Accessing a Mikrotik router through WinBox over the internet

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Use a Mikrotik as Your Home Router
As soon as it matches any rule, it stops, applies the action for that rule, and exits the list. The following core functionality will be shown in detail: Connect to your old router and search through the configuration. An alternative guide to getting going with IPv6 can be found here: A network bridge is how that happens.

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Mikrotik Proxy: Limiting Internet Access

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Jan 28,  · Now its time to configure the DynamicDNS script on the Mikrotik. CONFIGURE DDNS SCRIPT AND SCHEDULER ON MIKROTIK. Login to Mikrotik via WINBOX, Goto Scripts / and new script. Paste following into the script. SCRIPTNAME: ddns-script-behind-dsl-modem. Script Code tested with MIKROTIK version # Set . Limiting access to web pages. Using IP-> Web Proxy it is possible to limit access to unwanted web pages. This requires some understanding of use of WebFig interface. Set up Web Proxy for page filtering. From IP-> Web Proxy menu Access tab open Web Proxy Settings and make sure that these attributes are set follows: Enabled -> checked Port . The instructions here are to use from the Internet. That uses port , and by default you cannot access port 80 from the WAN. You would have to add an ‘input’ rule for port 80 to reach the webgui.