken November Web Browser Benchmarks. V8 November Web Browser Benchmarks. Sunspider November Web Browser Benchmarks. Chrome 15 New Tab System.

Firefox 8 Setup Screen. Microsoft is offering gifts if you switch to IE 9. It combines the operating speed of Chrome and the practical functionality of Firefox. BlackHawk provides exceptional cookie handling. Beamrise is the latest social web browser that merges chatting and browsing together. It allows you chat using your regular social networks and video chat via the browser itself.

NetGroove is a light, fast and tabbed browser based on the Internet Explorer Engine. The main feature of this web browser is that you can use it directly from your flash drive without having to install it. Epic is an Indian-based web browser which is powered by Mozilla. It provides you the latest films and songs, live cricket scores, news from multiple sources such as regional and Hindi language sources.

While surfing the Internet on Epic, no one can track what you browse and what you search. QT Web Browser is a portable, secure, fast and lightweight web browser with a unique user interface.

Browzar is a privacy oriented web browser which does not save browsing History, Cookies, Temp files, Passwords, Cache etc. It is suitable for cloud and banking applications. Once you have finished your work and closed the browser, it cleans up automatically. Wyzo is usually referred as The Media Browser because it optimizes the online media experience of a user. It accelerates the web downloads and also allows a user to download torrents with a single click.

It is totally compatible with all famous and common add-ons for Mozilla-based browsers. SlimBrowser is fast, secure and powerful. It is one of the best web browsers for Windows in terms of time saving. It has an intelligent form filler which lightens the burden of completing web forms. It has a built-in ad filter and pop-up killer that eliminates annoying advertisements very efficiently.

Yet in spite of all these changes, the browser looks and functions virtually the same to standard Google Chrome, meaning all your browser extensions will work just fine. Sometimes, simple really is better, and Midori is out to turn simplicity into an art form. Although you won't be looking to use this browser on rather plugin-heavy sites or for a large variety of extensions, Midori is quite swift at rendering standard web pages with JavaScript, HTML5, and other standards-compliant frameworks.

Development is still rather young compared to other browsers, but its capabilities grow each day, and it's rather impressive work coming from a smaller open-source team. And finally, when you need a browser that makes obfuscating web traffic easy as pie, Tor Browser should be considered heavily. Several notable features are the portable EXE format for easy transport on a flash drive, the inclusion of several security conscious plugins like NoScript and HTTPS Anywhere, and the Vidalia Control Panel, which allows you to refresh your online "identity" and monitor bandwidth usage on the Tor network quickly and easily.

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Firefox is created by a global non-profit dedicated to putting individuals in Password Manager · By Non-profit, Mozilla · Private Browsing · Open Source. While Internet Explorer has dropped below 50% of the total Web browser market, it's still the most popular Web browser. In most of the world, IE is followed by Mozilla Firefox, although in some places, such as much of Latin America, number three, Google's Chrome, has already moved up to second place. 28 rows · The following is a list of web browsers that are notable. Historical. A rough .