Networking in the Great White North, Eh.

Thanks for the answer Sarah! You are commenting using your WordPress. Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set. Each time a router has to fragment a packet there are additional network resources being used bandwidth due to more packets, CPU to run encryption and fragmentation algorithms and switch the packet. We have one tunnel that has the mtu set at so yes there can be different settings. The subject of avoiding fragmentation here is from an efficiency standpoint.

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This chapter provides information about configuring IPsec VPN fragmentation and the maximum transmission unit (MTU). It includes the following sections. Get this same problem with any Cisco router site-site VPN. Have various customers with , , , routers, same problem every time. I'm setting up a VPN with the SDM, link goes up ok, but traffic seems oddly sluggish. Installing the Cisco. Apr 04,  · Is the MTU size of VPN/Tunnels so important to avoid fragmentation? If they get fragmented in the path before reaching .