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7 Best Video Streaming Proxies That You Should Know
How to Watch Videos on a Proxy. The server has established itself as one of the best one for anonymous viewing and video streaming. It allows me to stay up to date on US mainstream music since I'm a singer. Proxy Server Pro allows you all the privacy of a proxy server, and more. Anyone knows New proxies that aren't blocked and that play youtube videos?

Why Go Pro?

Is there any web proxy that I can use to play videos in youtube or in any other sites?

The service initially became available in , and ever since then their servers have been continually targeted and taken down by various hackers. Given the fact that they have lasted so long in such an environment, it just goes to show their credibility and determination.

Anonymouse has been running for even longer than Hide My Ass providing anonymity since to be exact. While this server was designed to fully support typical web functions such as email and banking, it is also great for streaming online videos. They pride themselves by claiming to be the only true anonymizing proxy, stating that while other proxies actually leave behind data packet trails that show evidence of online activity, Anonymouse completely turns you to the blind side.

Their most praised server is their United States server which is the main reason why FreeProxy is so famous. Users can safely browse any blocked website they like as if they are viewing it in the United States itself. Some of the other features that they offer include the ability to choose whether or not to display the URL of the pages, disallow cookies, remove JavaScript, disable images, force base64 encoding, hide the title of the page and many others.

Ninjacloak is a proxy that can be used completely free of charge for high quality video streaming along with traditional web browsing. This proxy has dedicated servers that run anonymizing codes that scramble the IP address of the users to securely hide them and cause them to blend in with the traffic that is already accessing the website. This allows users to safely visit any single website they want without worrying about any blockage or detection.

Which is why the famous torrent website The Pirate Bay has officially released their very own proxy website to prevent identity theft. This also has the added benefit of giving you secure anonymity that is also great for viewing blocked content and videos. With the advent of online banking, thieves now have a new avenue to steal from. Simply performing a Google search uncovers a vast majority of them. Some of the most popular sites currently are "ProxySites. Type in the video site's URL into the search bar of the proxy.

Type in the full URL, including the "http. Select the video you want to play by clicking the video from the list provided. If the proxy supports videos, the playback functions without error. However, if it doesn't work, you will need to select a different proxy server. Exit out of your current proxy click in the URL and type in any website address name.

Try out a different proxy site for accessing the video sites some proxy sites function correctly with a video site, depending on what video site you are using and what proxy site you are using. How to Watch Videos on a Proxy.

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